Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey everyone!

I know, it’s been a week. My tens of readers must be DISAPPOINTED!!!

So, I went out for Sushi last night! It was totally fun and TOTALLY good! I guess I have to confess that I didn’t eat any raw fish---yet…….but I ate some sort of roll filled with crab meat, scallops, and cucumber. It was really good.

I’ve mentioned before that raw or rare meat sort of skeeves me……..but I’m determined to try a spicy tuna roll at some point at this place. When you enter the restaurant (which is an old KFC---that looks like a run down KFC on the outside, but Japanese on the inside!), the sushi dudes behind the bar greet you with a resounding yell of some sort of Japanese greeting…….and a bow. It’s so CUTE!!! The menu has a lot of choices, and there are things that Mid Missourians have never SEEN before….like octopus…just waiting to be eaten!

The guys behind the sushi bar were very sweet and tolerant and let us sit there and watch while they prepared our sushi rolls. They said business had been good, but not on that day. The ‘Tour of Missouri’ was in town, and maybe that’s why the lack of early evening business…..all the people were watching the bike race!!

As much as this place is refreshingly different, I am truly afraid in our little, conservative, meat and potatoes city, that it will fail. People love Applebee’s and Bandana’s…..but throw a little Sushi at them, and everyone freaks out and gets squeamish. Or don’t provide them a buffet of westernized ‘Chinese’ dishes that they can gorge themselves on, and it’s ‘weird’ and ‘too expensive’. My sushi roll was $11.95. Compared to McDonalds or Taco Bell, yes, it’s pricey, but you get more than just a sushi roll. You get an experience that maybe you haven’t had before! You get flavors that maybe you’ve never experienced! You support a local business that is just starting up!! And in the meantime, you may find a new favorite food! And what people don’t realize is that in our fair city, in the Midwest and $11.95 sushi roll is probably a bargain compared to the East or West coast!!

I get frustrated at the non-progressiveness of this city. It’s a lovely place to raise kids, and rural farmland abounds! Fresh air! Open spaces!! People who think that Chili’s is FINE DINING!!! We need a mix of good social places to gather and eat, drink and be merry all the while keeping the more rural quality hometown feeling! Surely that’s possible isn’t it? We need theatre, and art! We need culture!! The closest thing to culture we’ve seen is the Tibetan Monks that performed for us on the Capital Lawn several years ago. Sponsored by the local library. Now, that may be an eensy exaggeration, but not much of one. There’s just NOTHING happening around here! The craft festival is tomorrow at the Fairgrounds………’s kind of fun, but it’s really a bunch of sweaty women trying to be first in line for flower arrangements , doll accessories, and cheap jewelery.

I know….I am lucky to live in a lower cost of living area. Lucky to have wide open spaces for my kids, good schools and modest housing prices. It would just be so cool to have really great food, and really cool activities to do on a more regular basis. And not have to travel to larger cities to see things!

I for one will frequent the Japenese sushi place in town. It’s GOOD!!! It’s my kind of food and flavors, and I’m excited to go back!

Oh…tonight, the varsity Football Jays (son #2 is JV right now….so he’s not going) will be travelling to Fayetteville. Arkansas. The game is being TELEVISED on CBSCS………so if you’ve got a dish, or a sports pack on your cable, or whatever is required to get these types of games, WATCH THE JAYS!!! Jefferson City, MO vs Fayetteville Ar. The boys being televised is a BIG DEAL! They’ve been on the local TV live, but this is NATIONAL coverage. And if the cheerleaders are there, you’ll see Son #2’s former girlfriend! She’s the cute blonde!!!!

Go Jays!!!! Vote for JCSports as the best SportsBlog!!


Daisee579 said...

I completely relate with this post. it's how we feel in this tiny town in MS. The one Thai place closed down recently. We are lucky to have a good sushi place (and yes, spicy tuna is really good and I don't like raw fish either - and can't eat it right now anyway). We have a few of those Chinese buffets - two of which are tolerable. The only other ethnic food is Mexican. They think Olive Garden or Tellini's (like a Fazoli's) is good Italian food. Red Lobster is fancy seafood. We have a few local Southern places which are good, but that's about it. it's one of the reasons we miss Memphis so much - just for some variety of food and things to do. But we don't miss the higher property taxes and crime :) It's a trade-off.

And is Son's school playing Fayetteville high or one of the other schools? My brother and dad live up there; all 3 of my brothers went to college there; and I did my first year of law school there :)

Perfectly Shelly said...

Fayetteville Bulldogs......I think that's Fayetteville High School....

Oh....and we WON!!