Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who wants a Turkey Squirt?

Yeah, so I met up with a few of my classmates from the class of 1984 at Woody's Pub and Grub in Ashland, Mo. HOW FUN WAS THAT? It was totally fun! It is so much nicer gathering as adults.......we don't judge, we don't care about who's popular, or who's a star athlete, or was a relaxed, fun, gathering of people. I TOTALLY LOVED IT.

Here are a couple of pictures....courtesy of Mr. Perfectly......he came out for a while after our son's football game, and took pics on all of our camera's......aren't we a FUN looking group? I am not going to identify anyone yet....because honestly, some people don't want to be all over the internet, and although their PHOTO is all over the internet, I won't tell you their names, unless they give me PERMISSION TO DO mini reunion folks? COMMENT and let me know if you care if I talk about you by name, or if you want me to come up with nicknames for you like I do some of my other friends and family.

I drank some sort of cooler thing which tasted good, but meh....not alot of punch to it....made by Parrot Bay, and since I love their coconut rum, I'd hoped it would be too awesome for words. It wasn't. Tasty, yes.......not what I wanted. I tried a margarita, which was pretty good. I still Love El Jimador Margaritas for their sheer strength and being very tasty, but for a margarita elsewhere, it was pretty good. Then someone ordered a bubblegum vodka shot with Red Bull. Can you all believe I've never tasted a Red Bull IN MY LIFE?? The bar had these little plastic cups (you can tell I don't get out much) that had a shot well in the middle of it, and you could put the chaser part around that well, so when you sipped, you could get some of cool is THAT? I thought the bubblegum vodka was sort of interesting......but according to the guy that met up with us 5 fabulous girls, it's better with I'll have to try that.

One of the girls there was telling us about a drink that SHE likes.....made with Wild Turkey (whiskey, I think) and Squirt soda! They call it a Turkey Squirt. How funny is THAT? I don't do whiskey, but I may have to just to say the name of the's too funny!!

Yesterday, we didn't make it to the Oktoberfest. I know, I know......but something alot more fun came up. Then Perfectly's dad took my family and friends to dinner last night for our anniversary.. 22 YEARS, folks. It was a lovely dinner.

Heather, my niece came, and it's always fun with her around. She's lost 40+ lbs, and I couldn't be more proud of her. She's stunningly beautiful regardless of her weight, but this is something she's been wanting to do for a while, and she looks great.

Today, I am making a hearty beef, vegetable and barley soup/stew. I ran out to my dad's house to pick up a good chuck roast to use in the stew and I was totally traumatized. THERE WAS A SNAKE IN HIS DRIVEWAY. Just sitting there. Sunning himself. Son #2 says he (the snake) lives by the a patch of ivy...I think he was of the garden variety, but I really don't care. I don't do snakes. Perfectly's dad has also suffered from a massive flea issue in his garage. He has a cat that lives in there part time, and apparently brought a family of fleas to multiply rapidly in his garage. He's bug bombed it, cleaned it with bleach and had an exterminator come out...and last I heard they were still a problem. I had to GO THRU THE GARAGE to get to the freezer to get my roast. So I've been DOUBLE traumatized........I don't know if any fleas are still in the garage, but I certainly didn't want to find out. Fleas and snakes. Two of the things in life that totally freak me out.

So, this has been an awesome weekend, and tomorrow is more football. Son #2 plays again, this time for JV....he dressed out on Friday for Varsity, but didn't play. Hopefully he'll play tomorrow. We're traveling to Kansas City....ugh.

Toodles for now.

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Daisee579 said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend overall! I don't like bubble gum flavored things, but it's interesting that they make a vodka that little kids will enjoy!