Monday, November 2, 2009

Where do forty somethings fit in?

Well, thirty and forty somethings. Fat forty somethings. But the forty something feels twenty something in her HEART!!

Our small city is lacking in night life. Which, is good, because many places that there ARE to go are less expensive than big city stuff......but it tends to get BORING doing the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. WANT. TO. VENTURE. OUT.

El Jimador for Margaritas. Woo Hoo. It's what we do. It's what y'all hear about ad nauseum.......but I'm here with yet ANOTHER story.

Since there isn't much to do, and we must eat, and it's cheap, Teenie and I went to El Jimador Friday night. Mr. P was at a Football game in Columbia taking pics, so we were on our own.

We walked into El Jimador and it was PACKED......Friday night...good margaritas....not so surprising. We entertained the thought leaving and going to one of their other 2 locations in town (yes, they are that popular), but decided to wait it out...and am I glad we did!

Guess who (or what?) was there? A mariachi band! I'll be begin with, I was disappointed. I'm not into LOUD places, and believe, El Jim is pretty loud to start with. Then I got with the program, and was FASCINATED! Teenie and I ordered our standard half pitcher of Margaritas (hey......there's only TWO of us, and Teenie is....well....TEENIE....and they are STRONG. SUCKERS.), and our food. She ordered her tacos and I ordered my standard Camarones El Jimador. Suddenly the mariachi band stopped. I was so disappointed. I asked the waiter if they left, and I got a vacant stare, a half smile and a 'yeah'. I am not certain he speaks fluent English.

Anyshrimpandonions, we were laughing, and talking and totally enjoying the margaritas, food and some awesome salsa verde----when we heard strains of guitar and trombone music. I got up and wandered for a sec, to see if it was canned music, or if the band had just taken a break. Our waiter walked by, and I exclaimed "they are BACK??". I got the same vacant stare, half smile and 'yeah'.

So, pretty soon, they band wandered to the front of the restaurant, where we were. I ended up ordering another margarita, and Teenie and I split it was a half of a half of a pitcher........and I was trying to video the band on my phone and they came over to US!! The guitar player sat on Teenie's side of the booth and she said if they played the Chicken Dance (again) that she'd stand up on her side of the booth seat and do the actual CHICKEN DANCE. Well, I had my camera phone primed and ready.....she did the chicken dance in front of the restaurant, and it was the most fun thing we've done FOREVER........I got it all on video.

But now the video is gone. GONE, INTERNETS.....G.O.N.E. Mr. Perfectly was going to do the techie thing and post it here so you all could see what fun we can have in our small little city, but did I tell you? IT'S GONE!

I had tried to e-mail the video to her college aged son, and because the file was too big it wouldn't send. But we SAW IT......we LAUGHED at it......the video was LOUD as we watched it in the restaurant!

Did I somehow delete it? Or was it the Halloween Ghosts?

Because, there is MORE mystery, people. MYSTERY.

After we were done Mariachi-ing, eating and drinking and sitting a spell to let the tequila wear off, we decided to go somewhere else. But where? We tried to find a club that we could go to and fit in. There ARE NONE in town. They are all country bars, or college-ish bars. Or old people bars. We wanted a gay bar, because the gays don't care if two older than 20's age people arrive. One Teenie and one Fat. If the girls wanna have fun, the gays are all for it.

But gay bars around here.......only in Columbia, and we didn't' want to go that far, so do y'all wanna know what we DID DO?

We went bowling. COSMIC bowling. We even got over our own gross out factor and put on the rented bowling shoes! They are NEON Pink, Green and Yellow. It's awesome during cosmic bowling.

I won....all three games. We took pictures of our scores to prove it...because I bowl so terribly Mr. P never would believe me. And guess what. The bowling pictures are G.O.N.E.


I think the Halloween goblins did something with my prized video and WINNING proof photos of our bowling adventure.

So, Blog Buddies...I thought of you all weekend. I couldn't WAIT to show you the fun and frivolity of my weekend.......and the proof went POOF.

So, you'll just have to believe me when I tell you that it was a blast....Teenie said she felt like Barney in the restaurant doing the Chicken dance, because all the little kids in the place did it with her, and then we went cosmic bowling. Of which I WON all three games. My scores were 58, 81 and sixty something. See, I have MAD skillz in bowling.......

So, back to my question. Where to fun loving 30 and 40 somethings go for fun? We can only eat Mexican and bowl so often, my friends....we need to add to our repertoire!

What are some suggestions? I welcome them ALL!!


MsDarkstar said...

The sad reality is that the common wisdom seems to be that you get all of your party out of your system in your early 20's then you become a GROWN UP and have no fun ever again til you're retired and 70 and then "fun" is shuffleboard and/or bingo.

Kristen said...

My idea of a wild night out is dinner. That's it.

I'm too tired for anything else.

You wanna hang out?

stoogepie said...

Don't listen to ye olde farts, Shelley. They are just heroically trying to convince you that you are not missing out on anything when, in fact, you are.

A typical night out: Crissy, Ms. Darkstar, and I will start at Robert's Steakhouse on the far West Side. It's got really good steaks but, far more importantly, it is in the Penthouse Executive Club, so women can go topless while they eat and men can get lap dances between courses. We will pick up a few strippers and head out to a decent club like Avenue. We'll get a premium private table which, unfortunately, is usually sandwiched between tables occupied by J Lo, Jay Z, and other people with J-centric names. Then we order bottles of Cristal for the table even though Dom is better because people with J-centric names think Cristal is cooler and we aim to impress. At some point, our table will merge with one of those other tables -- it's an organic experience but pretty much inevitable -- and then someone will ask me if I was in some movie or TV show I never even saw but I will say I was. Twenty minutes later, without fail, I will say something to offend everyone at both tables but it will only convince some hot woman that I really am that dude from that movie and five minutes after that she will stick her tongue in my ear while slobbering like a rabid bulldog. Then we all do the chicken dance and head out to go bowling.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Ms.D!! Common wisdom is out the window with me.....Let's go have a drink!

Kristen....yes, we can TOTALLY hang know how emotionally attached I get to my online friends

Stoogie.....I was up at 12:40 our time reading your comment on my phone in bed.

I'm afraid I can't go with you to Roberts. I don't like tongue in my ear.

Also, if it's not Dom which is the best, then I don't want to just 'fit in' and drink something inferior.

Hey, it sounds like El Jimador which we are surrouded with Garcia-centric names!!

Oh, another thing, I can't go topless. My nipples would drag in the salad. Not appetizing.