Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres!!

Have I mentioned that I love Ellen? ADORE Ellen?

Well, I do.

I tried to e-mail her because Son #2 loves her too, and maybe I'm wrong, but on average I would suspect not many 16 yr old boys want their Mom to DVR Ellen for him.

Anyway, I tried to e-mail her to see if he could somehow get tickets to her show. Then I fretted about airfare, hotel fare, and food. She hasn't responded yet, so maybe that's a good thing. Tickets to her show would be great, but let's face it....if we can't fly there, we probably can't go.

I just entered her 12 days Giveaway contest.........that's always exciting. I entered our local giveaway too........needless to say, I haven't won.....but I'm banking on Ellen....because my odds of winning would be SO MUCH HIGHER than our local contest, I'm certain.

I really want Ellen to be in my circle of BFF's. I think that's a doable thing, isn't it? Seriously? I am near her age....I can be funny if I try, and let's face it....I LOVE HER. What else does a girl want?

So, can you believe I haven't put up a tree yet? Or commanded the men in my house to put up the tree for me? I usually CAN'T WAIT to dig into the depths of our basement closet under the stairs and unearth all of our Holiday decorations.

OH....ALL....RIGHT.......I usually can't wait to send Mr. Perfectly to the depths of the closet to empty it out, carry it upstairs for me to dig through and unearth my treasures. Then he takes it back.

But this year? Meh.....Bah Humbug....kind of. I love looking at decorations.....I want a turquoise tree with all brown and silver ornaments (yes, that is so last year, I know, but tough.....I wanted it then, too). Instead, I have a cheap 6 1/2 ft tree with my Hallmark and child made ornaments. Oh and the ones I've gotten as gifts from the office.

I'm just not that excited this year. Once again..I'm BANKING on Ellen.

So, is your tree up? Is hour house decorated? I know Crissy's is. But my other 4 readers..........hahahahah....I know, I know..there are at least 7 of you!! I want to see pictures. maybe...if I get around to it, I'll have pictures of my husband carrying stuff about and me digging........and rejecting.......

Happy December all! I NEED you to get me into the Holiday spirit.....come on a friend!!

Toodles for now....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hi everyone! Be sure to go over and holla at Ms. Darkstar!!

So, what are your Thanksgiving plans? I’m kind of blue this year for some reason. My maternal family isn’t as vocal and noisy as my paternal one was. With Grandma Winnie being gone, I’m not ‘told’ what to do and when to do it regarding holiday visiting by my dad anymore. We used to travel en masse to Des Moines. I’d see both families, and all was good. Now that Grandma Winnie is gone, half of the family isn’t travelling there to meet up, so I tend to not travel either….even though my Mom, Uncle, cousins (all 3) and maternal grandparents are still there, and doing quite well.

I feel guilty that I’m not going to Iowa, but I also feel a small relief that I don’t have to travel. Feeling that relief makes me feel guilty. It’s a circle of MADNESS in my brain, Internets!!!

Anyway, my dad wants to do a big Turkey day on Sunday, the 28th. I of course want to do something on Thanksgiving day….so I went and bought a turkey. We will smoke it on the grill……I’ll make dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and dessert (I don’t know what yet). Then on Sunday, we’ll have ANOTHER big dinner……..sounds like a weekend to me!! Lots of food, family and LAZY!

Oh……have I mentioned that son #1 got a JOB? That’s right, a J.O.B! It’s not without some issues, butit’s a job. He’s moving home and will go to the Columbia Campus of Moberly Area Community College in January. With all the worry about partying and whatnot, it’s kind of hard with a moody one back in the house. I say all I want is some respect, but if I got that, I’m sure I’d add SOMETHING to the wish list, huh?

Anyway, he’s working at Kohl’s. He’s completing orientation and has to arrive at work at 3:45 AM on ‘Black Friday’. Hmmmmmm, I wonder where employees park that day? People line up at all hours waiting to get into that store…the lot will be full I am certain by 3:30 am………..I’ll have to ask him….then endure his eye rolling and accusations of being too nosy and ‘involved’ in his life. **sigh**

I took Ms. Darkstar’s advice and am participating in the various Holiday exchanges at the office. We shall see how things pan out this year.

Well, that’s really all I have for the time being. I’ll be back with Holiday tales, I am sure!!

Toodles, and Happy Thanksgiving…..just in case I don’t get something posted tomorrow.

Thursday, November 19, 2009 the time flies!

Oopsie! I had no clue it was the NINTH the last time I posted. That's a REALLY LONG TIME. Even for me!

Or, maybe I just wanted you to look at my cute, blurry dachshund again and again.

Wow, where do I start? Not much has happened, really, but then again, I've proved that I can certainly talk about NOTHING in great detail.

We had Veterans day off. Woo Hoo.....except it sort of sucked that we were off on a Wednesday........I prefer Monday or Friday holidays....for the obvious reasons. Not that I'm knocking ANY type of holiday, but if I had my druthers, I perfer the loonnnggg weekends.

Um......We lost the state quarterfinals in football......and that is about all.

I am debating whether or not to participate in our work gift exchange. It has come to my attention, in the most unsettling way, that I don't think the other kids around here like me very much.

One person in particular co-ordinates the gift exchange each year. I am usually the first on the list......excited at the prospect of searching and buying the perfect gift for my co-worker. The event co-ordinater has picked my name for the last several years in a row. We've laughed at this funny chain of events.

Well, last Thursday, when I began hearing things that maybe the kids have ostrascized me, it hit me like a TON OF BRICKS.........maybe the co-ordinator is 'taking one for the team' and allowing people to put my name back in the kitty......she always asks as we choose if the name we drew is 'okay' for us. I never put mine back....that is part of the charm of the event.......but since she's gotten my name all these years, it's suddenly ALARMING. The realization that she may be forced by fate to 'pick' my name hit hard!!

So, should I pout and not participate for fear that my co-workers are Cherry Picking names and I'm the pit? Or should I participate like I'm stupid (which I've obviously been for years) and participate like I always do (albeit with a dark cloud), or do I participate and load up my wish list with things that would make a seasoned SAILOR blush?

Um......I may need a little help with the last one. I'm not up on all the hip porn stuff these days.

You guys, I'm really bummed about this. I hate being blue and spouting all of my downer moments here. I don't want to be the pouty blog....I want to be the fun one..the blog with OPTIMISIM...and ROSE COLORED GLASSES!!

But seriously, what if the kids don't like me and are putting my name back and forcing the event coordinator to choose it? The mere thought sends my self esteem plummeting.

And see? Here's the thing....I wanted to try a secret Santa event last year. I put it together, and there were only 5 of us that participated. I thought the low number was due to it being new....the extra money people would have to spend, etc....but amazingly the girl who organizes the OTHER gift event got my name. Maybe the low participation was due to them not liking me.

I am putting two and two together and coming up with REJECTION from my co-workers.

So, Internets, what should I do? If I am to be spiteful, I need ideas!!

Toodles for now, peeps.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Look at the cute widdle baby puppy!

So. Mr. P will be frustrated with me for placing photography that isn't his earthly best on my blog for all of the Fives of you to look at......but too bad.

He's so cute!

Here's our little Dex.......all happy and running in the sunshine yesterday!

Yes, he's a little blurry, but still so cute.

He's a year old now......we got him from the Crazy Lady last October......he's the sweetest dog EVER!

Happy Monday, Y'all!

**Edited to add....look at what the FRACK Jakki found in her basement this past weekend. A SNAKE.

We think it's a Midland Brown Snake.

I am hyperventilating for her. Seriously. her HOUSE.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cry To Me

Okay---the sexiest scene in any movie EVAHHHHH is in Dirty Dancing. The little cult classic chick flick. You know the one......with Johnny and Baby?

Yeah, just the first strains of the song Cry To Me get me all tingly.......No porn, no sex, no gratuitious nudity.....just young people......all romantic and sexy. **sigh**

Obviously, there's not much going on this Sunday afternoon. Sure, I've got cleaning that desperately needs to be done, but WHY? Why, when I can rewind Dirty Dancing and watch Johnny and Baby tentatively get it on OVER AND OVER?

I am in the Holiday mood people. I went to the dollar store and to Wal Mart looking for cute, kitchy ideas for inexpensive gifts for co-workers and Mr. P's staff. He's got like 13 or 14 people, so we keep the price tag WAYYYYYY low, but we want it to be thoughtful and appropriate......

He never likes my ideas, but I'm hoping this year for a little set up of a small serving bowl, with a dip spreader (holiday, of course) and several cute packages of dip mixes. We will see.

I am headed to Pier One to look for a gift for someone special, and to see what holiday stuff they have.

Okay---that's it for's nearly 80 degrees here today. It's beautiful.

I'm off to discover new holiday decorations!

Toodles for now!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

People let me tell you 'bout my BEST FRIENDS.....

They are my up my down; my pride and joy.

Crissy commented on my blog recently and said 'you want to hang out?". I couldn't have been more thrilled. I seriously have become attached to my blog group of friends. As scary as the cyber world may be, I would have no qualms about putting on my pj's and hanging out with any or ALL of you for an evening....or longer. and frivolity? Doesn't that sound fun?

I have found over the years that I tend to become far more emotionally attached to people then they do me....or at least that is my perception. It goes back to high school. It was very difficult for me to understand the ebb and tide of friendship. I understand better now, but still, I tend to cling more than my fair share.

I have learned that people tend to drift and come back together, and your true friends will always be your friends. Those that you had an intense, presumably inseparable relationship with, usually are not the strongest.......hence, why first loves generally don't last....

AnyBFF's, I want to talk about my friends. And how I'm attached to them. And how much I love them....seriously love them. I count on them, I tend to monopolize conversation, and make it all about me. But they still come back for more. I can't tell you how important that is.

First, there is Ph.D. We've been friends since we were 11. With the exception of a short stint in Junior High when she told me I needed to fix my hair better to be her friend, she's stuck by me without fail for 32 years. She's gonna hate that I mention that..........Although it was terrible at the time, it's one of those things that make me appreciate was her own brand of honesty......sucky as it was......but it really never changed our friendship. I've never had a bond with another person outside of family like I do her. She is like family to me. Her parents are wonderful to me, and my kids.....I see her dad monthly out and about and he ALWAYS stops to talk.......her brother works in the same building I do, and her sisters are kind of like my own.

I could spend an entire blog just about our lives. Aside from my own family, I've know her longer than anyone. Better than anyone, and she knows me better than anyone....she was with me when son #2 was born. Not because I didn't have support...I did....Mr. in-laws....but because she wanted to be there. She just wanted to experience the birth......and just BE really, how cool is that? She and I laugh harder than just about anyone when we find things really funny.....and I love her like a sister.

Then my BFF that you know best, Internets......Teenie. She's my near constant companion on our down time.......our oldest sons were in the same class. Son #1 got a birthday invitation at the ROLLER RINK for her son's 7th birthday. I dropped Son #1 off and this adorable girl said "Hey...I think we're neighbors..." we chatted for a brief moment, then I ran away. Freedom from one of the kids for a couple of hours......I felt kind of bad, but she SAID she didn't need any help at the I took her up on the free moments!!

Shortly thereafter, she and her husband divorced. He remained in the house up the street from us, and I actually became relatively close to him. Then later on in the year, our kids would play YMCA basketball together......I chased after Teenie like nobody's business. She was so CUTE...and FUN.....she was a party in a person!! I wanted to be friends with her. I'd try to save her seats at the games.....I'd try to wave her over to me in the stands...I'd follow her around talking about the boys......and the moment that sealed my love for her? The time she actually took me up on my crazed waving, and sat by me at a game. Her son made a basket....and in the quiet clapping of the gym she stood up and screamed as loud as she could "THAT'S MY SON!!!!". I've never admired anyone more.

Teenie, as I've learned, isn't like me. She's a party in a person, alright, but she's very reserved on a personal level. Her hesitance to hang with me wasn't because she found me strangely nuts....saving her a seat like in grade school....trying to talk when she was intently watching her kid play ball......she just needed to learn IN HER TIME that she could trust me.

We maintained a casual friendship, but when the trust kicked kicked in in full force. We are each other's backups for emergency calls from school and events. She hangs out with my family......and although our boys grew up to be different kids, and have different friends, they, too still seek each other out on occasion for a conversation. We are close enough that my relationship still remains pretty friendly with her ex, too.........I mean he was the one I sort of bonded with first............and despite his flaws, and my undying support of HER.....she doesn't have any issue with me being friends with him.....

As far as my go to girl, that's her. She's the one I want to hang out with, to call when I'm in a pickle, to laugh with, to cry with. I may not have known her as long as Ph.D., but I love her as dearly.

Annndddd....Jakki. I chased her too. Why in the world I am attracted to the most reserved people on earth, I don't know. EVERYONE loves Jakki. EVERYONE thinks Jakki is their closest friend. I've got news for them. She's not. She's slow to trust.....but once trust is established, you've got it unconditionally. She's full of laughter, insight and spirituality. She's funny and smart as hell. She totally 'gets' me. And I get her. We can finish each other's thoughts. We know what kind of a day the other is having. I tend to be try to pry infomation out of her if she's down, or blue. I've learned, though, where to draw the line....and let her have her space. Most of the time ;).

Jakki is my advisor, and best of friend. A title she doesn't hand out readily........a title that I accept with deep pride and love.

And the New Kid on the Block..........the one I've only said is my re-discovered friend from High school.....BILLYE!

I guess she's not really the new kid, is she? I've known her since Junior High. In high school we lived near each other and became good friends. Billye is strong, resolved, fun as hell, gorgeous, and straightforward. Again, Billye isn't one to just hand out trust to everyone. She's friendly to everyone she meets, but, once again, you have to earn her trust.........earn the ability to know her on the INSIDE.....Billye was probably my first experience in the ebb and tide of friendship....we'd have this INTENSE fun, and friendship for a while, then it would sort of go away...not away, but Billye's strength is doing what she wants to do......and just because you are running after her wanting to do the same thing you did last week, didn't mean that she wanted that. She was always one that wanted space, too (again....clingy me, wanting friends that are so not clingy...hahah). But, our friendship has stood the test of time. Long periods of time have passed between seeing one another, but the familiarity is always there. Like time has stopped or something......her memory is great...she remembers things I certainly don't. I am eternally grateful for our newest ebb of friendship.

And then there's my 4 bestest blog far, that is. Crissy, Ms. Darkstar, Daisee (who doesn't have a blog, but is a great commenter!!), and Stoogie.

Again, I find myself becoming all squishy inside when I get comments or e-mails, or packages from you. I think of you as my friends....not just someone I communicate with. Oh, and WhiskeyMarie! And MelissaLion!! I would so love to hang out with ANY of you.

So, when I offer my shoulder, or wish we could meet, I really mean it. Obviously, I'm trustworthy or the crew above would have never let me 'in'........sheesh......I will say it again...I'm amazed at my friends. Reserved wise, we are all polar opposites.........

My friends.......I am who I am partially because of you......Thank you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If You're a Lesbian and you know it CLAP YOUR HANDS!!

Have you all ever wondered why I never go out for my stupendous adventures with Mr. Perfectly? Have you thought judgementally to yourself "maybe she's a Lesbian?"? Then felt ashamed, because, really, it shouldn't MATTER?

Well, I am about to tell all.

Teenie, Jakki, Ph.D., and my recently rediscovered High School Friend and I are.......wait.......can you STAND IT........

Good Friends. In some cases, BFF's!!!! I think it's okay to have more than one BFF.....I suppose technically, the definition of BEST is just you can have more than one 'best' something, can't you? You best going out outfit? Your Best work outfit? See where I'm going?

Anyway, Mr. Perfectly is nearly the most UN-social person I know. He's happy behind the camera lens.......not interacting with people........or holed up at home. He even comes in the house during yard work to avoid alot of neighborhood interaction.

He's the NICEST guy you'll ever meet, but unless you happen to be in my personal inner'll take you a while to know it....because you'll probably never see him. And if you do, he'll be all formal, and uncomfortable.....for the first million times he meets you, THEN he may be able to relax a bit and have some fun.

So, he seems content to let me run around acting like a late blossoming teenager with my friends. That also gives him the opportunity to take control of the remote, which I am not willing to give up when I'm in the house. He can watch all his car shows, his action movies, and sometimes stupid BROMANCE comedies with Son #2.

He likes to take me to El Jimador....he loves Mexican food and beer...and we have a great time. He enjoys dinners out with Perfectly's dad and the Fam; both mine and his. Both families tend to hang out together, which is really fun, too. In laws who like YOUR family too? Wow.......but really...that's about it. You could see the look of panic on his face when that one time we got invited to a New Year's Eve party....with people we've casually known for YEARS.

So, no Lesbian action here.......sorry for those of you that were hoping, or speculating.

I do have friends that seem to exclaim at every opportunity that we aren't lestbian when we are running around town........I think it's funny. If people are so shallow to assume that, then it's THEIR problem, not mine.........I really don't care if someone thinks that of me. I sort of take it as a compliment...because the Lesbians and Gays are AWESOME. What cool groups of people to be with. They are less judgemental, and tons of fun.

Unlike uptight so called 'straight' people who find it necessary to judge everyone and everything around them........making themselves feel better by an inflated sense of superiority.

I do worry, however, about offending my few gay and lesbian friends. I live in small town USA, remember, so if I have a large group of said friends, I certainly don't know it...but the few that I do have, I don't want to offend....but I really do love them. Not because they are GAY, but because they are real. And fun....and don't care if I'm if you read this and don't like me calling you guys Gays and Lesbians for the sake of convo....then I'm sorry....but else can I express my admiration?

Toodles for now!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where do forty somethings fit in?

Well, thirty and forty somethings. Fat forty somethings. But the forty something feels twenty something in her HEART!!

Our small city is lacking in night life. Which, is good, because many places that there ARE to go are less expensive than big city stuff......but it tends to get BORING doing the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. WANT. TO. VENTURE. OUT.

El Jimador for Margaritas. Woo Hoo. It's what we do. It's what y'all hear about ad nauseum.......but I'm here with yet ANOTHER story.

Since there isn't much to do, and we must eat, and it's cheap, Teenie and I went to El Jimador Friday night. Mr. P was at a Football game in Columbia taking pics, so we were on our own.

We walked into El Jimador and it was PACKED......Friday night...good margaritas....not so surprising. We entertained the thought leaving and going to one of their other 2 locations in town (yes, they are that popular), but decided to wait it out...and am I glad we did!

Guess who (or what?) was there? A mariachi band! I'll be begin with, I was disappointed. I'm not into LOUD places, and believe, El Jim is pretty loud to start with. Then I got with the program, and was FASCINATED! Teenie and I ordered our standard half pitcher of Margaritas (hey......there's only TWO of us, and Teenie is....well....TEENIE....and they are STRONG. SUCKERS.), and our food. She ordered her tacos and I ordered my standard Camarones El Jimador. Suddenly the mariachi band stopped. I was so disappointed. I asked the waiter if they left, and I got a vacant stare, a half smile and a 'yeah'. I am not certain he speaks fluent English.

Anyshrimpandonions, we were laughing, and talking and totally enjoying the margaritas, food and some awesome salsa verde----when we heard strains of guitar and trombone music. I got up and wandered for a sec, to see if it was canned music, or if the band had just taken a break. Our waiter walked by, and I exclaimed "they are BACK??". I got the same vacant stare, half smile and 'yeah'.

So, pretty soon, they band wandered to the front of the restaurant, where we were. I ended up ordering another margarita, and Teenie and I split it was a half of a half of a pitcher........and I was trying to video the band on my phone and they came over to US!! The guitar player sat on Teenie's side of the booth and she said if they played the Chicken Dance (again) that she'd stand up on her side of the booth seat and do the actual CHICKEN DANCE. Well, I had my camera phone primed and ready.....she did the chicken dance in front of the restaurant, and it was the most fun thing we've done FOREVER........I got it all on video.

But now the video is gone. GONE, INTERNETS.....G.O.N.E. Mr. Perfectly was going to do the techie thing and post it here so you all could see what fun we can have in our small little city, but did I tell you? IT'S GONE!

I had tried to e-mail the video to her college aged son, and because the file was too big it wouldn't send. But we SAW IT......we LAUGHED at it......the video was LOUD as we watched it in the restaurant!

Did I somehow delete it? Or was it the Halloween Ghosts?

Because, there is MORE mystery, people. MYSTERY.

After we were done Mariachi-ing, eating and drinking and sitting a spell to let the tequila wear off, we decided to go somewhere else. But where? We tried to find a club that we could go to and fit in. There ARE NONE in town. They are all country bars, or college-ish bars. Or old people bars. We wanted a gay bar, because the gays don't care if two older than 20's age people arrive. One Teenie and one Fat. If the girls wanna have fun, the gays are all for it.

But gay bars around here.......only in Columbia, and we didn't' want to go that far, so do y'all wanna know what we DID DO?

We went bowling. COSMIC bowling. We even got over our own gross out factor and put on the rented bowling shoes! They are NEON Pink, Green and Yellow. It's awesome during cosmic bowling.

I won....all three games. We took pictures of our scores to prove it...because I bowl so terribly Mr. P never would believe me. And guess what. The bowling pictures are G.O.N.E.


I think the Halloween goblins did something with my prized video and WINNING proof photos of our bowling adventure.

So, Blog Buddies...I thought of you all weekend. I couldn't WAIT to show you the fun and frivolity of my weekend.......and the proof went POOF.

So, you'll just have to believe me when I tell you that it was a blast....Teenie said she felt like Barney in the restaurant doing the Chicken dance, because all the little kids in the place did it with her, and then we went cosmic bowling. Of which I WON all three games. My scores were 58, 81 and sixty something. See, I have MAD skillz in bowling.......

So, back to my question. Where to fun loving 30 and 40 somethings go for fun? We can only eat Mexican and bowl so often, my friends....we need to add to our repertoire!

What are some suggestions? I welcome them ALL!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I got my flu shot!


I guess I'm a tiny bit of a snob regarding such things.

I mean, I admire anyone who wants a flu shot, but through our insurance and doctor, they are FREE, and being broad minded as I am, I assume everyone elses is, too! Now, there are people without insurance, and the corner drug store and grocery flu shots are great for those who can't pay a doctor, or whatever.

But I reserve my plump upper arm muscle for my doctor. Actually, his nurse. She administers the shots, not him.

Anystickofaneedle, I was in Schnucks. The one with the awesome wine tastings in their deli department, and the one that son #1 was fired from in the first 10 days of his employment?

The nice nurse lady was standing right in the entryway of the store. I asked how much flu shots were, because I'd been putting off my nurse visit, and was curious. They were $24.99. Well forget that shit! I'll call the doctor TOMORROW and get one before Nov. 1. For FREE. Free to me, that is.

Then she pipes up and lists a few insurance plans that do not require you to pay ANYTHING upfront.....even at the GROCERY! My insurance plan was one of them! So, Internets, I cheated on my nurse. I filled out the paperwork, signed my name, and let some STRANGE nurse grab my plump upper arm and stick me. In front of the service desk and any customer that happened in. I got my band aid, went about my shopping, and I feel so......PROTECTED!

I am sorry for pitying any of you who use grocery store or corner drug store flu shot clinics. Who knew it was so convenient to get a shot, and buy some asparagus, shallot and cheese for a Quiche....all within a few minutes? Seriously....WHO KNEW??

So, here I am. Toasting up bread cubes and carmelizing onions for French Onion Soup. Tyler Florence says in his recipe that it only takes 25 minutes to carmelize onions, and he's full of HOO HAAAAA. It takes FFFOOOORRRRREEEEVVVVFVEEEERRRRR!

But, his recipe is the best, and we love it. I toast bread cubes, because I'm a carb addict that puts mostly bread and cheese in her bowl, topped with some broth an's good. And the best part? I don't use leftover wine as he suggests. I buy a bottle FOR the soup, and the leftover wine then becomes MINE....WITH DINNER!!

Oh, and you guys.....the little girl that was murdered recently in our little community? It's so sad. The town is overrun with rumors....and everyone is ready to hang the girl that is a suspect. If guilty, she obviously need to be punished, in the proper way, meted out by the justice system. Her family isn't getting support and funds set up for it. It sad for TWO families. Not to diminish the girl who died.....her family must be suffering greatly, but people don't think about what if this was THEIR kid that killed....alledgedly killed. Or their Niece......or grandchild.

No doubt it's tragic. The family with the loss must be in unspeakable pain. I can't imagine. But stop lynching the other family.....they must be in pain, too. How awful to know that your child/grandchild/neighbor could have done such a horrific thing.

People are absolutely RABID for information....they want to BLAME so bad, that they can't see that this girl deserves justice........her punishment will arrive if found guilty. The town need not worry.

Well, I'm off to babysit my carmelizing onions, and toasting bread.

Toodles for now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Football is over......sort of.....(now edited)

Well the boys played their last JV game last night. Son #2 got a little more play time than he has been of late. It was a grass field, and it was very misty (rain earlier in the day) and cold. I'll be was far less cold than I expected it to be. It was still cold, though.

Anyway, son # 2 MADE A TOUCHDOWN!!

it was so awesome!

go here to see a pic of the muddy boy {#41)!!

I'm looking forward to a quiet night at HOME tonight!

**edited** Hey, I never explained the 'sort of' in football being over is.......duh.....

He still dresses out for varsity home games----they are playing district games now, and depending on the powers that be, he may dress out for the away game that is in a town just 30 min away, and any home games we have left. He gets very little play time in varsity, BUT he has made a play here and there.

And THEN if we make it past all the big bad teams, then we go to finals, then the hopeful event of the STATE, football isn't totally over, but it's over for the JV squad.

Okay, I feel better for clarifying.

Toodles for now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Football Monday Night

Well, we are off to the St. Louis area (O'Fallon, I believe) for a JV football game.

It will be cold and wet. COLD AND WET. I'll be going to wal-mart to buy my yearly stash of gloves, rain poncho and ear coverings of some sort. I am certain I have multiples of these items already at home, but, since I am disorganized AND a slob, I have no earthly clue where they may be. And if I did find them, chances are they are in a dank corner of a closet which never gets cleaned, and since animal hair blows to the edges of hardwood, they would be COVERED in animal hair and dust.

It's just easier to buy new stuff. Really.

I will leave work at noon, hightail it to wal mart or k-mart, and make my purchases, and go home and bundle up like the Michelen man, and go.

Oh....and the little girl that was missing last week? Her body was found Friday afternoon, shortly after I blogged about it. I am so sorry for her family. There are oodles of rumors about her demise, but the authorities are mum.......with the exception that the suspect is a 15 year old. Rumor has it that it's the 15 yr old sister of the playmate she'd been playing with that afternoon.

I can't help but feel for the suspect's family as well. I can't even imagine son #1 (who is just recently 16) being involved in something like this. This family will be ostrascized and forever known for this. I mean punishment is in order for the perpetrator, and everything, but two families are suffering greatly today, and it makes me sad.

I don't have much more to talk about........

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A lesson in bad decision making

So, this morning the alarm went off. As I do every single work morning, I avoided getting up. I told Mr. P that I wanted to ‘sleep a little longer’. He asked me how long, and I replied “oh, I don’t know”……thinking to myself just a few more minutes. Soon, I heard Son #2 banging around the house, and realized if he was up, then I most certainly needed to get moving. I looked at a clock and realized it was a FULL HOUR since I’d proclaimed I wanted to sleep. I was supposed to be at work ONE MINUTE from the time I looked at the clock. Oopsie.

Lesson learned: No decision making while half asleep.

So, what have you all been up to this last week? Honestly, I can say nothing exciting has been going on around here. Nothing at all.

I ended up last night glued to VH1’s top 100 hits of the 80’s. I knew I shouldn’t have turned the channel. I knew once I saw the awesome clothes and hair and music that my genre had to offer, I’d be hooked, but I did it anyway. Hook, Line and Sinker….I sat there all evening watching the highlights of the 80’s. I kept texting my high school friend, and Teenie with squeals and exclamation over things like DURAN DURAN…….and omg….OMFG….Prince. AC/DC and Def Leppard……..when the drummer guy was in a car accident and lost his arm….BUT HE STILL DRUMMED? Swoon.

The biggest 80’s surprise for me is that I love Guns-n- Roses. Who knew? In the 80’s, I proclaimed my dislike of them, but wondered how Axl Rose was such a good freaking singer…….even in the stupor of my youth, I could hear that the man could actually SING if he didn’t scream………..but now in my 40’s, I’m nostalgic for my era, and suddenly Guns-n- Roses are awesome! The ringtone for my kids calls is ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine”………

Oh, and what about “You Spin Me”…back in the 80’s it was just a cool dance song…….now some dude has re-made it into a song about a sex act. No…..don’t explain to me if that was the meaning back then too….because I don’t want to know…….I prefer to think it was an awesome, catchy tune that we all could dance to.

Oh, and what about Wham? They were so CUTE! And once again….DURAN DURAN……and the baddest bad ass of the 80’s? PRINCE. I totally ‘HEART’ Prince. I never cared about his name changes, his anger at his label, or him converting to a Jehovah’s Witness……he’s a BADASS, and always will be.

So, there. It ought to prove that I have been doing NOTHING for days. Nothing but sitting in front of the Tee Vee—watching VH1, and squealing to my friends.

Oh……and locally, there is a 9 year old girl missing. She’s been missing since Wednesday evening. She was walking home from a friend’s house, and never made it home. Please keep this family in your thoughts…….I can’t imagine what they must be dealing with right now.

Toodles for now….Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oh, hey, Y'all!!

Sorry, I've been unmotivated to type of late. But, excuses aside, I am BACK, and happy to be here!!

So, this weekend was a LLOOONNGGG weekend. I was off Monday, for Columbus day. Woo HOO!!!! How cool is that? Mr. P and I cooked a BIG dinner on Sunday and canned some Pickled Green Tomatoes! YES....CANNED!! Can you imagine? I've neer canned anything in my LIFE!! I've 'put up' veggies in baggies to freeze, but never 'put up' as in CANNED.

I hope we don't get the botulism. beloved Aunt Jessie used to pickle green tomatoes. My dad LOVED them. She always sent quarts home with us, and as a kid, I remember loving them. She put a hot pepper in them, and like all peppers, some are unpredictable, so some jars were SCREAMING hot and others just right. I couldn't eat the real hot ones, but I always loved the spicy, sour taste of the tomatoes.

I went to the internet and looked for recipes, and didn't have to look far to find one that held the ingredients that I remember being in Aunt Jessie's jars. Pickling spice, dill, garlic and a hot pepper. Of course, the pickling brine is just pickling salt, water and vinegar.

So we sterilized the jars, filled them with the tomatoes, onion, garlic, spices and poured the hot brine over them. We let them sit now for 2 weeks to see how they taste. I can't WAIT!!!

So, how do they look? As you can see, we also canned some red tomatoes. Perfectly's dad thinks they will be mushy. They are small roma tomatoes, so they are quite firm and meaty, so we'll see what the brine does to them.

We also pickled a jar of hot red peppers. Mr. P loves the hot. I can't do lots of hot stuff....but I like things with a mild kick.

I'm excited, people. I can't wait to see if I was as successful as Jessie.

Toodles for now!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boy Howdy, it was cold last weekend!

I guess cold is subjective. I am cold natured. I don’t enjoy the cold. However, I also detest the heat. I’m a fickle girl, as you’ve been able to see over the last 2 years (can you believe it’s been 2 YEARS since I started this??)

We went to the Olde Tyme Apple Festival last weekend in Versailles, MO. According to my frienemy, Google, Versailles, Mo. has a population of around 2700 individuals. I’m assuming this is in Versailles proper. The apple festival is purported to be the largest one day festival in Missouri. This little community of 2700 people expected 30,000 ATTENDEES at this festival. I think ALL of them, and their dogs were trying to make our rounds as DIFFICULT as possible. People are idiotic…wandering around with a smoked turkey leg dangling from their maw, pointing out the latest in crocheted Kleenex boxes, or wood carved name signs, completely oblivious to me, Mr. P and Perfectly’s dad trying to bob and weave through the crowd.

I was looking for this or these. That was it. I am sure the Sisters CafĂ© wasn’t at the Apple Festival, but there’s a cart that roasts up pecans and almonds that look like these right on the spot and sells them in wax cones….twisted shut at the top. They are hot and DELICIOUS!!

Anyway, the people pushing their baby strollers, carrying dogs and bunnies, and dentally challenged people eating an above mentioned turkey leg, were wandering, stopping on a dime, and weaving back and forth making my mission of finding the two things I wanted to see nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, I saw a toothless, whiskered man gumming a HUGE turkey leg. I still am unsure if I am amazed or concerned.

Anyway, here is what the Olde Tyme Apple Festival looks like on a cool, cloudy fall day in October.

Me and my Daddi-o

The SAME day, Homecoming 2009 took place, and Son #2 and his cutie pie girlfriend went off to dinner, and dancing. Ah....remember those days?

Come on, Y' know he's adorable! And so is she!!

It's been pouring all day, so it's been soggy, and cold. This weekend is the Hartsburg Pumpkin's a two day deal, so I can't wait to see what's going on there!!

Toodles for now!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Manly Look

Internets, I am a slob. I’m a poor housekeeper, and I love NOTHING more than a baggy pair of sweats and tee-shirts from 1997. Chock full of dinginess and holes. To me, this is comfort. Loose, who cares if it gets mangled type clothing. I go to the grocery looking like a refugee, and I DON’T CARE. Well, I care…I always shower and try to tame the frizz that is my hair, but I often toodle around town sans makeup and in my loosest closthes

Over the years, I’ve curbed my enthusiasm for oversized clothing. Teenie has coached me that despite the fact that I am heavy, I should accentuate the features I do have, and not hide them under baggy clothing.

A couple of weeks ago, I went off the wagon. I bought a 2X tee shirt to wear at my son’s football games. It’s a school sports shirt, and it was CHEAP. I had a choice of the 1X that fits, or the 2X that swims. I folded and took the 2x. I don’t know why, Internets…the sleeves come clear to my elbows, and the armpits hang loose. The boobs are filled out, but the body of the shirt sits widely over my belly and hips and down to mid thigh.

Today is a special day at work. It’s a theme day. Some sort of Sports day where we get to wear tee shirts in support of our favorite team---professional, college or high school (GO JAYS!!), and JEANS!! So I wore the oversized number. Today I have no evidence of a waist.

AND I got suckered into buying a football sports bracelet (look at #7641--that is the bracelet!!) with Son #2’s photo in 2 charms, and the JC high school logo in a third charm. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I squealed at the cursory glance at the photocopied flyer (what you saw is not what I saw) sent out for the $30 bracelets, and immediately put my order in. I love bracelets. I love Son #2….WHAT COULD BE BETTER? I assumed it would be a dangly charm type bracelet. I was wrong. It’s more of a flat, stretchy charm bracelet. With 2 rows of beads, some football beads and 3 HUMONGOUS square charms holding the photos and logo. Heather, my niece thinks it looks similar to a man’s watch. I concur. Especially on my non dainty wrist.

So, today, I’m sporting the manly look on the job. But, at least I’m comfy, and supporting my high school team! It’s homecoming week anyway, and the parade is tonight, so I ought to fit right in with the town.
Go Jays—son #2’s Momma supports!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I’ve got the FEVER!!!

Festival Fever! Cooking Fever!! I’m afflicted with BOTH….someone help!!

First of all, the cooking. OMG…the cooking. I want to cook everything I see and hear about. Especially if it’s SOUP. I’ve always enjoyed making soups and stews. In the last couple of years, the desire for huge pots of soup seemed to dwindle, but IT’S BAAAACCCKKKKK!!!! I made hearty beef vegetable over the weekend, and sort of went overboard. Which I always do with soups.

When I set out to make a pot of soup, rarely do I follow a recipe. I just make it. One of the talents I seem to possess is cooking. I’m not offput by ingredient lists, or prepping (cleaning? Now that’s a different story). I have the ability to put ingredients into a pot and have it turn into a meal. WHO KNEW? I sure didn’t when I was younger---well, maybe a little bit………..I cooked once a week (when I didn’t forget and have to throw together some pasta and sauce) as a teen.

I actually learned some of my cooking skill from my dad. My parents divorced when I was a younger teen. I lived with my dad. Not because my mom isn’t awesome, but during their decision making, they thought it would be better for us to choose who we wanted to live with. I chose my dad because I was afraid he’d be lonely. As it turned out, my brother followed because he was torn, and didn’t know what to do, so that left mom by herself. Not an ideal situation when both parents are great people. My opinion on having to choose is not a good one. I think it’s far easier on the kid for the parents to just say ‘this is how it is’…….but it is what it is, and I harbor no resentment towards them. They were my age now ( or a tad older) when they divorced, and they did what they thought was best at the time. Just like we all do as parents. I adore both of my parents and am quite fortunate that they still have a relationship that enables us to get together at family functions with no animosity. Like son #1’s graduation. All of my maternal family came from Iowa, and we all mingled at Perfectly’s dad’s farm for the day. Now to me, that’s security. Knowing that your family is always family----even if marriages and life events don’t always go the way we envision.

So, there’s the back story as to how I came to live with my father and learned to cook (sort of) from him.

I began with soups right after college, when I had my first job. I’d throw stuff into a pot and MAN….it turned out GOOD!! My cooking skills improved, and now…I’m a pretty decent home cook! My latest obsession is with clam chowder. I watched FOODTV one day, and saw one of the hosts making clam chowder, and it wasn’t complicated AT ALL!! The only problem was our being landlocked and all….oh, and a small community..I was SURE I wouldn’t be able to purchase fresh or frozen shucked clams. I was right. None to be found but frozen packages of breaded ones for frying. I hesitantly went with canned clams. And as far as my unsophisticated palate goes? It was really GOOD! My son loved it, my husband loved it……it’s a hit at my house. I also make Parmesan/garlic soup crackers to pile onto the chowder. It’s great.

Also, I am so not a baker. But I found this recipe for lemon filled chocolates that I’m just going to have to try. I’m already varying the recipe in my head. ORANGE…..MINT……RASPBERRY…….the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Now the festivals. I am in full festival mode. I want to go to all the festivals in Missouri! Obviously, in the fall, that’s not a reality. They are EVERYWHERE. The dilemma is do I go to the old standbys? The ones we’ve gone to for YEARS? Or do I branch out and do something new, and different? What if new and different is a disappointment? And I miss the familiar standby? CAN YOU SEE MY PROBLEMS HERE, PEOPLE? This weekend is a choice between the Olde Tyme Apple Festival in Versailles, MO., or the Chalk Art Festival in Farmington, Mo? It has Wine, chocolate and chalk artists featured. They say there are craft vendors too. WINE? CHOCOLATE? Sounds tempting! But the Apple Festival is 4 square blocks (I think) of vendors galore. Besides, there’s the animal swap meet where we got Dex last year that takes place at the same time as the apple festival. I really can’t have another pet, so maybe I ought to skip that…….

See how my crazy works? My brain just goes non-stop in circles like that. I could continue the crazy debate in my brain if you’d like. I’m sure you’d just love it.

Look at the links and let me know what you think. I need ADVICE…!!
Toodles for now.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who wants a Turkey Squirt?

Yeah, so I met up with a few of my classmates from the class of 1984 at Woody's Pub and Grub in Ashland, Mo. HOW FUN WAS THAT? It was totally fun! It is so much nicer gathering as adults.......we don't judge, we don't care about who's popular, or who's a star athlete, or was a relaxed, fun, gathering of people. I TOTALLY LOVED IT.

Here are a couple of pictures....courtesy of Mr. Perfectly......he came out for a while after our son's football game, and took pics on all of our camera's......aren't we a FUN looking group? I am not going to identify anyone yet....because honestly, some people don't want to be all over the internet, and although their PHOTO is all over the internet, I won't tell you their names, unless they give me PERMISSION TO DO mini reunion folks? COMMENT and let me know if you care if I talk about you by name, or if you want me to come up with nicknames for you like I do some of my other friends and family.

I drank some sort of cooler thing which tasted good, but meh....not alot of punch to it....made by Parrot Bay, and since I love their coconut rum, I'd hoped it would be too awesome for words. It wasn't. Tasty, yes.......not what I wanted. I tried a margarita, which was pretty good. I still Love El Jimador Margaritas for their sheer strength and being very tasty, but for a margarita elsewhere, it was pretty good. Then someone ordered a bubblegum vodka shot with Red Bull. Can you all believe I've never tasted a Red Bull IN MY LIFE?? The bar had these little plastic cups (you can tell I don't get out much) that had a shot well in the middle of it, and you could put the chaser part around that well, so when you sipped, you could get some of cool is THAT? I thought the bubblegum vodka was sort of interesting......but according to the guy that met up with us 5 fabulous girls, it's better with I'll have to try that.

One of the girls there was telling us about a drink that SHE likes.....made with Wild Turkey (whiskey, I think) and Squirt soda! They call it a Turkey Squirt. How funny is THAT? I don't do whiskey, but I may have to just to say the name of the's too funny!!

Yesterday, we didn't make it to the Oktoberfest. I know, I know......but something alot more fun came up. Then Perfectly's dad took my family and friends to dinner last night for our anniversary.. 22 YEARS, folks. It was a lovely dinner.

Heather, my niece came, and it's always fun with her around. She's lost 40+ lbs, and I couldn't be more proud of her. She's stunningly beautiful regardless of her weight, but this is something she's been wanting to do for a while, and she looks great.

Today, I am making a hearty beef, vegetable and barley soup/stew. I ran out to my dad's house to pick up a good chuck roast to use in the stew and I was totally traumatized. THERE WAS A SNAKE IN HIS DRIVEWAY. Just sitting there. Sunning himself. Son #2 says he (the snake) lives by the a patch of ivy...I think he was of the garden variety, but I really don't care. I don't do snakes. Perfectly's dad has also suffered from a massive flea issue in his garage. He has a cat that lives in there part time, and apparently brought a family of fleas to multiply rapidly in his garage. He's bug bombed it, cleaned it with bleach and had an exterminator come out...and last I heard they were still a problem. I had to GO THRU THE GARAGE to get to the freezer to get my roast. So I've been DOUBLE traumatized........I don't know if any fleas are still in the garage, but I certainly didn't want to find out. Fleas and snakes. Two of the things in life that totally freak me out.

So, this has been an awesome weekend, and tomorrow is more football. Son #2 plays again, this time for JV....he dressed out on Friday for Varsity, but didn't play. Hopefully he'll play tomorrow. We're traveling to Kansas City....ugh.

Toodles for now.

Friday, September 25, 2009


So, tonight I am going to a pub type place in rural central Missouri. It apparently has pool tables and dart boards. I am SO EXCITED!! Some people from high school are gathering at Woody’s Pub and Grub for an informal get together.

Y’all KNOW how much I love to go do stuff with people…so last night I went and got my hair all ‘DID’, and colored it with a box color---It’s supposed to be light chocolate brown, but it’s got some red going on…… now my head is a faintly reddish brown mess o’ curls with bangs. Bangs that won’t cooperate---because I have THIN HAIR on top, so I’m very scalpy where bangs need to be. So this afternoon, after I get off work, it will be a mad dash for home so I can try to make the hair cute……and retouch the makeup……..accentuate the eyes with dark shadow----and GO TO WOODY’S. Oh…and Ph.D.?? I’m hurt. Hurt that you wouldn’t want to accompany me on this endeavor. My first rural pub experience? With people from HIGH SCHOOL? I partied with you in the illegal eve of our lives………I want to party with you in the waning middle of our lives too! It’s legal….and who knew it was MORE FUN when it was legal? So, therefore, I’m hurt. And Pissed. And I might cry. (UM…..…I’ll call you either during or after with updates……so ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE!).

Then tomorrow is The Old Munichburg Oktoberfest in our fair city…… years past they’ve had FREE WINE SAMPLES and fried oreo’s. MMMMMMM. They also sell some sausage that is made only for this particular festival….it’s an old local recipe that is made up and sold once a year. It sells out QUICKLY, and I missed out last year, so this year my intent is to go by there early and get some sausage. Then I’ll take it home to properly refrigerate, and go back at a more appropriate time……oh….like 11 or 12? For FREE WINE!!! Maybe if I bring a couple changes of clothes, the vendors won’t notice me coming back….and back…..and back…..AND BBBAAAACCCKKKKKK!!!! Think?

Again, Ph.d…..if you came for the Woody’s, then you could also come for the FESTIVAL too! Your babies would have a blast, and so would your hubs!! They have BEER there! *sigh* the weekend would be PERFECT if you came. Pubs, Festivals, old friends and YOU!! Oh, and my anniversary! My weekend would be PERFECT!! Now it will be only semi-perfect. And that is your fault. You’ll have to live with the paralyzing guilt. (is my contrition inducing post working? Huh? Huh? I know….you are planning to SURPISE ME by showing up, right?????).

So my work day seems interminable…my hair is too plastered with hair spray, and I’m as anxious as a 4 year old waiting to go to Chuck-e-cheese! I need you all! Entertain me! Keep my mind off of pending excitement! DO SOMETHING!!

Happy Friday, All!

Toodles for now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holy Touchdowns, Batman!!

Oh, what a difference a day makes. I still felt SO CRUMMY yesterday. Today I feel much better. Much, MUCH better!
I’ve got so much to say, yet really not much to say, you know? Just a lot of my usual blather over nothing that interests anyone but me!!

First of all, the football game last night was potentially a miserable evening. Although, not cold, it was RAINING…….but luckily, the stadium we went to has parking right up to the bleachers, so we were able to park right behind some low bleachers, and I spent most of the game in the car watching. I spent a quarter in the rain, but the rest all dry and out of the weather…..but still got to see the ACTION!!

Speaking of action……….I was brought back to Dingo’s post about birds……..hahaha. You should have seen the BATS last night. HUNDREDS of bats……flying through the rain, catching bugs from the night lights over the football field. I was FASCINATED by the sheer number of BATS…….squeaking and diving… was really cool. I tried to video it on my cell phone, but being the non savvy techno person in the house, I don’t really know how to use it… I’m sure any video of bats sucks.

It’s FESTIVAL TIME in Mid Missouri. This weekend is the Old Munichburg Oktoberfest here in Jefferson City. Don’t ask me why it’s at the end of September, when it’s called Oktoberfest. I’ve wondered the same myself, and have NO ANSWER. Needless to say, it’s a small little festival with Dachshund races, and Dachshund costume contests…….My friend and I are trying to come up with cute costume ideas for my Mini Doxie so we can enter him into the contest and become city known WINNERS. Now, it is also my 22nd anniversary. I am worried that Mr. P may get his undies in a wad if I trounce around town with friends and dogs……well, not really worried. We’re not big anniversary celebrators……I mean we recognize the anniversary, and we reminisce, but we aren’t candles and dinner types. I am proud to be married to such a great guy---and that we’ve weathered our struggles and still are pretty happy.

And, on Friday night, there is a get together with people I went to High School with. You all know how I get all warm and fuzzy over classmate connections!! Mr. P won’t be joining me, however, because he will be using his great talents photographing the varsity football game against one of the BIG TIME teams in the state…..Kansas City Rockhurst. Son #2 will probably get to play and score a winning touchdown, while I’m drinking with my friends at “Woody’s pub and grub”. My luck.

Let’s see………I had a dream that one of my high school boyfriends (of sorts….I liked him, and he only sort of liked me…….but we are still friends, actually. He was an usher in my wedding to Mr. P… for the record, Mr. P approves of the continued friendship) gave me a tattoo. Yes…’s weird. No, I don’t need any dream analysis…..especially if my dreams are a symptom of the crazy.

Oh, and remember a while back when I’d left a rambling message for my friend from 4th Grade? Yeah, well I didn’t’ hear back from her and got up the nerve to text her over the weekend…AND SHE TEXTED ME BACK! It’s so fun to catch up with old friends……like I said, I get all warm and fuzzy about friend connections. I can’t wait to get to know her some more-----again. I may show up here with pictures……of 4th grade!!!

Toodles for now!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey, Y’All

I’ve been sick. I do not know with what….one would assume the flu since Son #1 had it and recuperated at our house. But, since I never ran a fever, or never KNEW I was running one, you could also argue that maybe I didn’t have the flu.

Anyway, I’m swamped at work, so I’ll leave you with this heartwarming GEM! Make sure to watch the video after you read the article. It is SO worth it.

We are off to a JV football game in Columbia tonight. I am not sure I’ll survive going back to work AND a game….after 4 days of being locked up at home sick. So wish me well………..remember, liquor is NOT ALLOWED on school grounds. Sheesh.

Toodles for now.

Monday, September 14, 2009


One must think, according to the media blitz of information, that the H1N1 virus is upon the Perfectly household.

I am kind of a germaphobe. I microwave sponges, and change them FREQUENTLY. I obsessively wash anything that has touched chicken or other raw meats. But chicken especially. If people are vomiting, I clean all common areas with bleach.

Therefore, I am surprised at my relative lack of concern over the swine flu…….I mean not LACK of concern, but lack of my normal paranoia. I have tried to educate myself regarding this flu, and so far, it seems quite widespread (in our area), but relatively mild (miserable, but mild).

Son #1 called yesterday and announced that he was coming home for a few hours….that he wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend, that he wanted to go to dinner with her……could he have some money???? Oh, by the way……”my throat hurts, and I ache”. He is coughing, feverish, and achy. According to the tee-vee, that can mean only ONE THING……………H1N1.

Upon his arrival at home, he appeared to be in decent health…to me he felt warm, but assured me that his temp was low. 97 degrees. I had no reason to question this as we’ve always thought his ‘normal’ body temp is lower than average. He went to his girlfriend’s house. I never did determine if they went out to eat, but 4 and a half hours later he was back, burning up with fever (101.7……which if his body temp is lower than average, means his fever is higher on him than average). Yeah!! I tried to get him to just stay, but he wants his computer, and maybe some books and needed to take his roommate back to school, so he left, saying he’d return home today. We go to the Dr. this afternoon, and as any over protective mother should, I shall insist on a flu test…they are publicly announcing (and have been for some time) that nearly all type A flu positive tests are H1N1…that’s all they’ve seen. So, if he has a positive type A test, then we’ll notify his school that he’s got the swine flu. According to them, they’ve not had any reports of any flu at all on their tiny campus. OF COURSE, my kid is the one to bring it on.

I called their student services department and asked (anonymously, of course) if they’d had any known flu on campus. The answer was “NO”. I bet that will change this afternoon, once we get the Dr. Diagnosis.

I feel bad for the kid. Son #1 is my tough guy. The one who never says he’s unwell……EVER. If he says he’s sick, then he’s usually TERRIBLY sick. The last time he said he was sick was Christmas of 2006. My Grandma was terminally ill, and we knew this would be our last Christmas with her. She was in an assisted living wing at a nursing home. We spent the time with her. Son #1 kept telling me he didn’t feel well, and kept wanting me to feel his back……that he was feverish. I just kept giving him Ibuprofen and telling him to stay away from Grandma. 2 days later we got home and he had a temp of 104 and we took him to the ER……and he had Pneumonia. FABULOUS parenting, wouldn’t you say? I was so tied up in my Grandma’s well being that I sort of ignored my kid’s health. I mean, I didn’t COMPLETELY ignore it, I just didn’t think he was as sick as he was. Poor guy. I felt terrible.

Anyway, we now are having the same type of illness, but since flu season is in full swing here…..and he’s had the vaccination against pneumonia…..we’ll assume it’s the Piggy Flu.

I’ve had the seasonal flu before, and it’s the sickest I’ve ever been as an adult. I was pregnant with Son #2, and remember laying in bed..I felt him kick for the first time, and was too sick to even be excited about it. I was too sick to care for son #1, whom I caught the flu from, and Mr. P, who’d just started a new, fancy job had to take off work, while on probation to take care of both of us. Luckily he didn’t get it……

So, this should be quite the eventful week…….son #1 back home….sick, and exposing all of us…….but I’d rather he be here under my care (um…no, I’m not a control freak….why do you ask??). I worry about him.

Oh, in other pink news….I GOT MY PENIS….and it certainly is vanilla scented! It came in the mail on Friday, and son #2 didn’t understand why I received a penis in the mail. The greatest parenting moment EVER was when I put the balls up to the young athlete’s nostrils so he could smell it. All vanilla-ey and all. MMMMMM. I even got a grin from him. WOOT WOOT for MAMA!!

Toodles for now, y’all.

p.s. Don’t stop reading my blog. Despite what the media is saying, the flu is NOT contagious via computer. Really. It isn’t. Don’t worry.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey everyone!

I know, it’s been a week. My tens of readers must be DISAPPOINTED!!!

So, I went out for Sushi last night! It was totally fun and TOTALLY good! I guess I have to confess that I didn’t eat any raw fish---yet…….but I ate some sort of roll filled with crab meat, scallops, and cucumber. It was really good.

I’ve mentioned before that raw or rare meat sort of skeeves me……..but I’m determined to try a spicy tuna roll at some point at this place. When you enter the restaurant (which is an old KFC---that looks like a run down KFC on the outside, but Japanese on the inside!), the sushi dudes behind the bar greet you with a resounding yell of some sort of Japanese greeting…….and a bow. It’s so CUTE!!! The menu has a lot of choices, and there are things that Mid Missourians have never SEEN before….like octopus…just waiting to be eaten!

The guys behind the sushi bar were very sweet and tolerant and let us sit there and watch while they prepared our sushi rolls. They said business had been good, but not on that day. The ‘Tour of Missouri’ was in town, and maybe that’s why the lack of early evening business…..all the people were watching the bike race!!

As much as this place is refreshingly different, I am truly afraid in our little, conservative, meat and potatoes city, that it will fail. People love Applebee’s and Bandana’s…..but throw a little Sushi at them, and everyone freaks out and gets squeamish. Or don’t provide them a buffet of westernized ‘Chinese’ dishes that they can gorge themselves on, and it’s ‘weird’ and ‘too expensive’. My sushi roll was $11.95. Compared to McDonalds or Taco Bell, yes, it’s pricey, but you get more than just a sushi roll. You get an experience that maybe you haven’t had before! You get flavors that maybe you’ve never experienced! You support a local business that is just starting up!! And in the meantime, you may find a new favorite food! And what people don’t realize is that in our fair city, in the Midwest and $11.95 sushi roll is probably a bargain compared to the East or West coast!!

I get frustrated at the non-progressiveness of this city. It’s a lovely place to raise kids, and rural farmland abounds! Fresh air! Open spaces!! People who think that Chili’s is FINE DINING!!! We need a mix of good social places to gather and eat, drink and be merry all the while keeping the more rural quality hometown feeling! Surely that’s possible isn’t it? We need theatre, and art! We need culture!! The closest thing to culture we’ve seen is the Tibetan Monks that performed for us on the Capital Lawn several years ago. Sponsored by the local library. Now, that may be an eensy exaggeration, but not much of one. There’s just NOTHING happening around here! The craft festival is tomorrow at the Fairgrounds………’s kind of fun, but it’s really a bunch of sweaty women trying to be first in line for flower arrangements , doll accessories, and cheap jewelery.

I know….I am lucky to live in a lower cost of living area. Lucky to have wide open spaces for my kids, good schools and modest housing prices. It would just be so cool to have really great food, and really cool activities to do on a more regular basis. And not have to travel to larger cities to see things!

I for one will frequent the Japenese sushi place in town. It’s GOOD!!! It’s my kind of food and flavors, and I’m excited to go back!

Oh…tonight, the varsity Football Jays (son #2 is JV right now….so he’s not going) will be travelling to Fayetteville. Arkansas. The game is being TELEVISED on CBSCS………so if you’ve got a dish, or a sports pack on your cable, or whatever is required to get these types of games, WATCH THE JAYS!!! Jefferson City, MO vs Fayetteville Ar. The boys being televised is a BIG DEAL! They’ve been on the local TV live, but this is NATIONAL coverage. And if the cheerleaders are there, you’ll see Son #2’s former girlfriend! She’s the cute blonde!!!!

Go Jays!!!! Vote for JCSports as the best SportsBlog!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Human Rights

I don’t delve into politics much. I’m a VERY casual observer. I know what I believe and what I would like, but I am not hardcore for anything. I think it’s every American’s right to believe what they want. Period.

HOWEVER, I have encountered an ugly situation. Where do personal rights of one overshadow the personal rights of another? We are taking common sense out of the equation… what is better for MOST instead of FEW, etc. I’m talking about black and white. Yes and No.

In a group setting, when the group as a whole is trying to keep a common group area clean with antibacterial wipes and cleaners to try to stop the spread of serious illness to the best of our limited abilty, what does one do when a group member claims a ‘chemical sensitivity’ and doesn’t want anything with an odor used near her…..or anywhere she frequents?

Do her rights as a sensitive individual get trounced on, or does the majority of us lose our battle to try to not spread illness? This endeavor is to try to do our human best to keep flu germs at bay, and to try to protect us as a whole. This is a limited setting. We are all going to frequent other places where germs may be rampant. But in this one limited situation, we were given a directive from an administrative individual to try to do our very best in keeping common areas clean. Wiped…sprayed….disinfected. I think this is smart. It’s proactive, and even if it fails in the long run, the empowered feeling that a group can get from trying to be in control is important too. Besides, cleaning stuff isn’t such a bad thing.

Yet, one person is crying foul that her individual rights are being violated and it’s not right.
This goes against my general liberal feeling that people SHOULD be allowed their own preferences. However, in a small setting, this isn’t always possible. Do we go with the majority, and OUR rights and preferences? Or do we go against one’s preferences and rights?

The general feeling is that this is for the good of everyone. There is no malice towards anyone. However, the person in question feels maligned and outcast.

I hate this. What is right? What is proper? How does one confront the fact that no matter what some or one will have their ‘rights’ violated???

Tell me, what do YOU think?

Toodles for now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frustration, still

I just talked to the woman who owns the car that Son #1 was hit by. She pretended not to know anything. Even though I have a letter from her insurance company that there was NO COVERAGE at the time of the accident. Even though, the adjuster from HER insurance company told me on the phone that he'd spoken to the vehicle owner and gave her the SAME INFORMATION that I was given. Even though I have a police report that says her daughter's 'fiancee' displayed innattention.

I am sure she doesn't have $2200 any more than I do....but my son had insurance to PROTECT OTHER PEOPLE in the event of an accident that he caused. They did not. It is a requirement in the State of Missouri to maintain minimum coverage on your vehicle.

I tried to remain pleasant, and not engage in any sort of argumentative behavior, or ugly tactics. I did try to get her to understand that I ALREADY HAVE the denial letter, and have had conversations with her adjuster, as had she. I tried to tell her I needed a means to pay for the repairs to my son's car. She was pleasant as well, but evasive.

It's just frustrating. She says she's not seen the police report, that she needs to talk to the boy driving, that she needs to talk to her insurance company........blah blah blah.

I need to stop kvetching over it.....what happens will happen....I can't FORCE anything.....but it makes me so DAMN ANGRY to have so many uninsured drivers.....and she's an ADULT....she OWNS the car...why would she let some unsuspecting young man drive an UNINSURED CAR??? Why would he drive it with an expired insurance card in it? Why not make her provide a CURRENT card at least?

Sigh. Enough already, right?

It's Ghost Hunters Wednesday!!!! Mr. P is grilling chicken and burgers. Son #2 has a raging cold, and he's really cranky-----blech.

Toodles for now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

12 steps to nowhere


I'm at it again. Taking a FoodTV recipe and trying it out. Yes, I am obsessed with FoodTV....kind of. Like I am obsessed with A&E's 'Hoarders' and 'Intervention', and Syfy's 'Ghost Hunters', and CBS's 'Big Brother', and 'Survivor'.

'Hi....I'm Perfectly.....and I'm addicted to television' (come on...say KNOW you want to.....'hi Perfectly'.....)

Okay, now that I've gotten THAT off of my chest (and in no way want to diss the recovering individuals out there.....please don't hate), I'd like to talk about cooking.

I'm not a huge fan of Ina Garten...I mean she's okay and all, but somehow, I just don't fit into the 'Hampton's' set, you know? I'm not rich, I eat canned chicken broth in my dishes, and sometimes....gasp...I eat pre made boxed pizza, and chinese!!!

So, although I find her pleasant, I hear a teensy weensy little undertone of snobbery from Ms. Garten (although her goofy professor husband Geoffery...or is is plain ole' Jeffery?? is adorable).

However, I did watch her make a tuna roll recipe over the weekend that made my mouth water. I'm a big chicken and undercooked meat of ANY sort sends me into the 'what disease can I catch' mindset, however, I know, from watching FoodTV and from experience that some meats need to be eaten less well done. Like steak. I don't like it bloody rare, but pink and juicy in the middle is the way to go. Tuna is the same way!! I know this logically, but mentally, I am blocked. Perfectly's dad had a seared tuna appetizer one evening at the LAKE OF THE OZARKS for dinner one evening, and I forced down a seared on the outside, raw on the inside slice of tuna on a cracker thingy. It was good. GOOD. A scary undertaking for me, but GOOD!!!

So, when I saw Ina (I can call you Ina, can't I.......that may make me think less snobbery of you.) make this tuna roll, I knew I HAD to try it. Except my family doesn't like fish. Or avacados......*sigh*

So, I went and bought the ingredients. I decided to try to surprise Perfectly's dad and offer to share the bounty with him!! He's taking it, but not after lecturing me about how I shouldn't make something to eat that I'm not making for my family. Except I want it. And my family doesn' THERE Daddie-o.....take THAT!!

I followed the recipe pretty carefully.....except I used shallot instead of red onion, because mine needed to be used, and maybe an eensy bit more soy---and maybe a little less tuna (it's EXPENSIVE, people!!). And so far, I'm totally impressed. TOTALLY. I even overcooked the Tuna, which Ina said NOT TO DO, and it's still good. Maybe it's mental and I see pink inside and not blood red, and feel better...I don't know, but it's still good. I seared it too hot on one side, so it's a little black over there, but actually, it gave it a charred taste....and it's GOOD!!!!! Not burned at all....and I'm NOT being sarcastic...for once.

I even bought the expensive arugula that I've never tried before. By itself, I'm still on the fence. It's bitter, and tasty all at the same time, but in the middle of chewing, the bitterness gets a little rough...then it's all good and earthy I'm waiting to try it with the tuna......on a roll.....for my dinner.

I was also SHOCKED to see that cranberry flavored Sierra Mist is back....that's a holiday drink, Kids!!! FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!! I decided to try it with coconut rum....because nearly EVERYTHING fruity is great with coconut rum. And it's due to be a tension filled Big Brother's not bad. Not perfect, but not bad. other news...I won Crissy's picture caption contest!! Go look!! Well, maybe I didn't win COMPLETELY, but I won SOMETHING!!!!!!!! Tell me who's captions were funnier would ya? Because I know for SURE she was just trying to be nice and not send me 6 pink, vanilla scented penis soaps. She wanted to share the wealth.

And.....son #2's football season is off to a good start! The Junior Varsity team travelled to Florissant (a suburb of St. Louis), and they won!! By ONE was a nail biter right down to the last few seconds!!

Mr. P's blog is up for the best Sports Blog contest this year. Go vote. He needs a win. He got in trouble with the coaches last week. I can't tell you why, because he said not to in case Coach reads this, but it was kind of legit, but mostly NOT legit.......especially since it's Mr. P that got his SIDELINE PRIVILEGES taken away because he was trying to be funny. So, if you want the whole story, you'll have to ask Mr. P. He reads my comments. Just in case any one is curious. But anyway, go vote for him. ALOT. I guarantee he won't pose nude if he wins, though. You'll just have to know that you made a really nice guy happy for winning something.

Whew...we covered lots of topics today........I'm off to eat my TUNNA ROLL dinner!

Toodles for now!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dancing with the Perfectly’s

Mr. P needed to mow the lawn. He’s been needing to mow it for weeks now, and has sort of, oopsie, been too busy to deal with it.

A few nights ago he mowed the little patch of grass that is in our fenced area for the dogs. Dex’s poor wenis was dragging along the potentially sharp blades of grass. We couldn’t see where the poopie was anymore. Unfortunately, we’ve been lax in gathering the poopies outside this summer. So even though we NOW CAN SEE the poopies, they remain at rest on the lawn.

Anyway…..last night he rushed home, only to find me in my nightgown already---I am my mother and have taken to my ‘gown’ earlier and earlier of an evening. So, I politely asked him to go forth and purchase me some white wine for our SHRIMP FRA DIAVALO (or however it’s spelled). He was flustered, but being the nice boy he is, ran to Wal Mart to buy the REALLY cheap stuff I keep on hand for cooking. It’s $2.97 for Pinot Grigio.

He came home, and began the arduous task of mowing our large yard. That is mostly thick, THICK zoysia grass. I made sure he didn’t mind if son #2 and I went ahead and ate my fabulous pasta before he was done, and he didn’t, and he merrily skipped to do lawn boy chores.

Son #2 and I ate watching a fun re-run of Ghost Hunters ( of which I missed the new one….read on and you’ll see why. It’s DVR’d, though). Soon, my normally work til it’s done hubby came in the door exclaiming ‘WHEW’ and seemed mildly excited (which is super excited for my mild mannered man)…I asked what, and he mentioned he was hot, and oh yeah….’I just got stung by a bunch of bees” or something to that effect.

I jump up, and follow him into the bathroom where he’s quickly stripping to get into the shower. He slams the door in my face, as he realizes that there are what we now think were yellow jackets still on his clothing. Son #2 came down the hall to offer any teenage assistance he could. We could hear Mr. P in the bathroom cussing and swatting at the yellow jacket (herein called wasps) with a towel. ‘Thwack……Thwack……..shit….shit…..THWACK…….’

He opened the door again (little bathroom that is HOT) and continued to undress. Son #2 is worried, I’m worried....I’m trying to determine how many stings he has, and as he reaches down and unlaces his boot, there’s a wasp resting on his foot. He gingerly steps into the tub to try to corrall the sucker, and it breaks FREE. Once again he’s yelling for me to shut the door!!! He’s wildly waving his towel around again, slinging sweat, profanities and trying to kill the offending wasp. I pull the door closed again, and ZING….I was stung on the neck, right below the chin. He’s yelling “where is it, where is it???”, and I’m trying to calmly explain that it’s out in the hall with me, stinging my neck. He yanks the bathroom door open again wielding his towel to protect his wife, and we couldn’t find the wasp. Soon, as he was disrobing some more, I realized it was DOWN MY NIGHTGOWN and trying to go into my armpit. I pull the top of the nightshirt away from my body and am mouthing to my son….”help….help” and he’s yelling to his dad “it’s still on Mom….” And Mr. P runs to the rescue. The little wasp flew off of my armpit/chestal area, and was immediately THWACKED and killed.

By this time, I could see angry red welts on his ankles, and his arm. He sat down on the toilet seat to take off his other boot, and lo and behold….there was a freaking wasp in his drawers and he SAT ON IT, thereby having his butt cheek stung. Hard. He jumped up and ran around the tiny bathroom some more…..I honestly think the judges of Dancing with the Stars would have been UBER impressed!!!!

He finally was undressed, all rogue wasps were dead, and he jumped into the shower to wash himself and the stings……..I’m sitting on the toilet waiting for him…I wasn’t going to leave him in there to go into anaphylactic SHOCK…….his poor butt cheek was on fire.

Ultimately we counted 11 stings on him, and one on me. He had one on his arm, one on his butt and the rest on his legs. Apparently he’d run over something or disturbed something as he was mowing. He couldn’t go back and move the mower, because the wasps were SWARMING the bag of the lawn mower…….so hopefully, we can get it out of the way today…….and get some spray!!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

So Perfectly’s dad was in Las Vegas on a business trip. He brought me back a PURSE….a totally awesome purse. I adore purses/bags/handbags…or whatever you prefer to call them.

I never purchase really expensive, name brand, leather purses. I generally get them from the clearance racks at places like Kohl’s and J C Penney. I tend to gravitate towards bright colors (although, black is good, too). Patterns are often awesome as well. So a REAL LEATHER purse is quite the luxury for Perfectly…… it’s buttery yellow and all soft and has lots of metal hardware. It’s amazing what a bag does for my mood. Just LOOK at it!!!!

Then….another day of work. Today is the kickoff of the Charitable Campaign for the year. State Employees can donate to the charity of their choice (through the United Way) via payroll deduction. I’m a big proponent of this. I think it’s awesome when someone gives $1 per paycheck….and you may multiply that by 60,000 State of Missouri employees, that we can actually make a change somehow, somewhere. Obviously, many give much more, and some choose not to give, but either way, we provide a large offering to the United Way organizations every year.

With that said, there are SOME organizations that I don’t necessarily choose to contribute to. Actually, I don’t contribute to most, because I only give a small amount each month, so I pick and choose the organizations that I want my few dollars to benefit. So, I suppose I should say that there are organizations that I just plain don’t agree with. I gravitate towards the Humane Society and other animal rescue organizations………

I don’t dabble in politics. Working where I do, it is NOT forbidden to have a political view, or support a party. It is forbidden to do any politicking on work time, and using work resources. However, I firmly believe that peoples politics are their own, and it’s not right for me to stick my neck out for any party, cause or ‘thing’ of the moment. I don’t like confrontation, I don’t like people telling me I’m wrong, when I don’t think I am…I don’t like disdainful looks of people who are unwilling to waiver on any opinion that isn’t their Minister’s.

So, anyway…back to the Charitable campaign….Jakki and I wandered around looking for the bundle of free bootie that we usually get. Remember the loot from last year? Mini cutting boards, lots of paper and pens? Little gadgets? Yeah…this year pickins’ were slim. I managed to get 9 pens, and a snack bar. I try not to take the brochures from the tables, because I really am only interested in the free stuff (unless it’s a booth I want to donate to), and because it’s a waste of that organizations money, because I usually pitch them….If I can’t write with/on them or eat them….then they generally are trash.

But there are organizations that rely on donations to support causes that I patently disagree with—I try to avoid those. Most people are gracious when you politely turn away from their spiel about whatever good they try to do. Today, a pro life organization ignored my polite pass by of their table, and handed me a flyer. I politely returned it to them. Their table was full of propaganda and actual plastic models of babies in different states of gestation. I had no interest in supporting them…..although I support their right to request donations-----if people want to buy into that organization, then so be it.

I am pro choice. CHOICE, people. That means whatever CHOICE a woman or couple makes that is best for them is what I support. I do not support fear mongering and videos of partial birth abortions, and photos of fetuses, and the like scaring the daylights out of a possibly lesser educated person…or someone who doesn’t know that there are other options for them, and if abortion is what they want to consider, than they should be given supportive, solid FACTUAL information to ASSIST them in finding their way. Not bullying or scaring them into a decision that supports the beliefs of others.

I’m sorry, I have dear friends that may not totally agree with me on this topic. I mean no offense to them. That is the beauty of our country and of friendship…it’s OKAY to disagree and still have an awesome relationship with someone. So, for those of you that I adore, but don’t agree with me on this topic, please understand that I respect your personal decisions about it as much as I respect my own….and to please not be offended that I support something that is such a controversy.

See? THIS is why I don’t voice my views out loud, because I always backpedal worrying that I’ve offended SOMEONE. I want to be strong and say what I support, but I don’t want it to interfere with my work and work life, and my sense of fairness for everyone. Ugh. I’m a contradiction.

I’m also nervous as a cat because I brought a co-worker some clam chowder for lunch. No, sillies, not the clam chowder from 2 weeks ago (although, I’ll keep that in mind for people I don’t like…..), and again, my WANT TO PLEASE thing kicks in and I worry that she’ll hate it and choke it down out of obligation. Or something.

It’s Ghost Hunters Wednesday---and I’m looking forward to an evening of Ghostly suspense!!!

Toodles for now!!! Oh, it’s also apparently stinky feet day for me. Phew…..any ways to combat it in sandal type shoes that I wear ALL THE TIME. Icky!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

White Wedding

Have I mentioned lately that I live in quite a rural area? I mean, our city is almost 40,000 people. Our Mall is going to the dogs, and will probably be gone in the next several years. We have Columbia (100,000), Kansas City and St. Louis. The rest of our little state is pretty much rural.

Saturday, I went to a local winery with a good friend. They have my favorite wine of the moment …”Captains Red”, which of course is a sweet red wine. I’ve decided that I don’t care much for whites. Even sweet ones. I much prefer the sweet reds. Anyway…….this particular winery and brewery is FOR SALE!! Now how totally fun would it be to run a winery? Think of all the fun events you could host!! And the bistro-is type FOOD you could serve!!!

We ordered a salmon spread and a quesadilla….and both, frankly, were nasty. I mean, edible, but edible as Mc Donalds is edible……..the Salmon Spread seemed to be canned salmon mixed with some mayo and capers to put on crostini. It wasn’t what I wanted to eat. The quesadilla was, well….a quesadilla. Cheesey……it was supposed to be a mushroom quesadilla, but there weren’t many mushrooms to be found in the kind of gritty cheese. **Sigh** at least the wine was awesome.

We decided, impulsively, to head to ANOTHER winery a few miles away, in a tiny town called Hartsburg. Hartsburg is known all throughout Mid Missouri for it’s annual PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, and the fact that the Katy Trail runs right through it. It’s a river bottom town, with acres of pumpkin and squash fields. They have a tiny little winery in the center of town. We got there, ordered ANOTHER bottle of wine, and went outside to see what happens in little Hartsburg on an early Saturday evening.

Guess what? A LOT!! There was to be live music at the winery, and a WEDDING across the street! They’ve got a tiny city park and a gazebo that was all decorated with Christmas lights for a WEDDING!! A caboose sits next to the gazebo…and apparently, it can be rented for $55.00 per night---attached to the caboose is a little house thingy—and apparently, there is a shower and bathroom in that abode, that the caboose dwellers can use.

We got to the winery around 5:15, and the wedding didn’t start til 6:30 (we were told), but by 5:45, we saw food that was catered being carried into the caboose. We spent our evening imagining what was about to happen. We watched as guests began to arrive and mill around. The musician arrived, and we could see lots of young men attired in cargo shorts, flip flops and a white dress shirt (untucked) The first couple of boys we saw, we thought may have been just a fluke. Young men in the wedding that hadn’t changed yet, or something. The walked over to the winery and purchased a bottle of wine, and went on into the caboose. They didn’t LOOK old enough to buy wine, but then again….I’m 43, an everyone seems to resemble a young whipper-snapper these days.

We began to see a photographer, guests, and a young girl in an off-white dress running around hugging more of the cargo shorted, flip flop wearing, untucked dress shirt sporting fellows. My friend and I were taking bets on who was getting married. I voted for a very young couple. She voted on an older couple…..maybe a 2nd marriage?

The musician came to the winery, and set up. Much to my chagrin, he had at least 2 if not 3 speakers. I don’t like loud music that keeps me from talking. I don’t mind music in the background, but if it impedes my ability to chat…I get really annoyed. Again, my friend was betting on his acoustic guitar not being loud, but I worried nonetheless.

As it turned out…..his first number was a James Taylor song. He had quite a pleasant voice. It was all very background-ish and soft. I was THRILLED. Unfortunately, after nearly 45 minutes of the James Taylor wanna be putting his own unique, one trick pony spin on EVERY SONG HE SANG got really old, really fast.

Anyway, we were watching the cargo, flip flop clad crew and realized that near 7pm (must not have been a 6:30 wedding), that some of the boys had red CARNATIONS on their shirts. Still no ties….no pants… dress shoes…….

At one point, one of the young men decided to unbutton his shirt to show some girl in a brown tube top dress his abs, and lo and behold….his tattoo leading down to…..well…….um……..DOWN. Okay? Just down.

We saw another white shirted boy hugging EVERYONE in sight. Not just a quick air hug….but long, deep HUGS. We were FACINATED! The guests wore everything from cowboy hats and jeans, to cute summer dresses…… wasn’t a large crowd, but they all seemed to come and buy wine!!!

We began to focus on the house right next door to the winery (yes…….the house is tucked between a restaurant and a winery……but there are many houses on this street, so with their 100 or so residents, I guess you put a business where there are people.

There was a lot of people coming in and out. Especially a couple sitting on the porch to smoke and their dachshund. We spent WAY too much time trying to figure out all the particulars. We were as excited as the young cargo short crew appeared to be!!!

As the event began to take shape, we realized that the deep hugger was the GROOM!!!! He, too, had on cargo shorts, flip flops, a white shirt and carnation. We watched a grandma be escorted up the gazebo steps by two of the boys, and before anyone could even begin to hear the wedding music (thankfully, wanna be James Taylor took an appropriate break), we saw a NEW GIRL….in a red dress walk from the house next to the winery…..across the street. She was escorted by one of the cargo short crew. So, we now realize that the other similarly dressed boys must be GROOMSMEN…….!!!!!!

Suddenly I heard a gasp! It was ME!! The bride was emerging from the HOUSE NEXT DOOR!! By now we could hear faint strains of a guitar…….she was escorted by two more of the cargo crew…….She was in a white princess type dress, and a TIARA!!!!! She was brunette and lovely.

These two young escorts stood behind her…so were they bridesmen? There was only one bridesmaid, and the assemblage of cargo shorted boys far outweighed the girl in numbers, so we assume that some must be bridesmen.

The ceremony took all of about 10 minutes. The officiant wore a red St. Louis Cardinals hat during the ceremony. I could not see much of his other attire, but my imagination told me denim was involved.

We got commentary from the gal working at the winery, and apparently the newly wedded couple were step brother and sister? I think she said the parents of the youngsters had gotten married a few years before, so although they were not truly related, it seemed like a relatively odd thing for the kids to marry too!!

To me, it seemed like a quaint, perfect evening wedding. Not much fuss---casually dressed young men representing their friends/family. A catered event without the cocktails and fanciful waiters……just a buffet line through the caboose. It appeared to be small, and intimate. It was apparent that a platinum budget wasn’t used, but it was also apparent that the group involved were closeknit and comfortable.

Champagne and chocolate fountains are nice…..but really? Other than one evening and a memory, who really cares? I think people should take a more cargo short and flip flop attitude……enjoy the MOMENT with people you love, and in a setting that works. It doesn’t matter if you have Christmas lights adorning a wood gazebo, instead of crystal chandeliers. What is important is whom you are marrying, and how happy you are.

Who knew we’d be headed to a wedding on Saturday? It was TOTALLY fun and refreshing. Welcome to rural Missouri, where groomsmen in shorts, and ministers in hats make for a FUN wedding.

Toodles for now!!