Thursday, January 29, 2009

What does Supberbowl Sunday mean to YOU?

FOOD, people…..FOOD.

Mr. Perfectly and I purchased 10 lbs of chicken wings from Sam’s Club in DECEMBER, because he was worried that the stores would run out in January. Due to the popularity of chicken wings during the Superbowl, that is.

We have a tradition at our house to make my super special awesome Hot Wings every year on Superbowl Sunday. Mr. P and the boys act as if they have died and gone to heaven when these hot wings are around.

I also want to make avocado quesadillas, and drink wine and watch the commercials. I honestly don’t know who is playing in the superbowl, except for the Arizona Cardinals. I wouldn’t have known that if it weren’t for J-Money and her super hilarious blog….that I check a million times a day for new updates……that usually aren’t there. HINT…..HINT J-Money?

Anyway, what else could we have on Superbowl Sunday?

I’ll give you all my super special awesome hot wing recipe if you give me suggestions for other fabulous food items to fix!!!!!!

Oh, hell, you KNOW I’ll post the recipe anyway—I always do!!!

3 lbs chicken wings (we prefer the drummette portion, but all sections work)
1 bottle (8-10 oz probably?) of FRANK’S Louisiana Hot sauce
¾ to 1 stick of butter (REAL BUTTER, PEOPLE)
1 pkg of ZESTY Italian dressing mix (dry mix) this is the important secret ingredient
1 splash of vinegar (splash is your definition---if you like vinegar splash a little more)

Deep fry all of your wings. Don’t bread them, just fry them NAKED. It takes about 10-12 minutes for the batch of wings to get done.

While wings are frying combine all other ingredients into a slow cooker (or CROCK POT---STOOGIE, A CROCK POT WORKS FOR THIS). Let the butter and hot sauce and spice mix melt together. TASTE IT. It will be very zesty…but do you want more butter? More zest? Add the vinegar at this time……..leave it out if you think it’s zingy enough…….more heat? Add more hot sauce……

Double the recipe if you want more wings.

Once all wings are fried and done, add to the slow cooker and coat wings with all the sauce. Let sit until all warmed through and serve. These are the most awesome wings EVER!!!!

I am still loving the AVEDA product smell emanating from my hair. I bought all new products after BRANDON cut my hair---and I smell like an Aveda concept salon. Aveda products get me all excited. The deep herbaceous smell is totally my thing. But why-oh-why are they so expensive? $21 for 8 oz of shampoo? C’MON!!! $7.50 for a trial size of hair spray? It’s INSANITY.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now, kiddo’s. Please send me recipe ideas and AVEDA products (Be Curly products, specifically). Thank you!

Toodles for now!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I need Bubba

Yeah, I know…..this is lame….a silly e-mail forward……….a predictable punchline resulting in a low chortle.

But, PLEASE someone, hire me a Bubba!! Below is his resume:

Bubba's Resume
My Resimay

To hoom it mae cunsern,

I waunt to apply for the job what I saw in the paper.
I kin Type realee qwik wit one finggar and do sum a counting.

I think I am good on the fone and I no I am a pepole person, Pepole realee seam to reespond too me well. Certain men and all the ladies.

I no my spelling is not too good but find that I Offen can get a job wit my persinalety.
My salerery is open so we kin discus wat you want to pay me and wat you think that I am werth,

I kin start emeditely. Thank yoo in advanse fore yore anser.

hopifuly Yore best aplicant so farr.



PS: Because my resimay is a bit short - below is a pickture of me.

Employer's response:...
Dear Bubba,

It's OK, we've got spell check.
See you Monday!

Okay, the advantages to Bubba working in any predominately female populated office:

1. the abs
2. the abs
3. the abs
4. he seems genuine at heart
5. he doesn’t mind men looking
6. the abs

Now, if he worked in, let’s say, MY office----we’d be able to use Bubba for stress relief---even if it is just TOUCHING the abs. Only for a moment.

No need for our husbands or significant others to mind, because it would be nothing but a way to alleviate stress and anxiety to make us better people when we come home to our families.

We could give back to society by HELPING Bubba’s spelling and grammar skills. He’d be so indebted to us that he’d never leave (until his abs went south).

So, is there really a Bubba out there that would want to work for the GOOD of the people?

Oh, by the way—I tried to take some self portraits of my hair again. I left it all curly this time, and I kind of liked it….but I looked like a drunken lunatic!! That is not a joke or being self deprecating. Even Mr. Perfectly laughed at them.

So, I will have to use his skills to take a better curly portrait. I left the bangs down today---and Teenie will see it for the first time today, so I’ll get her opinion. She didn’t care for the photos last week. She thought it was too flat on top for my thin locks. I tend to agree—so I worked a little to add a bit of volume.

I learned a valuable lesson today. My hair looked decent after I dried it. DON’T MESS WITH THE HAIR ONCE YOU LIKE IT….because the more I messed with it, the more I didn’t like it…….it was kind of a train wreck.

I may see Brandon soon to get chunks of color put into it. What do you all think? What color should I merge in with my mousy locks?

Toodles for now. Happy Wednesday!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"I am Barack Obama, and I approved this message."

That, folks, is my new text message alert message. Isn't that TOTALLY cool? Mr. Perfectly found a free ringtone site, and many of them were really cheesy and stupid, but this one was just too cool!! He loaded it on my phone and so anybody that wants to texts me has that greeting announce their text!!!

This was a weekend of cooking. Yesterday, I embarked on an asian feast. I made shrimp dumplings (hopefully as potstickers, but THAT didn't work) with the most awesome chili butter sauce I've ever had. Ever. Ever. And Perfectly's Asian Lettuce wraps. Recipe on file somewhere on this blog--since I am horrible about tagging my posts, good luck---but it IS here somewhere.

The asian dumplings are a food tv recipe, so I'll post the link, and not the recipe. I recommend you try them. I've tried them with the original SCALLOP recipe, but Mr. P doesn't like Scallops, so this time I used shrimp, and made the recipe exactly the same. The shrimp won hands down. I like scallops, but the shrimp ones are awesome. Except, I cannot for the life of me get the delicate dough not to stick or get to gooey while steaming. So, I end up with a mush of mess in my pan---but man--they still taste awesome. And let me tell you, the chili butter sauce?'s GOT to be good on other stuff. It's the best sauce EVAH!! EEVVAAAHHHH! Oh, I highly recommend the slaw for a side dish. It is great too.

GO forth and COOK people. COOK THESE DISHES.

And today, I cooked a pot of STEWP (sorry for the Rachel Ray haterz, but hey, the term really is a good one). It's too thin for a stew, and too thick for a soup.

It's a beef/vegetable variety. I used fresh (farm fresh---my dad's beef) cubed steaks, dredged with flour and seasonings. Fried in oil with some happily found frozen grilled (charred) onion for use in soup. We did it in nicer weather thinking we'd use it up later. I'd forgotten we had it and when digging for suitable stew meat, I FOUND it!! So we have grilled onion, beef, seasonings all mushed together and added wine, a can of diced roasted tomatoes, a can of beef broth, 3 cups of chicken stock, some frozen green beans, baby carrots, potatoes, and cabbage. Oh, yea, I used a little white wine to deglaze the pan (leftover from the AWESOME sauce of last night).

And, people, we have stew/soup which equals STEWP!!

I'm off for now. I hope tomorrow lends itself to my funny!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crissy STOLE my blog idea (part of it, at least)

I feel like such a FAILURE!! I had an awesome post---but the photo I wanted to get didn’t pan out, so I was going to PAINT A PICTURE WITH WORDS for you, and lo and behold………Crissy’s post is about a cat. Not my cat, which MY post was going to be about, but her cat. Her cute cat…..and Crissy brought her funny, so now I look like a copycat---with no funny (or very little…I manage a funny now and again).

So, we’ll start by going back to the hair (which will be a smooth segue into the cat story). Did you all notice in my blurry photos with Brandon that my breasts look GARGANTUAN?? OMG!! I’ve been staring at my own breasts with shock and awe. I don’t know if it’s the camera angle (and although the receptionist was a dear for taking the picture, she obviously doesn’t have the SKILLZ that Mr. Perfectly has…), or if it is really ME. Wow. Maybe it’s the bra? (Tawny—I took your advice and bought a bra from Lane Bryant---LOVE IT).

Anyway, I fought the cat getting into the bathroom this morning. He gets up with me and leads the way (tripping me) into the bathroom, where he insists on watching me. He waits for me to get out of the shower—then rubs against me—then acts all pissed off that he’s wet and has to groom himself. Oh, for the record, Dex and Copper come racing into the bathroom when they hear the water shut off so they can LICK the dripping water from my ankles and feet. Nothing like a dog tongue on your clean skin.

After my shower, I go to the computer and try to read my e-mail and blogs. This is why I am often late to work. When I came back into the bedroom after my computer jaunt---there was my cat all curled up. You know how cats like to curl themselves up into the smallest box in the world? And they manage to contort themselves to fit whatever container they are trying to stuff themselves into? Yea—he was all curled up IN ONE OF MY BRA CUPS. So my bra cups are large enough to accommodate a sleeping CAT. I’d laid my clothes out on the bed for convenient dressing, and my bra was cup side down, and bowl side up---for the CAT to make himself homey in.

I wanted a picture, but by the time Mr. P was done with his shower, and I was done with my makeup and could grab a camera, the cat had exited the bra. You could have also seen my unmade bed with mismatched linens—and my other dog, Buster, all snuggled in one of my 5 pillows. We’re generous like that—letting our animals sleep with us, and on our precious downy pillows (we’d better, or he’ll BITE).

I don’t think people at work like my hair. I’ve had a conversation about how I could best style if to obtain the ‘look’ I wanted—and then another co-worker kept darting her eyes to my HEAD during our conversation. You know, like when boys used to try to catch a glimpse of your BOOBS….and their darting eyes always gave them away? Yeah, it was like that only with my hair. I’m discouraged and the worry that Perfectly doesn’t fit in is OVERWHELMING today.

Arrgh. Don’t like these kind of days.

Toodles for now, all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I *Heart* Brandon

So H Day wasn't so bad. Actually, it was quite nice. My hair is cut, and pretty short for my 'Norm'.

My hair is very thin---in density---and fine in texture. You can see my scalp in places through my hair. I HATE that.

I've been letting it grow---trying for something new and different. I finally got to the point that it was so disgusting, that I couldn't stand it.

The length was doing NOTHING but adding frizz and wispyness to the not so nice hair.

Here I am trying a self portrait in my car as a 'before' shot.

So, I go into the salon.....Catherine Crum The Salon. It is all black, gray, and silver. There are very cute girls walking around in trendy clothes with perfectly razor cut hair and cool styles.

The receptionist immediately put me at ease. I filled out a short customer questionnaire--with basic information. I could see the only guy in the salon working on a client....I could only assume that was Brandon.

He was CUTE!! He had on black pants and a stylist version of a tool belt. A low slung belt that held his scissors, and other necessary items. So NOT in a Tim the Tool Man sort of a way. It was totally young, hip and awesome!!

The client he was working on got up with the CUTEST cut---long straight hair, and BANGS. Oh, how I want bangs. He cleaned up his area and immediately came over RIGHT TO ME--shook my hand, and introduced himself.

He asked me about myself and asked me what I like to do and what my life is like. I told him about all of you and that I blog. That I brought my camera for PROOF of the new cut. He told me that I seemed bubbly and fun. He said based on what I told him on Friday that I had a really round face. Like REALLY round. He said that I didn't have a round face, that it was oval, and that I had a cute button nose.

He started running his hands through my hair and attempting to figure out how different styles would look. I showed him my sheaf of papers--the ones with pictures of how I'd LIKE to look. Of course, MelissaLion's style was on the top of the pile. He LOVED her haircut. He said more than once that he thought it was VERY cute. He even said that he thought I could pull off a thinner, curlier version of it.

He even thought I could do BANGS. Longer than ML's of course, but shorter than I wear them.

I just told him to do whatever he thought would work, and we went for it.

He massaged my head and shoulders, and used a yummy aromatherapy oil. He shampooed my hair and arched my brows.......he spent ALOT of time with me. I mean alot. We talked about the fact that I graduated with his mom. He's 23, and ADORABLE.

He took a 'before' picture for me----this was after he's brushed, messed with and fingered through my hair for 20 minutes or here's BEFORE:

I'm honestly a little nervous about the 'after'. I just don't think the thin-ness of my hair can pull off bangs. I do like it, and I especially liked it right after he styled it. It will be hard to get used to, because it is so much closer to my head, and quite a bit shorter. It's amazing how much it curled, though, when he cut off the whispy long layers........I have some pretty curly hair people.
Here's the salon after---the receptionist took one of me and Brandon......

To me, the photo just looks like kind of a bowl cut---so I had Mr. Perfectly take some shots of the actual haircut.....the jagged edges (he didn't TOUCH my hair with scissors---he 'chopped' it with a razor....omg....I've asked so many others for a razor cut, and nobody would do it!!)--the curls and if I could I'd let ALL of you SMELL the Aveda products coursing throughout my hair.

Here are some shots after I got home and it began to wilt a bit.........

I'm quite freaked out about the lack of volume on top. I'm an 80's girl and we wore our bangs big--not as big as 'mall hair', but big nonetheless. The flat bangs on top of the thin hair worries me. He assured me it was adorable (but isn't that his job??), and he wants me to go SHORTER next time (yikes).

I want to do color in the cute jagged layers, so we'll see what next time brings.

So, this is it. I think it makes my hair look flatter overall, but in time, I'll get used to it and this will soon be my 'norm'.

All in all I spent nearly 2 hours with Brandon. He was thoughtful, thorough, and totally adorable----I will be going back. Once he reaches 'artist' status, I hope I make more money----because I LOVED him!!

Toodles for now!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

D Day

Or maybe it should be thought of as H Day. I get my hair cut tomorrow.

I called Catherine Crum, The Salon which is one of the premier salons in town. I knew I couldn't afford the fancy schmancy salon services, but I was HOPING upon hope that I could snag a haircut (only) for maybe $25. Mind you, I go to Cost Cutters--a walk in, low budget, come as you are place that whips people in and out. I frequently ask questions about cut, style and color issues (because if it's not $9.95 out of a box, I can't afford hair color), and get alot of nods, grunts and non-answers.

So, since I want hair like MelissaLion, I decided to take her advice and go to a good stylist. Well, a better stylist than a walk in for a $10 haircut place PRAYING that they have a coupon deal somewhere.

Anyway, when I called, Catherine Crum, the Salon, BRANDON very enthusiastically answered the phone. I casually asked about their prices for a haircut---HAIRCUT ONLY. And I was told that on the first visit they book for a haircut and blow dry. And the prices are graduated, depending on the stylist. Catherine herself is (gasp) $62 for a cut and a 'blowout'. The 'artists' and 'new talent' are less, and finally, the new talent IN TRAINING, or artist IN TRAINING was Brandon. He charges $18 for a cut and 'blow out'. I think. I hope I understood that correctly.

I figured that Brandon must be talented, because to have a job at the fancy salon in town, Catherine must see some good talent in him, so I am not worried in the least. It's GOT to be better than Mindy Sue popping her gum to try to cover the evidence of her smoke break and Quizzno's lunch at the cheap walk in place.

Brandon told me that curly hair is one of his FAVORITE textures to cut. That HE has curly hair and never felt like it was cut correctly--and he takes great care to cut curly hair properly. Not to cut in the middle of a 'C' curl, or else it looks just like a fish hook. (??????) And although he now flat irons his hair and it doesn't appear curly, he still has an affection for cutting the curly locks.

I explained my weight, and that I have fine, thin, frizzy curls that need to be tamed and with a flattering cut.

He was very thoughtful and seems conscienciously enough. As I told Brandon that I was 'SOLD' on him, he exclaimed "YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!". I imagined him jumping up and down a little bit and clapping.

So, tomorow, the fat girl who's insecure inside sometimes is going to the premier hair salon and spa in town. It's an AVEDA concept salon. Catherine was trained some by the dude from What Not to I'm sort of afraid that they'll laugh at me. And my wispy, few hairs.

I'm also hoping that I'll LEAVE the salon as a mousy brown version of MelissaLion. What do you all think? Is it possible??

Here's the other dilemma I have. My eyebrows are a MESS. They look like caterpillars. Should I go have them done TODAY so I am not a total schlub or should I beg for mercy from Brandon and have him do them while I imagine he and the salon are all 'tsk tsking' in their collective, trendy brain?

I am nervous, Interfriends. I don't want to be laughed out of Catherine Crum, The Salon. I want Brandon to find me cute and charming and to cut my hair in a hugely flattering way-----so I look trendy, yet still un-assuming.

I will walk in in my Cato and/or Wal-mart clothes, armed with a folder full of pictures, and they'll all snicker. What do you want to bet.

Pictures will follow....unless I don't like it, then I reserve the right to not show you all.

Toodles for now. See you tomorrow....after 'H' day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Politics has gone to the dogs

You know….I wonder about dogs. Why do things ENTICE dogs that wouldn’t entice other creatures.

Take cat poop. Dogs LOOOVE them some cat poop. Someone explain to me the thrill of a nugget of feline waste rolled in a flavorful clay litter mix. Why, I’m surprised that Rachel Ray hasn’t come up with a 30 minute version (before you start….give your cat some ex-lax and THEN begin preparing the side dishes!!)

What about paper? What nutritional value or taste could PAPER possibly have? Dex shredded our invitation to the Inaugural (Governor) festivities and ball!! If he’s a republican, I’ll be suing the lady we bought him from (THE DOG, NOT THE GOVERNOR!!)

He then shredded 3 rolls of toilet paper. Yes, friends, I left the jumbo supply of toilet paper on the floor, but STILL……..what pleasure could toilet paper bring?

Then comes the piece de resistance…… tampons. Yes the tampons. No, not used ones (I learned the HARD way to dispose of those away from dog noses…….and let’s just say plumbing issues prevent them from joining the swirly ride into the sewer system). Son #2 and I came home to a hallway strewn with shredded cotton, strings and pretty pearly plastic. Tampons are EXPENSIVE people, and with the expansive nature of said items, not the best item for a baby puppy to ingest!!

Hey, did I get your attention by slyly mentioning the invitation to the inaugural festivities? HUH? Yes, the 55th governor of our great state was inaugurated on Monday. There was a parade, a potluck and a ball.

No, silly people, we aren’t important. We don’t know the Gov. (well, we kind of do, but more on that later), so Mr. Perfectly went online and requested the invitations that ANYONE could get. It made us look all important for a brief moment in time. I saw the invite and I thought that the fact that we do know them on a VERY limited (I mean very) due to our sons being the same age and seeing each other at sporting events and school events, meant we were part of the IN crowd. That maybe that their son and my oldest son being good friends got us included with the ‘IMPORTANT PEOPLE’.

No such luck. It was a computer requested, public invitation that anyone could get. Sigh.

My oldest son knows the Governor to be at his HOUSE, whereas I’m still an unknown.

Son #1 has stopped referring to going over there as going over to ‘bobby joe’s” house and instead asks if he can “go to the mansion for a while” As in the governor’s mansion. It’s funny how in a day his vernacular has changed---

In all honesty it will be hard to judge this Governor on a governor-like scale. We do sort of, kind of, from a distance know these people due to our children….and he and his wife are exceptionally nice. He served for 16 years in another high ranking position, so he’s quite well known in the city and the state.

I keep my politics away from my job and with the exception of a few whispers here and there away from this blog, since we all know that a personal blog can get you in professional trouble. But the niceness of this family and the fact that someone like ME actually can say I’ve spoken to the governor and his wife (well, not since he’s been the Gov., but lots of times before that), bodes well for our state. He’s a regular guy, with regular kids and I really like him. His wife is lovely, and I’ve talked to her at the grocery store and basketball games…….like I would any other mom of my sons’ friends.

That ought to tell you the smallness of our city that I always refer to. Where in the heck would you run into high ranking political officers of the state at the grocery store? Why, HERE!!! We’ve run into more than ONE current and previous governors walking around Wal-Mart……..I suppose it’s like seeing Kevin Bacon on the subway or something in NYC. It’s hard to imagine people like that needing toilet paper…….or hamburger………

Okay, Okay…I called Mr. P to run this post by him before I published it. I actually do work for State Government, and wanted to make sure that he thought it would be okay to reveal such information----and talk about cat poop and tampons in the same post.

As it turns out, he BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH. Go here to his non-photo blog for his notation (before mine) of the dog eating the invitation. He even has a picture of the chewed up item.

Damn, when you’ve been married as long as we have, it’s not surprising that we sometimes share brain cells!! So, although I didn’t TECHNICALLY copy since I didn’t know he’d even posted about it, he beat me with the idea.

Toodles for now.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The HOTNESS Facor (and other random musings)


I’ve been stressed over something I revealed recently. Maybe I was inappropriate, maybe not….what do you think?

I revealed via some blog comments that Crissy’s husband is Hot. Hot with a capital H. O. T.

Is that wrong? I don’t want to give the wrong impression. I have no desire to ‘hook up’ with anyone but Mr. Perfectly----I have no desire to seek anyone else out…..but hey….that doesn’t mean I don’t NOTICE things. Like Matthew McConaughey……Scott Baio, or the not so rough looking Leif Garrett…….oh, did I mention Matthew McConaughey?

So, internet, is it wrong to appreciate the aesthetic nature of individuals? Is it wrong to TELL someone….hey, your husband is handsome (maybe that is better than saying ‘H A W T’). I certainly would be flattered if someone commented on the fact they thought my husband was handsome…or talented…or ANYTHING positive.

But to be honest, if someone went overboard…..or pursued him in ‘that’ way, I’d be REALLY PISSED!!!

But to notice or even be coy and joking about it, I think is fun and harmless.

What do you think…..was it offensive to Crissy to mention that about her husband? Is it skeevish to the admiree to have an overweight, middle aged woman notice your looks? Is it offensive to Mr. Perfectly to have his wife think someone is handsome? I know for certain he thinks some women are attractive………although, I don’t think either one of us makes a big deal about that sort of thing (did I mention Matthew McConaughey? Hahaha—Mr. P thinks that I go a little too ga-ga over MMc)……but he, on the other hand, FOR SURE notices things like breasts………It’s human nature!!! It doesn’t offend me in the least…………

I need to know!! I don’t want to offend my husband or my interfriends………

I mean I notice ALL SORTS of things……….like Dingo’s BOOTS (which by the way I saw at our Dillards at Christmas….I was so EXCITED, but was too rushed to see if they fit my fat calf or if they were in my price range of maybe $10.99). To me noticing someone’s good looks is a lot like noticing someone’s clothing, shoes or hair.

So, anyway, speaking of going overboard, I’ve decided that I want MelissaLion’s hair. My hair happens to be very thin, fine and frizzy---hers happens to be thick, luxurious and glorious. She seems to think a ‘good stylist’ may be able to do miracles. I’m petting my few hairs and LAUGHING at the thought.

Well, that's about all I've got for this fine day. I am officially off work....our new Governor is being inagurated, and they let State of Missouri employees in our county off because of the parking, security and speace issues........woo hoo. A Governor I like, and a day off. Who could ask for MORE?

Let me know on the appropriateness of the hotness factor. It's a given that I find my husband incredibly hot.

COMMENT AWAY, People.........I've MISSED YOU ALL!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I measured my Wiener

He needs a sweater. Teenie got a sewing machine for Christmas, and she may attemt a rudimentary cloak or something. I also put in a plea to my favorite all-in-one Author/Blogger/Knitter/Baker---and figure she's laughing her ass off at my and Dex's expense. (tell me, oh great author, how does one properly say 'my and Dex's' expense???? How I said it doesn't sound right)

Ph.D. is also a maybe I could implore HER to pull out the dusty knitting needles and make my baby puppy a sweater!

Oh, in case any Knitter/Blogger/Author (or Ph.D.) is reading this.......we LOVE orange. Like the hat. Only just in case delicate yarn is expensive and non-washable, we need cheap and pee proof. Or pee washable.

He has very strange measurments, or my skills as a pseudo seamstress SUCK. He's approximately 15 inches long from his neck to his butt. He's approx 13 inches around in his widest belly/barrel chest part, and his front leg from pit to paw is 5 inches.

I've already told my favorite MelissaLion about my desire for a sweater and she hasn't shown herself for a while, so she either forgot I STALK HER and know all her mad skillz, or she's hiding hoping I never bring it up awkward...'Hi Stranger that isn't really a total stranger.....knit my weiner a sweater'. Here is her potential response: "oh, weird stalker-ish person......make your OWN dam weiner sweater'. can't tell me know how horribly my 'vision' in the artsy world is.......just tell be to blow off.

As long as I'm asking for the moon.....I want a painting. Certain individuals that read this blog will KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

maybe they'll take payments..... $5 a month for the rest of my LIFE? My first=born? (He likes you better anyway---)

Hmmmm.....what else do I want? Oh...I know.....Stoogie's identity and Crissy's phone number (so I can call her and we can TALK FOR HOURS). I'd take MelissaLion's phone number too..........

Anyone??? Anyone? Bueller? Anybody have any of that information for me?

Okay....just e-mail me or something.......I know you guys probably don't want your phone numbers and identities shown on my ever-so-popular blog..........sigh. It's tough being me.

Toodles for today!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hi everyone!! ARE YOU READY FOR MY FIRST BLOG OF 2009? Because it's chock full-o pictures and the retelling of funny stories. Or at least funny if you were there......You know the kind.

First of all, I must show you pictures of my sleepy puppies. Yeah, this is how we roll most of the time. I HAD to get pictures of Dex sleeping with his little teeth sticking out. It's too cute. In order, it is Dex, Buster (the snappy one) and Copper (the very sweet, but not so bright of the three).

Oh yes, then there Christmas Eve, when Son #1 hit the garage door....he began backing out before the door was open. Yes, stress (mine) ensued, but so far, all seems groans a little upon opening and closing, but it seems to function alright (keep your fingers crossed on that, though.....)

Okay, then New Year's eve. WE went for Chinese food, and played the game of 'Dirty Minds" at my house afterwards. It was tons of fun. Teenie brought us LIGHT UP PRINCESS CROWNS for the New Year, which we wore to the restaurant. Perfectly's dad and Mr. Perfectly wouldn't co-operate and wear their hats, though. Party Poopers.

Here we are (me Teenie and Perfectly's dad), then Me and Teenie in front of the HUGE screen in Hunan Restaurant.

So, we played "Dirty Minds" a game where clues to a word are given. The word is totally normal, and lame, but the clues sure sound DIRTY!! It was alot of fun, even if I had to read the nasty to my own dad. Sheesh.

here we all are playing the game:

here is Teenie winning Dirty Minds:

here is 2009 in New York City. It's 11 pm our time. Teenie gets emotional when watching Dick Clark slur his way through New Year's Rockin' Eve. I think he may have just been drunk because he sure kissed his wife alot on the air:

My stepdad has to have open heart surgery (bypass) on Tuesday, so think of him that day if you will.......Positive thoughts can't hurt, now can they?

Oh, I've got MORE, but this is enough for one post----I know you all are yawning as I type, right?

See you tomorrow!!!