Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cry To Me

Okay---the sexiest scene in any movie EVAHHHHH is in Dirty Dancing. The little cult classic chick flick. You know the one......with Johnny and Baby?

Yeah, just the first strains of the song Cry To Me get me all tingly.......No porn, no sex, no gratuitious nudity.....just young people......all romantic and sexy. **sigh**

Obviously, there's not much going on this Sunday afternoon. Sure, I've got cleaning that desperately needs to be done, but WHY? Why, when I can rewind Dirty Dancing and watch Johnny and Baby tentatively get it on OVER AND OVER?

I am in the Holiday mood people. I went to the dollar store and to Wal Mart looking for cute, kitchy ideas for inexpensive gifts for co-workers and Mr. P's staff. He's got like 13 or 14 people, so we keep the price tag WAYYYYYY low, but we want it to be thoughtful and appropriate......

He never likes my ideas, but I'm hoping this year for a little set up of a small serving bowl, with a dip spreader (holiday, of course) and several cute packages of dip mixes. We will see.

I am headed to Pier One to look for a gift for someone special, and to see what holiday stuff they have.

Okay---that's it for's nearly 80 degrees here today. It's beautiful.

I'm off to discover new holiday decorations!

Toodles for now!


MsDarkstar said...

Is there a Penzeys near you? They have little gift boxes with 4 spices for $7.95. Nice little gifty items that aren't majorly expensive.

Daisee579 said...

I hate doing the holiday shopping for the coworkers. It never seems to be enough, but I can't afford to buy customized gifts. Plus I can never think up good gifts - cheap or otherwise - for folks I work with and am not that close to.

I like your idea, so hopefully Mr. P will too :)

Perfectly Shelly said...

He didn't like it. I knew he wouldn't.