Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres!!

Have I mentioned that I love Ellen? ADORE Ellen?

Well, I do.

I tried to e-mail her because Son #2 loves her too, and maybe I'm wrong, but on average I would suspect not many 16 yr old boys want their Mom to DVR Ellen for him.

Anyway, I tried to e-mail her to see if he could somehow get tickets to her show. Then I fretted about airfare, hotel fare, and food. She hasn't responded yet, so maybe that's a good thing. Tickets to her show would be great, but let's face it....if we can't fly there, we probably can't go.

I just entered her 12 days Giveaway contest.........that's always exciting. I entered our local giveaway too........needless to say, I haven't won.....but I'm banking on Ellen....because my odds of winning would be SO MUCH HIGHER than our local contest, I'm certain.

I really want Ellen to be in my circle of BFF's. I think that's a doable thing, isn't it? Seriously? I am near her age....I can be funny if I try, and let's face it....I LOVE HER. What else does a girl want?

So, can you believe I haven't put up a tree yet? Or commanded the men in my house to put up the tree for me? I usually CAN'T WAIT to dig into the depths of our basement closet under the stairs and unearth all of our Holiday decorations.

OH....ALL....RIGHT.......I usually can't wait to send Mr. Perfectly to the depths of the closet to empty it out, carry it upstairs for me to dig through and unearth my treasures. Then he takes it back.

But this year? Meh.....Bah Humbug....kind of. I love looking at decorations.....I want a turquoise tree with all brown and silver ornaments (yes, that is so last year, I know, but tough.....I wanted it then, too). Instead, I have a cheap 6 1/2 ft tree with my Hallmark and child made ornaments. Oh and the ones I've gotten as gifts from the office.

I'm just not that excited this year. Once again..I'm BANKING on Ellen.

So, is your tree up? Is hour house decorated? I know Crissy's is. But my other 4 readers..........hahahahah....I know, I know..there are at least 7 of you!! I want to see pictures. maybe...if I get around to it, I'll have pictures of my husband carrying stuff about and me digging........and rejecting.......

Happy December all! I NEED you to get me into the Holiday spirit.....come on a friend!!

Toodles for now....