Tuesday, September 1, 2009

12 steps to nowhere


I'm at it again. Taking a FoodTV recipe and trying it out. Yes, I am obsessed with FoodTV....kind of. Like I am obsessed with A&E's 'Hoarders' and 'Intervention', and Syfy's 'Ghost Hunters', and CBS's 'Big Brother', and 'Survivor'.

'Hi....I'm Perfectly.....and I'm addicted to television' (come on...say it....you KNOW you want to.....'hi Perfectly'.....)

Okay, now that I've gotten THAT off of my chest (and in no way want to diss the recovering individuals out there.....please don't hate), I'd like to talk about cooking.

I'm not a huge fan of Ina Garten...I mean she's okay and all, but somehow, I just don't fit into the 'Hampton's' set, you know? I'm not rich, I eat canned chicken broth in my dishes, and sometimes....gasp...I eat pre made stuff...like boxed pizza, and chinese!!!

So, although I find her pleasant, I hear a teensy weensy little undertone of snobbery from Ms. Garten (although her goofy professor husband Geoffery...or is is plain ole' Jeffery?? is adorable).

However, I did watch her make a tuna roll recipe over the weekend that made my mouth water. I'm a big chicken and undercooked meat of ANY sort sends me into the 'what disease can I catch' mindset, however, I know, from watching FoodTV and from experience that some meats need to be eaten less well done. Like steak. I don't like it bloody rare, but pink and juicy in the middle is the way to go. Tuna is the same way!! I know this logically, but mentally, I am blocked. Perfectly's dad had a seared tuna appetizer one evening at the LAKE OF THE OZARKS for dinner one evening, and I forced down a seared on the outside, raw on the inside slice of tuna on a cracker thingy. It was good. GOOD. A scary undertaking for me, but GOOD!!!

So, when I saw Ina (I can call you Ina, can't I.......that may make me think less snobbery of you.) make this tuna roll, I knew I HAD to try it. Except my family doesn't like fish. Or avacados......*sigh*

So, I went and bought the ingredients. I decided to try to surprise Perfectly's dad and offer to share the bounty with him!! He's taking it, but not after lecturing me about how I shouldn't make something to eat that I'm not making for my family. Except I want it. And my family doesn't....so THERE Daddie-o.....take THAT!!

I followed the recipe pretty carefully.....except I used shallot instead of red onion, because mine needed to be used, and maybe an eensy bit more soy---and maybe a little less tuna (it's EXPENSIVE, people!!). And so far, I'm totally impressed. TOTALLY. I even overcooked the Tuna, which Ina said NOT TO DO, and it's still good. Maybe it's mental and I see pink inside and not blood red, and feel better...I don't know, but it's still good. I seared it too hot on one side, so it's a little black over there, but actually, it gave it a charred taste....and it's GOOD!!!!! Not burned at all....and I'm NOT being sarcastic...for once.

I even bought the expensive arugula that I've never tried before. By itself, I'm still on the fence. It's bitter, and tasty all at the same time, but in the middle of chewing, the bitterness gets a little rough...then it's all good and earthy again...so I'm waiting to try it with the tuna......on a roll.....for my dinner.

I was also SHOCKED to see that cranberry flavored Sierra Mist is back....that's a holiday drink, Kids!!! FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!! I decided to try it with coconut rum....because nearly EVERYTHING fruity is great with coconut rum. And it's due to be a tension filled Big Brother night.......it's not bad. Not perfect, but not bad.

OH...OH....OH...in other news...I won Crissy's picture caption contest!! Go look!! Well, maybe I didn't win COMPLETELY, but I won SOMETHING!!!!!!!! Tell me who's captions were funnier would ya? Because I know for SURE she was just trying to be nice and not send me 6 pink, vanilla scented penis soaps. She wanted to share the wealth.

And.....son #2's football season is off to a good start! The Junior Varsity team travelled to Florissant (a suburb of St. Louis), and they won!! By ONE POINT...it was a nail biter right down to the last few seconds!!

Mr. P's blog is up for the best Sports Blog contest this year. Go vote. He needs a win. He got in trouble with the coaches last week. I can't tell you why, because he said not to in case Coach reads this, but it was kind of legit, but mostly NOT legit.......especially since it's Mr. P that got his SIDELINE PRIVILEGES taken away because he was trying to be funny. So, if you want the whole story, you'll have to ask Mr. P. He reads my comments. Just in case any one is curious. But anyway, go vote for him. ALOT. I guarantee he won't pose nude if he wins, though. You'll just have to know that you made a really nice guy happy for winning something.

Whew...we covered lots of topics today........I'm off to eat my TUNNA ROLL dinner!

Toodles for now!!

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