Friday, September 25, 2009


So, tonight I am going to a pub type place in rural central Missouri. It apparently has pool tables and dart boards. I am SO EXCITED!! Some people from high school are gathering at Woody’s Pub and Grub for an informal get together.

Y’all KNOW how much I love to go do stuff with people…so last night I went and got my hair all ‘DID’, and colored it with a box color---It’s supposed to be light chocolate brown, but it’s got some red going on…… now my head is a faintly reddish brown mess o’ curls with bangs. Bangs that won’t cooperate---because I have THIN HAIR on top, so I’m very scalpy where bangs need to be. So this afternoon, after I get off work, it will be a mad dash for home so I can try to make the hair cute……and retouch the makeup……..accentuate the eyes with dark shadow----and GO TO WOODY’S. Oh…and Ph.D.?? I’m hurt. Hurt that you wouldn’t want to accompany me on this endeavor. My first rural pub experience? With people from HIGH SCHOOL? I partied with you in the illegal eve of our lives………I want to party with you in the waning middle of our lives too! It’s legal….and who knew it was MORE FUN when it was legal? So, therefore, I’m hurt. And Pissed. And I might cry. (UM…..…I’ll call you either during or after with updates……so ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE!).

Then tomorrow is The Old Munichburg Oktoberfest in our fair city…… years past they’ve had FREE WINE SAMPLES and fried oreo’s. MMMMMMM. They also sell some sausage that is made only for this particular festival….it’s an old local recipe that is made up and sold once a year. It sells out QUICKLY, and I missed out last year, so this year my intent is to go by there early and get some sausage. Then I’ll take it home to properly refrigerate, and go back at a more appropriate time……oh….like 11 or 12? For FREE WINE!!! Maybe if I bring a couple changes of clothes, the vendors won’t notice me coming back….and back…..and back…..AND BBBAAAACCCKKKKKK!!!! Think?

Again, Ph.d…..if you came for the Woody’s, then you could also come for the FESTIVAL too! Your babies would have a blast, and so would your hubs!! They have BEER there! *sigh* the weekend would be PERFECT if you came. Pubs, Festivals, old friends and YOU!! Oh, and my anniversary! My weekend would be PERFECT!! Now it will be only semi-perfect. And that is your fault. You’ll have to live with the paralyzing guilt. (is my contrition inducing post working? Huh? Huh? I know….you are planning to SURPISE ME by showing up, right?????).

So my work day seems interminable…my hair is too plastered with hair spray, and I’m as anxious as a 4 year old waiting to go to Chuck-e-cheese! I need you all! Entertain me! Keep my mind off of pending excitement! DO SOMETHING!!

Happy Friday, All!

Toodles for now.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry--I am swamped in general right now (to the point of having trouble sleeping), plus I had a semi-busy weekend anyway. Saturday we had a block party on our street and it was pretty fun, then Sunday was the art festival. We took the dogs and they did pretty good--people just love a basset hound, and we had to stop repeatedly to let little old ladies/men and children love on Lessie. Stella always creates a stir too because everyone wants to know what breed she is. Looks like you had a good time with old friends even without me.