Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Manly Look

Internets, I am a slob. I’m a poor housekeeper, and I love NOTHING more than a baggy pair of sweats and tee-shirts from 1997. Chock full of dinginess and holes. To me, this is comfort. Loose, who cares if it gets mangled type clothing. I go to the grocery looking like a refugee, and I DON’T CARE. Well, I care…I always shower and try to tame the frizz that is my hair, but I often toodle around town sans makeup and in my loosest closthes

Over the years, I’ve curbed my enthusiasm for oversized clothing. Teenie has coached me that despite the fact that I am heavy, I should accentuate the features I do have, and not hide them under baggy clothing.

A couple of weeks ago, I went off the wagon. I bought a 2X tee shirt to wear at my son’s football games. It’s a school sports shirt, and it was CHEAP. I had a choice of the 1X that fits, or the 2X that swims. I folded and took the 2x. I don’t know why, Internets…the sleeves come clear to my elbows, and the armpits hang loose. The boobs are filled out, but the body of the shirt sits widely over my belly and hips and down to mid thigh.

Today is a special day at work. It’s a theme day. Some sort of Sports day where we get to wear tee shirts in support of our favorite team---professional, college or high school (GO JAYS!!), and JEANS!! So I wore the oversized number. Today I have no evidence of a waist.

AND I got suckered into buying a football sports bracelet (look at #7641--that is the bracelet!!) with Son #2’s photo in 2 charms, and the JC high school logo in a third charm. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I squealed at the cursory glance at the photocopied flyer (what you saw is not what I saw) sent out for the $30 bracelets, and immediately put my order in. I love bracelets. I love Son #2….WHAT COULD BE BETTER? I assumed it would be a dangly charm type bracelet. I was wrong. It’s more of a flat, stretchy charm bracelet. With 2 rows of beads, some football beads and 3 HUMONGOUS square charms holding the photos and logo. Heather, my niece thinks it looks similar to a man’s watch. I concur. Especially on my non dainty wrist.

So, today, I’m sporting the manly look on the job. But, at least I’m comfy, and supporting my high school team! It’s homecoming week anyway, and the parade is tonight, so I ought to fit right in with the town.
Go Jays—son #2’s Momma supports!!


stoogepie said...

Maybe I'm totally stoopid, but when I look at #7641 on the link you posted, it is not $30. It is $96. Unless you buy 84 bracelets. Then they are $84 each. So, I'm thinking that you must not look very manly in that t-shirt to get one of those bracelets for only $30. You must look pretty wicked hot.

stoogepie said...

Oh. Also, Go Jays!