Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year’s Eve….AGAIN!!

Okay, here’s the plan for this evening. As long as the place is open, we will be dining at a Chinese restaurant, and partaking in a huge volcano drink thingy (or 7). Then we will be retiring to my house or Perfectly’s Dad’s house for games and merriment. Unless after we eat and drink, we poop out.

Okay, so you may be asking yourselves “what does she mean if the place is open….Chinese places NEVER CLOSE!!”. Well, that’s what you think. I live in small city Missouri, where there are no really GOOD Chinese places. And the couple of places that are okay have really weird hours. Remember my FAVORITE Mexican place? El Jimidor? The one with $1.50 margaritas on Monday and Thursday nights? You know the one I talk about ALL THE TIME? Well, they are the busiest place in town. AND there are 3 locations in our 38,000 population city. THREE LOCATIONS!! That should show you how popular this place is. It’s cheap, it’s decent food, and CHEAP MARGARITAS!! Well, THEY are closing at 7pm tonight. WTF?? You’d think on New Year’s eve they’d sell TONS of FULL PRICE Margaritas…..and food…….and BEER!!! (Beer is the drink of choice for the ‘boys’ in this town). So, since the Chinese place we want to go to is 3 doors down from the Mexican place in the same strip mall, I’m thinking we may be SOL. I don’t really have a plan ‘B’, so I guess I’d better get onto the internet and find out how to make those volcano drinks, because we may be lighting them at HOME.

I had a very pleasant surprise this morning. SOMEONE BROUGHT ME A PRESENT!!! This never happens. See, it all started on the 19th. We had our work gift exchange and snack day. Our section is pretty small, therefore we include the “IT” (information technology, for those of you not hip with the lingo) section in this small celebration as well. They are a small group too, and we are the only two sections of our whole department that work on this floor, so we sort of hang out together a lot. As far as section hanging out goes, that is.

ANYWAY…….one of the ladies that works in our IT section used to work for my husband. I drew her name as the person to buy a gift for. We have a $15 limit. I try to use my money, savvy and coupons wisely to purchase something really nice for the person I buy for. She indicated on her ‘wish list’ that she wanted earrings and candles. I went to JC Penney---found a boxed set of supposedly real gemstone earrings set in silver and plated in gold---normally $50 (ahem…right), on sale for $17.99. I had a $10 coupon for any purchase at JC Penney, so I used that, then bought her a Vanilla Honey candle as well.

That day she brought some sort of cream cheese dip for her contribution to snack day. It was a sweet, slightly spicy concoction with crackers! It was cream cheese and some sort of mix in. We all LOVED it! She told us it was HER VERSION of some high dollar jam from Harry and David. She picked up a similar product—a sweet/spicy onion and pepper jam at the grocery store (instead of $15 or so at Harry and David) and used it as her mix in with cream cheese. IT WAS SOO GOOD! I looked at the same grocery store and couldn’t find the stuff…….so I emailed her earlier this week asking where she found it at the grocery and she told me. I was so excited to make it myself! And today, people, she brought me in a jar of the jam AND a block of cream cheese! How sweet was THAT?? Someone thought of me!! And, she wouldn’t let me give her any money to re-pay her!! So, now I can impress everyone with MY dip tonight. Except Mr. Perfectly who hates cream cheese or anything with cream cheese in it. Which eliminates like HALF of the really good crap in the world. He also doesn’t like Marscapone cheese…….he’s such a party pooper.

So, internet, do any of YOU know how to make those firey volcano drinks? If so, send on the recipes….because we may be eating La Choy tonight if there isn’t any place open.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve!!

Hi, everyone!! Didja miss me? If you didn’t, then LIE, PEOPLE!!!!!

Christmas was nice, but I have to say, I’m glad it’s over. This year I just wasn’t feeling it like normal. Usually I’m ALL ABOUT Christmas, and lights and ornaments, but this year? Nah……it seemed like another day….

So, how was YOUR Christmas? Tell me all about it!!

And after you tell me about Christmas, PLEASE help me decide what some fun plans would be for New Year’s Eve. It’ll be just me, Mr. P, Perfectly’s Dad and Teenie. We aren’t clubbers (even if we were there AREN’T any in my town), so we need some awesome ideas, themes, or ANYTHING else that would be fun to do!!!! Oh, and if you’d like to join us………let me know that too…….you’ll have to get yourself here, and sleep on a hide a bed in a basement…..with dogs and a cat that LOVE new people sleeping where there are normally not people. Oh, and of course I’ll have to screen you through Mr. P. He’s particular about who sees him in his pj pants.

Mr. Perfectly and I have been suffering with some scourge or plague. It’s fraught with snot and sputum and long bouts of coughing. Yeah….now I KNOW you all will want to hang out with us on NYE…….we make one attractive couple!

Well, despite my long absence, I am really out of thoughts for the time being. Soon, I’ll sit down and hit y’all HARD with one of my long drawn out posts about the mundane life I live.

Unless, of course, something more exciting happens in the meantime.

Get me those NEW YEAR’S EVE ideas…..I really need some creative things to impress Teenie with. So far, I’ve come up with NOTHING and would love to show my ‘prowess’ in event planning.

I’ll anxiously await your fabulous Christmas stories and ideas for a NYE soiree!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I’ve been told at times in my life that I have nice eyes. Dingo has recently told me that I have nice skin (maybe Dingo needs cheater glasses, because, I think my skin is not so pretty). I’ve also been told I have a nice smile (that is what people tell you when they don’t want to have to say you are pretty overall……..I know the rules…..)

Anyway, my sons have stunning eyes. I’d like to think it’s all because of me, but since my husband has beautiful blue eyes, I can’t take ALL the credit. My eyes vary in color. Between blue, blue/green, and even sometimes green---but mostly blue and blue/green.

Anyway, it was family picture time (ahem, a little late this year). We like to take photos and have them made into Christmas cards.

This was on Saturday, and it was BITTERLY cold—we decided to go to the Capital Building (which is common for us…it’s one of Mr. Perfectly’s favorite photography places). I shopped in the a.m. with my Daddy, and we all (all being me, Mr. P, son #2, Heather (my niece), and Maddison (my great niece) went to lunch.

I raced home to get ready for pictures. We were going to be all matching in white shirts and jeans (original, I know). I applied the makeup a little heavier than normal, and tried to accentuate the eyes……I was going for Avril Lavigne---with eyes all smokey and dark? Yeah, not so much.

My eyes look all small and squinty—and my MOUTH? It’s lopsided!!!! The photo session was fun and relaxed, so why do I look like a) a fat, squinty elf, and b) OLD. I look old.

I tried to leave my hair curly—and I look like an OLD wire haired terrier. With squinty eyes and a lopsided smile.

But, since that’s the only photo session we had, here you go. Oh, take a look at Heather and Maddie. GORGEOUS…..STUNNING…..BEAUTIFUL. Seriously.

This is my favorite---too bad Mr.Perfectly isn't in the picture.

See? The boys look handsome, EVERYONE looks good, but me. I know it's easy to be self critical, but I feel like this isn't REPRESENTATIVE of me......I am NOT OLD. Do you hear me, Internet? NOT OLD.

So, why do I LOOK old and shiny and squinty? year, I'll go for Marilyn Monroe or something. Avril didn't quite do it for me this year.

Toodles for now. Happy Monday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Baby.......

I don’t want a sable under the tree. What I’ve decided I really want is a new stove. One with a flat/glass/porcelain or WHATEVER top (it must have a black oven door since our new microwave is black). Internet, I am not a good housekeeper, and I am TI-RED of my stove looking like it was delivered from the bowels of hell. Yeah, Yeah, I know. Keep it clean, Perfectly, and it WOULDN’T LOOK LIKE THAT, right? Easier said than done. I have all these good intentions of washing out the drip trays every evening, and pulling knobs off every few days, and even working on the smoodge that gets on the side of the stove---between the stove and the cabinet? But it never seems to work out that I get that sort of thing done.

I also want Santa to bring me new bathroom flooring, and a new bathroom tub wall surround---a FANCY one that matches the NEW FLOORING!!! There’s one of these commercial chain places at our mall that has what new tub surrounds can LOOK LIKE and let me tell you-----I WANT ONE. Our house is older and actually, believe it or not, I really love our little bathroom….the sink, toilet and tub are all gray----kind of retro-ish (thank you to the previous owners for not putting in turquoise or pink or something)….gray is so interesting compared to white. And they make this marble looking stuff that you plaster on the walls and it has built in soap holders and stuff!!!! IT WOULD MATCH MY TUB!! I do have a requirement of the new bathroom flooring, though. It must be self cleaning. Like the oven I want.

**SPOILER ALERT** SPOILER ALERT** If you are my secret Santa and read my blog……STOP NOW….WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW TO FINISH……..please?

The rest of you, please continue, and we apologize for the interruption in regularly scheduled blogging.

At work we are having our ‘Secret Santa’ this week. I wanted to do it. No body else seemed as enchanted as I did about it, but, still, there are 6 of us doing it , and it’s FUN!! It’s fun going to my little cubby set up JUST FOR SANTA and finding trinkets there EVERY DAY! I think someone should give me stuff daily FOREVER---not just the week before Christmas. So far, I’ve received a votive holder with a soy votive candle (Plumeria, I believe), 2 packages of my FAVORITE coffee cookies (Hit Biscuits----go back into the depths of the archives, people….I’ve covered my love of these tasty little treats). And yesterday, I got a note pad with a little magnet---WITH A DACHSHUND on it. JUST LIKE MY BABY PUPPY, DEX!!

So, my Santa is thoughtful and is giving me things she knows I will like. I really appreciate that. The thought process is very sweet----so of course THAT leads me to believe I’ve figured out who it is. And here’s the kicker………I am HER secret Santa……and I’ve been working my rear off to provide her with little gifts that I think SHE will appreciate. Such as bath & body works hand sanitizer---because, like me, she’s mildly germaphobic and a book about Chinese New Year (since her daughters are from China). I got her a miniature snow globe with her name on it, I got her a cake plate….literally---a plate in the shape of a piece of cake (she decorates cakes!!---cute idea, huh??)…today she’s getting a $5 gift card to a coffee place that she likes to take her girls---and tomorrow? That’s the Piece de resistance (sorry, I don’t know how to get those little marks over the letters……..). IT’S A RICK SPRINGFIELD Christmas CD. In high school she ADORED Rick Springfield……..and when I saw the Christmas CD, I knew it HAD to be one of her gifts. Please don’t let her read this blog…PLEASE DON’T LET HER READ IT……..

Now, see? I tried to be personal and thoughtful as well. We compliment one another regarding gift giving. Now if she’d only shove that stove I want into my little Secret Santa cubby---it would be PERFECT.

Okay---that’s it for now.

Enjoy this rainy (at least in Missouri) Thursday----let’s hope it only rains and doesn’t freeze.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I don't like to bake. Do you? And as far as baking goes, cookies to me are the ABSOLUTE worst---I mean really---one batch in, out to cool, repeat, and repeat and REPEAT.

So, internet, why today am I in the mood to make COOKIES? I am clueless as to how my addled brain gets these nutty ideas. I am sure I'll regret the cookie making of 2008 before the day is over.

So, tell me, what are some of your favorite cookie recipes? I know, I know, chocolate chip....M & M, Oatmeal......but really, people, what is your favorite NON-BASIC cookies? Here are the ones I'm thinking of tackling today:

Graham cracker toffee (toffee-ish candy over graham crackers)
Mint thins (ritz crackers dipped in minty chocolate with candy canes crushed on them)
Forgotten Cookies (meringue cookies)
Maybe some oatmeal, choc chip, cranberry cookies?

I've already made the graham cracker toffee--it's the easiest thing in the WORLD to make....and it's generally pretty popular!!

1 and 1/2 sticks butter (BUTTER not margarine)oh, and I use salted.....I know baking pros always say use UN salted, but I always have salted in the house, so that is what I use.
3/4 c brown sugar
1 t vanilla
3/4 chopped pecans or almonds (optional)
graham crackers.

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil (ease of cleaning only)
spray foil w non-stick spray (lightly)
line entire cookie sheet with graham crackers

melt butter and sugar into a heavy bottomed saucepan over med heat. Boil and stir for 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes, remove from heat, add nuts and vanilla BE CAREFUL---VANILLA CAUSES THIS VOLATILE MIXTURE TO BUBBLE AND POP----stir in well.

pour brown sugar mixture over all graham crackers

bake in 350 oven for 10 minutes.

Let cool completely, break into random pieces and serve.

HELLOOOOO---can it be any easier? Or yummier? Today, I added chocolate chips to a third of them and let them melt. We'll see if this adds or detracts from the toffee goodness of the originals. Toffee is my absolute favorite candy--so these are one of my all time favorites. That and the forgotten grandma Winnie made them every year...and they were always my favorite.

Okay---office gifts. Mr. Perfectly has to come up with 15 (maybe 13) office gifts. He wanted to get embroidered polo shirts for everyone---with the name of their group on it. Well---the budget won't allow THAT, so we are back to square one. He wants to get something 'DIFFERENT' every year, so we are running out of ideas.

I had an idea, and so far he's ignored me.......we could get a bunch of dried beans and spices and make those 'soup in a jar' type of recipes. Then in a homey/kitchy way, type up a cooking recipe, attach to the jar of goods, and let the people add their own water, stock or leftover turkey (or whatever) you think that's too stupid? Cheap? Backwoods?

We can't spend alot, and this would be reflective of him, since we do cook alot...and enjoy it.....(hey, I'm grasping here).

I NEED IDEAS!!! 5 bucks and under. No alcohol. No popcorn tins, coffee mugs or baked goods. No pens, ornaments or anything ELSE that is feasible, because he'd be REPEATING it (she pulls her HAIR OUT).

Okay, I want your favorite cookies and cheap gift ideas. BRING IT ON, PEOPLE!!!

Toodles, for now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby it's COLD outside (and snowy)!!

School is out, and my kids are home all snuggled in bed—so are my dogs. I want to be there TOO!! But noooooo, I’m here, at work knowing I should work but here I am, talking to you.

Whatever happened to the days of going to school unless there was A LOT of snow on the ground? I don’t remember having snow days with a ½ inch of snow and only maybe an inch more predicted. They ‘said’ it was cancelled due to deteriorating road conditions, but we’d only gotten like a ½ INCH!! Yesterday, there was that much sleet on the ground, and they had school……..I am all for safety and stuff, but we are raising a bunch of entitled little brats, if you ask me. It started with MY generation taking crap TOO FAR and demanding that schools be RESPONSIBLE for every little thing…….we can’t wear fragrance, or have nuts on the premises, or kids can’t bring a freaking knife to cut up an apple. Schools are sued because little Timmy was exposed to little Susie’s peanut butter sandwich. Or because the school playground equipment wasn’t all soft and cushy and made from recycled cotton balls or something. Or that the playground wasn’t covered with wood/rubber chips to break the wee ones falls.

Heaven FORBID if a school bus has an accident. Talk about lawsuits. When I was in junior high, we slid down a huge hill, drove backwards (well, the bus did) through a couple of yards, took out a retaining wall made of railroad ties, and rested against someone’s porch column. Nobody was hurt---my brother’s foot went through the glass in the back exit door, but that was about it…he had on cowboy boots, so he wasn’t cut.

Everyone seems to think that someone else is responsible for the well being of their child. Schools must take huge measures to ensure safety of everyone….bus drivers……coaches, etc…..whatever happened to letting the shit fly and if your kid gets injured on the playground, TAKE HIM TO THE DOCTOR AND GET IT FIXED!!!

I mean, I don’t advocate gross negligence or anything, but good grief….let kids be kids and if that means they get hurt while running, jumping and playing then be a parent and get their immediate needs taken care of and go on about your life!!

I realize my feelings may be unpopular, but really….we are raising our kids to not take responsibility for themselves. We are raising them to blame everyone else for their problems and not focus on how to make things right with themselves.

Ok, done with rant….for now, that is.

My husband and I work in the same state office building. He insists on driving in any type of weather, so I really can’t get by with calling in due to bad weather……..everyone knows he works here, and it would be pretty hard to explain why he made it in, and I couldn’t, you know? It really sucks---why can’t HE be a pussy and stay HOME!!!
Why does he have to be strong, and capable? Why does he feel the need to be responsible and GO TO WORK? Sheesh. One year it snowed 21 inches……in the hilly town we live in!! And we were one of like 9 cars in the whole parking lot (actually in the whole 5 parking lots). There are a couple of THOUSAND people that work in this building……so you get my point.

It’s the week before Christmas and I am so unprepared. I don’t know what to get my kids……I feel all humbug this year. I think a snow day, snuggled in with the boys and the dogs would have done WONDERS for that, don’t you?

Oh, did you all see? Read my comments from yesterday? I GOT A NEW READER!!!! AND he’s an AUTHOR!! Y’all know how I love the authors!!

Toodles for now…….I’m off to count how many more flakes we’ve gotten in the last hour. (That’s what everyone else does……….it’s really annoying)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Books excite me...

I used to be an AVID reader. I mean AVID. If I wasn't reading a book there was a problem. I read early and proficiently as a kid, and my love of reading continues to this day. I also read very quickly. The last few years, however, I seem to have fizzled out on the reading. I read fiction--and if a book doesn't grab my attention in the first few pages, then I get bored. And the fiction of late apparently bored me. I want to be all eclectic and read cool stuff, but I find the eclectic stuff and the classics to be intimidating. I suppose the fact that I read so fast probably hinders my ability to appreciate the eclectic, or the classics, or genres that are unfamiliar territory for me (like sci fi and foreign subject matter........)If I have to read carefully or slowly to catch all the meaning, I also get bored...or I usually read fictionalized fluff (not the romance books....I DETEST the bosom heaver stuff). I read lawyer, doctor and mystery stuff mostly (which translates into a HUGE love for 'FORENSIC FILES'}

As a kid, Mythology really fascinated me. Maybe I ought to get some mythology stuff and read it. Even if it is for kids----since my patience level is not for the grad student caliber stuff.

Anyway, what is making me go on and on and on is that Son #1 works in the Customer Service area of Scholastic. You know when you were a kid and begged your mom to let you order stuff from the 'book order' flyer? Yeah, that's Scholastic. Scholastic has an employee book store. Employees and FAMILY can shop there!!! They sell thousands and thousands of books. For a pittance. Theys sell stamp pads, stickers and BOOKS. All the way from Infant to young adult (probably 8th grade????). I just went and spent $60 on books. Mr. Perfectly is going to DIE when he realizes how much I spent. BUT THEY ARE BOOKS......there is something about the smell of books. The feel of books. Knowing that you aren't just giving a kid something mindless. Reading is the KEY to everything. I bought Clifford books, Nascar Books, Nutcracker books.....I bought MAD LIBS for my adult brother! We used to LAUGH SO HARD growing up doing madlibs.

Books are just perfect. Perfect.

Anyway, I am not a sci fi fan---or a vampire fan (You all know where this is going? Huh??). But at the checkout area, there was a paperback version of "Twilight". I asked the cashier how much it was----and there was a limit of one per customer, but was .35. THIRTY FIVE CENTS. So I bought one. I don't know if I'm going to read it or if I'm going to give it as a gift......but anyway I JUST BOUGHT 'TWILIGHT' FOR THIRTY FIVE FREAKING CENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MelissaLion? Are your books published by Scholastic by chance? If so, I'm going to buy a bunch and have you sign them and give them to my nieces and nephews (when they are older, of course).

I bought a hardback DISNEY COOKBOOK for kids for $4.00. $4.00 was the most I spent on ANY ITEM. I bought extreme sports books for boys and 'The Jonas Brothers' books and 'Hannah Montana' for the girls. I got Board Books, I got Young Adult books for a nephew that's an advanced reader.

I am so excited I can't stand it. I want to read every book I just bought!!! Son #1was surly and angry that he had to endure my 40 minutes in the store. But, he agreed to take me to the next family night. OMG, I can't wait. I can't wait to give BOOKS to the kids in my family. Even if they ARE about the Jonas Brothers. Anything to get them to READ and ABSORB everything they can about whatever interests them.

Books. I'd like to spend several days naked in Barnes and Noble or even a library. Love the books.

Just LOOK at them!!

Oh, and as promised here is naked tree and decorated tree. He's pretty small and patchy, but he's pre lit and he fits in the corner.

That's all I've got for now. Of to shop w/ Perfectly's dad. He hates shopping and gets grouchy. Good times.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Blog, My Blog, My LOVELY Lttle Blog

Hello everyone!

Didja miss me? Huh? Huh? Really, you can let me must have been sad not being able to see me for a while, RIGHT?

Well, here's the deal. I'm running low on funny. I was doing so good, too!! But the funny seems to have left the building for the time being.

I've been stuck in a different cubicle at work, with different people around me (of whom I hope I skeeved out TOTALLY with my Funyun/V8 snack). It's weird when you aren't where you are supposed to be. It's UNCOMFORTABLE, despite the fact I am still in the same department with the same co-workers....etc, but they aren't MY people and MY desk, and MY know? It makes me feel awkward. Especially when I was all trying to be cute and stuff to the gal in the cube next to me. I went over to her chuckling that I was plugging in my electric stapler---and that I stapled ALOT, and that said stapeler happend to sound faintly like know tee hee.....and she just threw me a look over her shoulder and said a very terse 'you're fine'. No conspiratal giggle, no smile, no---THANKS FOR THE WARNING......just a cold look.

So, there I sit all day STAPLING my papers hoping she thinks she's under attack. I'll SHOW her for not getting my cute.

So then today, I wake up and my eye is RED. Like RED, not slightly red, but RED in the corner. I put allergy eye drops in and head to work. I feel like there is sand and fine hairs under my contacts no matter HOW clean they are. I went to the doctor, and I have conjunctivitis. Which is generic for eye irritation. It isn't anything contagious, though. Just uncomfortable. I was sent home to take contacts out and wear glasses for a day. yeah. I stayed home. I have glasses from maybe 8 years ago......that were some multi colored rim over gold rim and HUGE and COKE BOTTLE-ISH. And 2 prescriptions old. I have to wear my granny glasses OVER my regular glasses to see the computer monitor. It's sad. I'm far to vain to walk into work with these monstrosities on. GAH. I know, it makes it seem as if I'm superficial.....and I guess I am.

So here I sit, with an undecorated 6 ft dismal tree. It just doesn't feel Christmasy. I'm having residual grumps from last week, and my eyes feel gritty. I kind of just want to sleep with the baby puppy on my lap. Maybe I will.

Oh, I'll take pictures of naked dismal tree and decorated dismal tree for you. I know, you CAN'T WAIT.

Well, that's it for now, folks. I'm off to my comfy chair and blanket (hahaha---you all are AT WORK.....hahahaha)

I'll be back with pictures.........if you are lucky!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

What a difference a day makes!!

Hi everyone. Wow, today is a MUCH better day. Must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday is all I can say.

Our office was moved today. Wow, it really stresses people out. Like I can comment since yesterday I was off the wall for no apparent reason!! Anyway, I'm in a nice big cubicle--bigger than my current one. I will only be for a few days, then we'll be back in our regular office smelling new carpeting!!

Oh--in the fog of my crazy yesterday, I managed to get Friday and Saturday all screwed up. We are supposed to attend a dinner party this evening. Only, I had it in my head that it was TOMORROW evening. Yeah. I'm supposed to bring a casserole and a dessert. Whoopsie! I am making chocolate/pecan pie because if it's warm, that is fine. I'm also making rice casserole that needs to be hot, we're good. I even bought a bottle of wine for the host and hostess (and pray that they open that sucker for dinner!!).

Happy Friday people! Thank you SO MUCH for cheering me up yesterday!! I really appreicate your thoughtfulnes!

Toodles for now!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a bad, bad day

Okay, friends, I’m counting on YOU to help bring me out of my funk today. Home is fine, work is fine….well fine as work can be…..and I’m STILL in a funk. I feel moody, weepy and ANGRY (I wish I had Crissy’s WII boxing……..)

I don’t like to be like this. I like the happy Perfectly. The one who is happy with her life and isn’t upset over absolutely NOTHING. I mean I may get ocd about things, and I may stalk my friends in hopes of spending time with them, but generally, I am quite content. Today, however, I am mysteriously angst ridden.

I have worried about Christmas, visiting my Mom and Grandma, visiting my cute cousin’s house after Christmas, not having my decorations out yet, my weight, my trouser socks fitting too tight at the top—and it’s NOT FAIR. I’ve worried if my friends like me, if my INTERNET friends like me and what in the hell will we have for dinner? What if my kids hate me? Will they need THERAPY for the rest of their lives because of me? What about the Christmas Secret Santa here at work? Will the new carpet installation and our area being scattered about the Department wreak havoc on THAT plan? What if the recipient of my Secret Santa stuff HATES it? She always hates her office gifts……..I can’t spend a ton of money---it’s secret Santa for heavens sakes…..5 days of gift giving……but I want to be CUTE and CREATIVE.

See Internets? JUST SEE WHAT MY BRAIN DOES TO ME IN A FIT OF WORRY? I’ll fess up about something. I’ve never told people about this because of the ‘stigma’. I started taking prozac last February. I was prescribed it for some PMS symptoms (remember my near tears over getting a cheese dog instead of a regular hot dog October 2007??). The drug name used specifically for PMS is called ‘ Sarafem’, but because it’s nothing else but prozac, my Dr. just gave me the prozac so I could get the generic savings.

OMG…has it done wonders. Do you all hear me obsess NEARLY as much about my appearance and weight issues? Huh? Do you? I mean, I do mention it occasionally, but if you look at my blog at the beginning half compared to the more current stuff….you’ll see. I’m not nearly as insecure feeling (a lot of the time), and I don’t get hysterical about crap like I mentioned above.

SO WHY AM I HYSTERICAL today? Must be some major pms hormones raging because man…….the prozac isn’t DEALING WITH IT. I have noticed that once in a blue moon I still get weird, so I guess it’s better than doing it every month…..but lordy be, Internets!! Today is like a blazing reminder of what my mind used to do to me all the time!!

So, where do YOU fit in? It’s been deemed (by me) YOUR JOB TODAY to make me smile. Cheer me up. Yeah, I know…it’s nobody’s job to make me happy but me. I get it you armchair Dr. Phil’s out there, but DAMNIT…today it’s ALL ABOUT ME and WHAT I WANT!!

So, I hereby want all your funny—I want all your charm---and hearing how much you all LUUUVVVV me today. Pass it along to your other blog friends that don’t know me and MAKE THEM LOVE ME, TOO!!

Got it? You all have your assignment? Good. Multiple comments from the same people will be happily accepted.

Go forth and bring the happy, people. I’ll be waiting.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

It's drunken Ghost Hunters Wednesday!! I hope Dingo takes my advice and watches tonight.....just so she can be MORE freaked out than with the Creepy Security Guard. Right now I'm watching an OLD (2004) re-run----nothing exciting is happening. The new episode won't be on til 8 pm Central Time.

Let's see.....what random information can I amuse us both with today. Oh....I new pal Daisee?? Yeah, I love her--but do any of you in the rest of the world get the Daisy Sour Cream commercials? Yeah, this is one jingle that sticks in my brain and WON'T LEAVE....and I swear, after I hear from Daisee, or respond to her comments.....I sing this diddy for the REST OF THE DAY!! I guess since I adore my friend Daisee, I'll have to put up with THIS for as long as it won't leave my brain!!

While on the subject of You Tube---you MUST watch this. It is my current FAVORITE commercial airing right now. Well, I say airing....I've only seen it once on TV, but I watch it all the time on You Tube.......I fell in love with it one weekend day while surfing's the cutest commercial around!!

Now, doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? It does me.

I'm a big scent person. I try not to bathe in scent, but I do enjoy shampoo, body washes, sprays and perfumes that smell good. If someone says something smells good, I'm anxious to try it. An example: Philosophy has a set of fragrances. I see them on QVC all the time--but how can I justify a $65 purchase for something that I've never smelled before? I called Philosopy and was very disappointed that their customer service reps wouldn't send me a sample of the fragrance 'Amazing Grace'. I called them back and begged another time and got a sample. I really liked I bought some. Now it's gone, and I'm Amazing Graceless. I'm sad.

But anyway, in my package, were samples of other Philosophy products. I put them aside and never used them. I ran across them recently, and used the sample of a moisturizer called 'Hope in a Jar'. Oprah and everyone RAVES about this moisturizer. Hey, if Oprah likes it, then I'm sure I would! I had a faint memory of one of my blogger buddies posting that she didn't care for the smell. To me, most moisturizers have that grandma-ish smell......soft and lotion-ey. How bad could it be? Sometimes people are really sensitive to fragrance, so I didn't hesitate to use it. Jonna, YOU WERE RIGHT!! It smells NASTY. NNNNAAAASSSTTTYYY. I went to lunch with Mr. Perfectly right after applying and got to eat pizza while smelling the horrid smell of "Hope in a Jar". Be stinks. Like what? I dont' know. But let me tell you, it's not your grandmas Pond's cold cream. Blech. I went back posthaste to my Aveeno Positively Radiant.

Speaking of products that smell good, does anyone but me think Aveda products are absolutely the BEST? I worry alot about money, and Aveda is so freaking expensive!!! I've been spending $15 for Shampoo and $15 for Conditioner! It's pricy for my budget, but when in the shower, I feel positively giddy when I smell the deep, herbacious smells of Aveda.

I guess that's about all the randomness I can come up with for the moment. I'm off to curl up in a blanket and wait for my Ghost Hunters to come on------


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'll have you in STITCHES!!

Remember the microwave installation? The one I was waiting on so I could ask (politely, of course) Mr. P to put pictures on my profile so I could inundate you all with THANKSGIVING and Misc. photos? Remember? Huh?

Yeah, the Microwave. It didn't work right. It stopped after about 3 minutes. Just wasn't blowing a fuse, and the outlet worked's like it was overheating or something. Mr. P. was quite frustrated because it took ALOT of effort for him to install it in our very dated kitchen.

He called Tappan (who is also Electrolux---think of me doing a Kelly Ripa with my mouth in perfect 'O' whilst making a variety of food for my family) and they suggested he TAKE THE SUCKER DOWN AND RETURN IT TO LOWE'S. He wasn't happy. Son #2 had a massive migraine yesterday, and because he sometimes gets so bad he doesn't function well.......and we hesitate to leave him when he's got a bad one. So, anyway, Mr. Perfectly stayed home. He began the arduous process of taking out the microwave, packaging it up, and returning it to Lowes. He exchanged it, and brought it home. He began the process of RE-INSTALLING the new microwave.

He figured out what he'd done wrong when installing the FIRST one...and he was really happy to think that maybe this one would work. He put his hand up into the duct work (the vent) to double check stuff and when he pulled his hand out he realized it was BLEEDING.....ALOT.

We took him to the hospital, and this is what he ended up with:

Yummy, right?

The emergency room was FRAUGHT with pukers. And I don't deal well with puking. We tried to avoid the major puke areas, but there were people at EVERY TURN with their heads in basins. I could feel the vomit germs coursing down my esophagus, to infect MY body. It was traumatic---stitches and vomit worries.

Well, I was all set to post about how our office is moving, and it's causing great distress, and then maybe post some photos, but son #2 needs the computer for homework.

Sorry, Internets.........homework trumps blogging........not much trumps my blogger friends, but I have to admit.....homework does.

Toodles for now............I'll post more anxiety ridden stuff later!! Good Times!!