Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Football is over......sort of.....(now edited)

Well the boys played their last JV game last night. Son #2 got a little more play time than he has been of late. It was a grass field, and it was very misty (rain earlier in the day) and cold. I'll be truthful...it was far less cold than I expected it to be. It was still cold, though.

Anyway, son # 2 MADE A TOUCHDOWN!!

it was so awesome!

go here to see a pic of the muddy boy {#41)!!

I'm looking forward to a quiet night at HOME tonight!

**edited** Hey, I never explained the 'sort of' in football being over is.......duh.....

He still dresses out for varsity home games----they are playing district games now, and depending on the powers that be, he may dress out for the away game that is in a town just 30 min away, and any home games we have left. He gets very little play time in varsity, BUT he has made a play here and there.

And THEN if we make it past all the big bad teams, then we go to finals, then the hopeful event of the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP......so, football isn't totally over, but it's over for the JV squad.

Okay, I feel better for clarifying.

Toodles for now!


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Daisee579 said...

Congrats!! I can't even imagine how proud you were when you saw him score that touchdown!!

And it's weird to think football season is already coming to an end in places. I remember being in band (yes, I was THAT girl) in the south - we started the season FRYING in the August heat, but ended it FREEZING our butts off - seems we always played teams like Cincinnati in freaking December or something. Why not play Ole Miss then and play Cincy earlier when it's too hot to play a southern team? Sheesh