Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oh, hey, Y'all!!

Sorry, I've been unmotivated to type of late. But, excuses aside, I am BACK, and happy to be here!!

So, this weekend was a LLOOONNGGG weekend. I was off Monday, for Columbus day. Woo HOO!!!! How cool is that? Mr. P and I cooked a BIG dinner on Sunday and canned some Pickled Green Tomatoes! YES....CANNED!! Can you imagine? I've neer canned anything in my LIFE!! I've 'put up' veggies in baggies to freeze, but never 'put up' as in CANNED.

I hope we don't get the botulism. beloved Aunt Jessie used to pickle green tomatoes. My dad LOVED them. She always sent quarts home with us, and as a kid, I remember loving them. She put a hot pepper in them, and like all peppers, some are unpredictable, so some jars were SCREAMING hot and others just right. I couldn't eat the real hot ones, but I always loved the spicy, sour taste of the tomatoes.

I went to the internet and looked for recipes, and didn't have to look far to find one that held the ingredients that I remember being in Aunt Jessie's jars. Pickling spice, dill, garlic and a hot pepper. Of course, the pickling brine is just pickling salt, water and vinegar.

So we sterilized the jars, filled them with the tomatoes, onion, garlic, spices and poured the hot brine over them. We let them sit now for 2 weeks to see how they taste. I can't WAIT!!!

So, how do they look? As you can see, we also canned some red tomatoes. Perfectly's dad thinks they will be mushy. They are small roma tomatoes, so they are quite firm and meaty, so we'll see what the brine does to them.

We also pickled a jar of hot red peppers. Mr. P loves the hot. I can't do lots of hot stuff....but I like things with a mild kick.

I'm excited, people. I can't wait to see if I was as successful as Jessie.

Toodles for now!!


MsDarkstar said...

Hmmm, Perfectly's Pickled Peppers? I'll be interested to hear how they turn out!

I've never grown enough of anything to make canning relevant. I was thinking of trying to grow things on my patio, but I have to admit I think the patio is poorly built/scary so I don't know if that's gonna happen. I'll miss growing tomatoes, tho.

Whiskeymarie said...

I only recently have come to love pickled green tomatoes- yum.

I did a lot of canning this summer as well- it's way easier than it looks.

stoogepie said...

Those do not look canned to me. They look jarred.

I have never had anything besides pickles that are pickled. But I have been pickled myself. And there have been times when I am in a pickle.

Good times.