Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey, Y’All

I’ve been sick. I do not know with what….one would assume the flu since Son #1 had it and recuperated at our house. But, since I never ran a fever, or never KNEW I was running one, you could also argue that maybe I didn’t have the flu.

Anyway, I’m swamped at work, so I’ll leave you with this heartwarming GEM! Make sure to watch the video after you read the article. It is SO worth it.

We are off to a JV football game in Columbia tonight. I am not sure I’ll survive going back to work AND a game….after 4 days of being locked up at home sick. So wish me well………..remember, liquor is NOT ALLOWED on school grounds. Sheesh.

Toodles for now.

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Daisee579 said...

I sure hope you get better soon! I'm so sorry to hear the Perfectly household has been down for the count. I'm so paranoid right now that I told hub that if either of us even starts to sniffle, we're heading to the dr for testing. And we're not big doctor folks. It's just that several families in the office have kids with THE FLU and I'm the preg and all and vulnerable :(

Enough about me. I really hope you guys get well soon. I've missed reading you in the mornings :)