Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drunk Dialing

Jakki gave me an assignment to look up 'drunk calling' this evening. Apparently I'm not nearly as drunk as she thinks I am, because when you google Drunk Calling, one finds that it's actually called DRUNK DIALING.

Now......I never get drunk. I'm afraid of throwing up, but I do enjoy a little happiness at the expense of my wine spritzers sometimes. , So, Jak, I'm unsure why you thought I needed a lesson in drunk dialing, but just for you I looked it up. I do not think I fit the criteria of drunk dialing, since google said something about outrageous propositions and making a fool of onesself.....I think I was just fine.

While trying to find something on the tee vee tonight, I was drinking my wine and watching the STYLE channel....who hosts the show "Ruby", that I adore. She's funny and beautiful. But anyway.......Noah Wylie was on with some damn commercial about the plight of the polar food is short, and the momma bears may not be able to provide for the baby bears. It showed a momma (I assume...) and her baby floating on a lone piece of glacier that most probably broke off due to global warming. They look all lonely and hungry. Of course, they want money to send to the wildlife foundation to save the polar bears.

The stupid commercial people do this to those of us who may be VULNERABLE (i.e. drinking wine alone in a dark house) and will send money that WE DON'T HAVE to save the MOMMA AND HER BABY. It's a sick and twisted game.

Here's a shoutout to a childhood friend that I sent a facebook message to! HI!!!!!! Just in case she reads this.

I've known this girl since 5th grade. She's funny, and I miss seeing her. She lives in another city now, and Jakki and I have found out over the years that we BOTH know her.....seque into the chorus of 'IT'S A SMALL WORLD'.

Anyway, if she reads this, she'll know I'm talking about her.

I know I've promised photos. I haven't delivered. I just feel so BLAH about pictures. They seem so lame compared to the exciting lives I read about on my blog friends' pages. I didn't go to blogher...I didn't recently have a baby...I'm not remodeling my house and am just getting a fabulous doggie.........I'm not planning a work party and I'm not pregnant. I'm just me. Boring me. Drunk dialing my friends in hopes they'll understand my polar bear dilemma!!!!

Stoogie...You haven't been reading lately....but I need to know if YOU know anything about photography as art. Mr. P is a good photographer, and how does one get their work 'out there'???? Our city has a couple of small local galleries, but i don't know the LEAST about art, photos or how to get something set up for you?

I'll send you an email, too, begging for your expertise!!

That's it for now, Kids.


Monday, July 27, 2009


My husband is artsy. I am not. We sort of switch roles in certain situations. Like I have an obsession with the remote. I must be in control of it, otherwise, well...I feel......out of control........he tends to want to re-arrange the furniture, and make things nice. Whereas I am happy if it is relatively clean. Decorating is nice...and I definately have a particular 'style', but it 100% is NOT reflected in my house.

He went on 2 photo walks on July 18th. It was the Worldwide Photo Walk. He loves photography, and is pretty good at it. For lack of sophisticated equipment, he does a really nice job. One was early in the day in Columbia, Mo., and the 2nd was in the evening at the Lake of the Ozarks. He's entered 2 photos from each walk to try to win like $1700 in prizes.

Here are the photos he entered (click pic for larger version):

Lonely Bumper Car - Lake Ozark, MO Photo Walk

Skee Ball - Lake Ozark, MO Photo Walk

Vespa - Columba, Mo Photo Walk

Reflective Window - Blue Shutter

Aren't they GOOD?

Toodles for now......

Thursday, July 23, 2009

OH, Deer!!!

Last night I was not my usual self. I was up past 10 pm!!!! I’d been watching the DVR’D recording of Big Brother with Mr. Perfectly. We decided to watch the evening episode of REAL WORLD when we were done.

I’m an early to bed girl. I enjoy my sleep…….I think I must be a crazy sleeper, since I wake up and have blankets piled in the middle of my body with my head and feet sticking out. I don’t GO to bed like that…so I must wrestle the hell out of the sheets all night long.

Anyway, Son #2 was supposed to be home by 10:30. I get a call at 10:27 that he’s ‘just leaving’ because he ‘lost track of time’ while they were in the pool. He was in a rural community about 12 miles away, and still needed to stop and get gas. **SIGH**. So, I have him the mom lecture about being late……..keeping track of time……..not being allowed to drive if he habitually ‘lost track’ of time…..yada yada yada…….

10 or 15 minutes later, I get another call from an excited sounding Son #2. I was making small talk….like ‘Hello”…..”what’s up” when he interrupted me and said “MOM….I hit a deer”. Talk about the gut hitting the floor, and the heart leaping into the throat. He was breathing kind of heavily so I tried to ask calmly….as CALMLY as a parent can be when they are FREAKING OUT……”are you okay?” Which, of course, sent Mr. P into the depths of worry….giving me the eye…..shaking his hands….BEGGING to know what happened…….by this time, I’d determined that Son #2 was fine….the truck SEEMED fine (to a 16 yr old with 3 weeks of driving under his belt), and that he was at the gas station.

Mr. P. rushed to put on some jeans and a t-shirt while I talked to Son #2…He was coming over a hill, and the deer jumped into the road in front of him, and they had an unfortunate collision. One in which the deer didn’t fare quite as well as the truck.

The truck, according to Son #2, had a bent up license plate, but no other visible damage. We told him to stay put, and we went to ‘rescue’ him. Mr. P wanted to see and drive the truck just to be SURE it wasn’t damaged in some way that would hurt it worse by driving it.

We jumped into the car and drove to the small community that is about 7 miles from us that son #2 stopped at to get gas and call us.

I’m proud of the kid. He’s my more emotional kid…he didn’t stop on the dark TWO LANE highway (over the crest of a hill no less) to check on the deer or the truck. He kept driving to a lighted spot, THEN checked out the truck….and got gas.

We picked him up and went to see if the deer managed to get off the road. Son #2 said he didn’t think there was any way…it was a baby, and he’d hit it then run over it. He said he felt bad for leaving the deer in the road.

As we checked on the deer, we found his remains in the road still……it looked like maybe he’d been hit again….so we notified the local police and they said they’d go dispose of the deer carcass.

As it turns out, the alignment to the truck is now OUT of alignment. We just had it aligned in May……but if that is the only damage…….that and a slightly bent plate…then we are lucky.

Son #2 seemed to remember the coaching we gave him about what to do in this situation, and thankfully he wasn’t hurt…..just a little shaken. Deer being hit in this area is commonplace. Even in our small city………you’ll see deer in the city roads sometimes. But you ALWAYS see deer along highways around here….we’ve told him a MILLION times if we’ve told him once, to try to remain calm, DO NOT SWERVE, and if you have to hit it head on, then do it….to avoid hitting other cars, or careening out of control. To apply the brakes firmly, but try not to fishtail…..He seemed to handle the truck well, and although shaken up a bit, stayed relatively calm. Not bad for a kid who just literally got his license 3 weeks earlier.

Speaking of Deer, we have deer in our backyard at times. And we live quite close to a main thoroughfare… although we are a small city……we have all sorts of wildlife to view right in our OWN backyard…….literally in our backyard.

Toodles, my woodland friends!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So, I’ve mentioned on many occasions that my house is pretty small. This is fine with us, but when we have people over, it can become an issue. My house is also sort of the dumpy one on the block. The one that needs painting and to have a front porch replaced. We’re probably reducing the property values of all of our neighbors.

Ph.D. and Hubs came over last night for dinner. I tried to be prepared, so I could hang out with them instead of run around sweating and cooking and huffing……because, I huff when I’m agitated.

Ph.D. is my lifelong best friend. I’ve known her since I was 11 and probably other than my own family and husband, I feel the most comfortable around her. She knows me….I know her…..we ‘get’ each other…..all that stuff. So to have her at my not so picture perfect abode is fine with me. She’s seen it all with me……

But, for some reason, last night, I was nervous. Nervous about the food….about the fact we are BORING people…I don’t know what to do to entertain…….It just seemed all wrong for some reason. Not them, but me. Why was I nervous around Ph.D. of all people? I felt like I should be putting on a dinner party…when we aren’t dinner party kind of people. We are TV addicted people.

Their puppy, Lester, horked on the dogbed we have in our living room. I think they thought I’d freak out….because you know I’ve that issue w/ vomiti ng. I SWEAR, other than it’s a little gross, dog and cat puke doesn’t set me off like people puke. I can’t catch anything from the dogs……..whereas, I can from people. They fretted a little over me and the dogbed, which made me fret that they were fretting…….now if the Hubs had horked on the dogbed, we may have had to discuss their immediate departure….but aside from a little cleaner and some papertowels, the dog hork was a non incident.

I guess it’s like when your kid does something at someone elses home…….you feel like your kid did something wrong or whatever…….so, Ph.D……don’t worry about dog hork.

Anyway, my cutsie retro dinner was fine, but not spectacular. I guess I wanted 60’s hippies dancing in the room or something…I don’t know. They ate, so I suppose that’s as successful as necessary……..

Let’s back up a little to their Sunday afternoon visit. They brought Stella and Lester over and our cat, Joe, who is quite used to OUR dogs, decided to hide under Mr. Perfectly’s chair. He’s normally not a hidey cat, but then again, we don’t normally have bigger dogs hanging out in the living room either. Dogs that are strangers to Joe. The afternoon went smoothly, except for our sweet natured pup, Copper, decided he was going to go all ALPHA DOG on Lester…….Copper was being a bully and it wasn’t nice.

Then Lester realized there was something FURRY under the chair. He’d cautiously peer, trying to get another glimpse of whatever resided there. He let out these hysterical hound-ish, baying barks. He was obsessed with whatever was under there. He and Stella LOVE chasing rabbits, so we can only imagine what he must be THINKING was under that chair. Was it a RABBIT of his very own?

We coaxed Joe out and took him downstairs, but pretty soon he crept up the stairs and peeked through the railings……..he sat there for quite some time. Joe is ornery. Joe knows when our own dogs will be annoyed by him. He pounces on them, then looks around the room with an expression that says “Whhhaaattt??? I didn’t do anything”. His ears were back, so we know he was wary of the strangers, but he had that GLIMMER in his eyes , the little pot stirrer.

Lester caught sight of him, and ran to the stairs……Stella following. Joe ran away from them , but the hunt was on. They didn’t go downstairs at first…..but they stood at the top of the stairs and whined. Pretty soon, Joe crept back up the staircase and peeked through at them (the little shit that he is) and it was OFF TO THE RACES…..Lester and Stella chased Joe down the stairs and over to where his food dish sits. At one point, Lester had Joe cornered….with Joe hissing and smacking his clawless paws at the pup.

Later we tried to get them to officially ‘meet’, but Joe wasn’t having any of it.

So, last night during most of the evening, the cat was locked up in our room. He began to scratch to get out, so son #2 quietly took him downstairs to where his litter and food are. We didn’t see him for a while, so we hoped he realized the dogs were there, and was minding his own business.

During dinner, here comes Joe. He must not have known that Stella and Lester were there……..and CHAOS ensued when he ventured into our tiny dining room……..dogs running, barking, cats racing to safety……..people jumping to corral dogs, lights being unplugged by racing animals……it was FUN!!! Again, I think Ph.D. and hubs were worried that their dogs were misbehaving….they have them trained well. And once again, we are the backwards ones with the poorly behaved dogs….the ones that bark, jump up on guests and try to LICK them……

Stella and Lester just thought Joe was a rabbit to chase…..they don’t know he lives there….they probably didn’t even know he was a cat….it was a furry creature that RAN FROM THEM………what else were they to do?

Joe can get away…he can jump up on things so he can’t be caught…….easily, at least. It serves him right for being such an adorable little cuss……..maybe next time he’ll leave the big dogs alone!!

Toodles for now………..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old School (edited)

Ph.D. and her hubs are coming for dinner. I've been worried about what to serve. I'm not a (and neither are they) 'dinner party' type. We are having Burgers. Remember, Perfectly's dad has beef.....fresh, lean, non-hormone, non-antibiotic beef. He requests his hamburger to be ground relatively lean. I know...I know....all the foodies out there will bitch at lean burger, but FRESH lean burger is DA BOMB.

Anyway, what to serve with burgers? Chips? Nah...that's too easy. A salad? Nice alternative, but again....YAWN. Pasta Salad? Now THAT'S a thought....In fact, that's the thought I was going with. But once again, Dad came through, and sent some fresh veggies to the house. His garden was late getting in and is late producing--so I have a Zucchini. A nice one, too. So, we are having a squash casserole. It's Paula Deen's recipe. I've made it before, and it's always a hit with my family, at least. Hopefully Ph.D. and hubs don't hate squash or something. I don't think our lovely medium zucchini will yield enough, so I'll make a trip to the farmer's market for another, but's yummy.

Ph.D. wanted it's in the cooler on ice. But I wanted something REALLY dessert-ish. What's more old school than the STRAWBERRY PRETZEL DESSERT??

So, welcome to the 60's. We're having burgers, squash casserole and strawberry pretzel salad. Wanna Come? (edited to add) could I FORGET...the cucumber and onion salad marinating in sugar, vinegar and water? Equal parts....salt...pepper, and you've got some drippy, yummy cucumbers!!!!

Now, Ph.D. is very private, so I doubt she'll allow any pictures, but do y'all remember me needing a BASSETT HOUND name about a year ago? This is THAT Ph.D.!! In case you forgot, they went with Lester as a name....and Stella is their Bassador (Bassett Lab mix) I'm sure at least I'll be allowed to show the puppies off.

Stella's story is sort of a funny one. She wanted a Bassett 2 years ago at Easter. Me,being slightly obsessive, scoured the local want ads and found a local family with bassett puppies.

We went to their farm and looked at the 2 remaining pups. They were exclaiming over how UNUSUAL these bassets were....they were all black. She assured us that the momma hadn't been bred with anyone but the daddy basset....and they were happily surprised at these black bassett pups. Ph.D. was skeptical.....she's kind of like that. Anyway, she decided against the pup.....and at the last minute, she couldn't stand to leave one there, and took the female.

We now have an adult dog with a basset body, feet and tail, and a black body and a labrador head. SOMEBODY snuck into the momma's pen and had a go with her, because this baby's daddy is not bassett. She suffers from some anxiety but is a really sweet girl.

Mr. P wanted them to name her ANGELA (he...he....he...Angela Bassett??? heheheheh), but they chose their own name of Stella.

Then last year, they went to a local family where THEY live and got a male bassett. So, when they come by, we have 5 dogs in the house, and it gets a little busy.

Okay, gotta run. I've taken allergy medicine and am loopy. About 1 am this morning I woke up as a complete snot eyes were running, swollen, I was sneezing and blowing my nose. I was a huge mess. I stayed home since this morning I got up and my eyes were watering so badly it looked like I was crying constantly.

I'm sure many people don't think allergies are really a big deal, but they can be. It's miserable at times.

Toodles for now, folks!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Horny Toad

Hey everyone!!!!!! Y'all know how I talk sometimes about events at the Lake of the Ozarks? That's it's a big midwestern 'tourist' stop? That I live only 45 miles from the Lake? That Perfectly's dad used to have a boat at the lake that the kids would tube and ski behind?

Yeah......tourist city......there's a place called PARTY COVE at the lake and there are all sorts of Naughty Things that happen on many, many boats that tie together for the Lake's equivilent of a BLOCK PARTY......(for swingers). There is something about being on the lake, in a boat, in a bathing suit, consuming copius amounts of alcohol that somehow makes people lose their inhibitions. WARNING: if you look at the website, there are graphic photos, so don't open if you are easily offended or with kids around. Um....yes, I'm pretty uninformed about these things......the GIRLS.....they are very......OPEN.....and's a little shocking.

There are various bars and lakeside establishments....some fine dining....some just big bars. have to realize that we are in Mid the bars are not the big city clubs........but, they are Lake Bars. Lots of bikini's, swim trunks and beer. Lots and LOTS of beer.

A seemingly popular place is the HORNY TOAD. They attract a summer concert series, and kids.....guess who's going to be there in August? BILLY SQUIRE!! Get a bunch of drunk college kids and boobs and him singing 'STROKE ME; STROKE ME' and they'll have a PARTAY on their hands, I'd expect. I missed Air Supply earlier in the month. I somehow think that maybe they didn't attract the same type of CROWD that Squire will. Who knows.....maybe 80's ballads and beer do the same thing for people?

The Lake is actually quite fun. People are friendly, and it's a small town atmosphere, and there is quite a bit to do. Lots of bars, and shopping and even family entertainment....boat excursions, putt putt golf, and GO KARTS. There are some really nice places to eat (we eat there about half the time we go out with Dad and Teenie)...........there's something for everybody. Resorts, private houses for rent, condos, and hotels.

So, who wants to hang out with me and Mr. Perfectly and go see Billy Squire!!! I promise not to wear a bikini.

Happy Tuesday, people!!!! Toodles

P.S. This is for I wore brown cotton capri pants with a cute little tie at each leg. A cute, swishy, 70's-esque knit top....and brown sandal flippy shoes. We are eating chicken quesadillas tonight for dinner, using the leftover grilled chicken from Sunday. I am getting ready to head into the kitchen and make my wine spritzer.

See ya!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Do any of you food lovers ever watch Simply Homemade with Sandra Lee (I think that’s what it’s called)? It worries me that she has ‘COCKTAIL TIME’ freakishly often. However, it also worries me how often I refer to myself consuming wine or other imbibments.

Anyway, I made up my very own cocktail recipe the other day. It was AWFUL. I had awesome intentions……and really thought it would be successful. How woefully, and expensively wrong I was.

I am growing Chocolate Mint. Actually Mr. Perfectly planted it for me, but I go cut it when I want to use it. So, one Saturday I was thinking of ways to utilize my Chocolate Mint. I decided that some sort of Raspberry/Chocolate cocktail would be lovely.

Now, I don’t do frozen drinks. I get the Ice Cream Headache when I drink them, so I avoid them at all costs, but I particularly love fruity RUM drinks. I decided to make a version of a MOJITO…and I muddled together some fresh (frozen) raspberries, a little sugar and my chocolate mint. MUDDLE, MUDDLE, TOIL AND TROUBLE…or something like that.

I added some rum and some sparkling soda (Yes, I used diet 7-up---I don’t like club soda).

The result was something tasting like children’s cough syrup. I’ve tried regular mojito’s and they fail as well.

What am I doing WRONG?

Paula Deen even took mint and covered the individual mint leaves with chocolate and made her own little mints—and I’m SCARED Internet….I’m afraid that I”ll have little cough medicine nuggets!!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Who says pork fat rules?

Okay, so I'm not a huge pork fan. I know, I like to cook, therefore, I should love the pig. But I don't. Pork is, well.....I don't know....tough, dry and many times 'BLECH'. I know, I must not be preparing it properly, but I just don't love it. I love it crock potted and pulled in a sauce topped with COLE SLAW, but grilled, baked or pan fried? Nope.

I do like bacon. But apparently I'm a bacon snob, because I ran to Wal-Mart today to avoid 5 pm traffic, and didn't know what kind of bacon to buy. I decided on the Wal-mart looked meaty and was reasonably priced. YEAH......NO. It was like frying up some tissue paper strips. It's thin, and stuck to the pan, and I am NOT happy. I buy KRETSCHMAR brand bacon. I do not like sweet bacon. I do not like thick sliced bacon. I like Kretschmar bacon.

This foreign stuff was just not what I am used to. (pout)

Anywho, it was Farmer's Market day again. I got a whole bunch of tomatoes, some peppers, some onion and some cucumbers. Who says farmer's markets are cheap? I spent $20.....$10 on tomatoes. I can't wait til Perfectly's Dad's garden grows and we get our own........

So, we are having classic BLT sandwiches for dinner.....with substandard bacon.

Oh well.......the cheap wine spritzer's I'm making will make up for it!!

It's Friday night!! Toodles!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marsupializing the submucosal nodule

Son #2 had what we thought was a canker sore on his tongue. More specifically on the bottom of his tongue. We used hydrogen peroxide on it to try to clear it up (isn't peroxide a fix all for many ailments??). The next day it was HUGE. Like maybe a 4th of a grape tomato in size huge.

Mr. Perfectly took him to the doctor, and we found out he had some sort of infection....something regarding the mucous gland or something (this is how they explained it to me). So, I went to my frienemy...Google to see what I could find abou such an odd thing. And sure enough, there is an infection...of the submucosal nodule. He needed to be seen by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor so they could remove it, otherwise it may just come back.

We had our ENT appointment today, and the doctor looked at it, said it was a submucosal nodule, and that he could marsupialize it or my son may do it naturally in the course of things like chewing.....ewww.

Speeding forward for a moment....MARSUPIALIZE? WTF? I came home and went to my frienemy AGAIN and had to look that word up...I mean really....what does a WALLABIE (see comments, please) have to do with my son's tongue nodule that's filled with mucous? As it turns out, this means to open, or to break. Like popping a zit. So the next time you want to impress your family and friends, discuss in detail how you MARSUPIALIZED your zit that morning.

So, back to the doctor. He gave son #2 a numbing solution to put on his tongue, came back with a needle, popped the submucosal nodule, and squeezed it like a pimple. Gross. I gave up watching, because I don't do well with spit.....and spit and mucous was all stringy from the gauze........blech. He goes back in a month. Oh and will be taking an antibiotic, which I haven't filled yet. Bad Mommy!!

So, now that the medical speak is over, what are YOU having for dinner? We are havinga concoction of zucchini, tomato and onion over rice. This is a dish that my dad thought he came up with years ago from our garden produce. It's awesome. Anyway, as I got older, I realized, that lots of other people make this too. Oh, well....our feeling of originality still lingers in my mind. We must have had SOMETHING to do with local folk liking this so much.

Anyway, you take an onion, and chop it to the size of your liking. Same with a zucchini and however many tomatoes you want to add. You brown the onion a little, add the zucchini, and at the end the tomatoes. You cook it until the veggies breakdown to your own personal softness liking. I like mine soft and soupy. Add some salt, pepper and a little FRANK'S hot sauce and you've got a meal.

Spoon it over some rice, and HOT've got dinner.

Awwwwwwwww....I wish I could video quicker and better, because my kitty is grooming the dachshund. Oh they are wrestling....or like they say around these here parts.....WRASSSSLIN'.

Toodles for now. Enjoy the bounty of your garden or farmer's market....I'm SURE I'll have more recipes for you!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Remote Starter


Son #2 turned 16 last Wednesday. He got his driver's license (with a 94%), and is insured (ouch). We are slowly letting him drive on his own (scary).....

We celebrated with a family dinner on Friday night at the local Italian place that we all like (Dominico's), and had ALOT of fun.

The 1991 Ford truck that Son #1 drove for 2 and a half years has been passed down to Son #2. We bought a keychain and put his keys on it, and presented him with his very own keys to 'his' truck. He looked at the keychain--which has a LED flashlight in it--and said "I didn't know the truck had a remote starter" which the entire table CRACKED UP......because it's a NINETEEN NINETY fancy fobs from the vehicles of the 'old days'.

Ah, the joys of youth.......he was clueless until we shined the flashlight in his face.......hahahaha

So, how was your Fourth of July? Ours was fun---rainy, but fun. We went outside around 8:30 and proceeded to have a HUGE thunderstorm pop lasted around 30 minutes, and we went back out to the bug filled, hazy air, and the kids (and Mr. Perfectly) shot their fireworks. We watched the bats dive bomb the bugs, and watched the supposed FABULOUS fireworks fizzle out.....

But that's what home-set fireworks are supposed to laughingly disappointing! The boys had fun.....boys....fuses.....explosive powder and fire always is fun for them!!!!

We had family come in from Nebraska to join in, and had good friends over, too. You can't beat that.....good family...good friends....good food and fun.

I swear, I have dorm room pictures, Hooters pictures, and Dock Dogs pictures. I've just been TOO LAZY to deal with the undertaking of uploading them (or is it downloading....I never understand that). Although great strides have been made in the computer age, it still takes a while to load pictures.......and I have a short attention I've been avoiding my promised pictures.

I must say, it's been an exciting week, with driver's licenses and all, but it's still remained relatively quiet.

I'll post pictures soon.....really.

Toodles for now!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MAH BABY is 16!!

Just LOOK at him. Isn’t he adorable? He’s a great kid. He’s funny, smart, handsome, engaging, and all around awesome.

We will be going this afternoon to get his driver’s license. YIKES. That means I’ll have to deal with adding him to our insurance. OUCH. He went to six flags yesterday, so this week will prove to be a fun one. It usually is since his birthday falls near the 4th of July!! There’s always FIREWORKS and BARBEQUE in the mix, too!!

Today is my Friday. I’ll be leaving work today at 1 to get the driver’s license, and from then on….I’m free!! Until MONDAY!!
My uncle will be coming here for the 4th…so that will also be fun!!

Send good 16th birthday wishes this way, and of course MONEY!!

Toodles, and happy Wednesday to everyone!!