Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holy Touchdowns, Batman!!

Oh, what a difference a day makes. I still felt SO CRUMMY yesterday. Today I feel much better. Much, MUCH better!
I’ve got so much to say, yet really not much to say, you know? Just a lot of my usual blather over nothing that interests anyone but me!!

First of all, the football game last night was potentially a miserable evening. Although, not cold, it was RAINING…….but luckily, the stadium we went to has parking right up to the bleachers, so we were able to park right behind some low bleachers, and I spent most of the game in the car watching. I spent a quarter in the rain, but the rest all dry and out of the weather…..but still got to see the ACTION!!

Speaking of action……….I was brought back to Dingo’s post about birds……..hahaha. You should have seen the BATS last night. HUNDREDS of bats……flying through the rain, catching bugs from the night lights over the football field. I was FASCINATED by the sheer number of BATS…….squeaking and diving…..it was really cool. I tried to video it on my cell phone, but being the non savvy techno person in the house, I don’t really know how to use it…..so I’m sure any video of bats sucks.

It’s FESTIVAL TIME in Mid Missouri. This weekend is the Old Munichburg Oktoberfest here in Jefferson City. Don’t ask me why it’s at the end of September, when it’s called Oktoberfest. I’ve wondered the same myself, and have NO ANSWER. Needless to say, it’s a small little festival with Dachshund races, and Dachshund costume contests…….My friend and I are trying to come up with cute costume ideas for my Mini Doxie so we can enter him into the contest and become city known WINNERS. Now, it is also my 22nd anniversary. I am worried that Mr. P may get his undies in a wad if I trounce around town with friends and dogs……well, not really worried. We’re not big anniversary celebrators……I mean we recognize the anniversary, and we reminisce, but we aren’t candles and dinner types. I am proud to be married to such a great guy---and that we’ve weathered our struggles and still are pretty happy.

And, on Friday night, there is a get together with people I went to High School with. You all know how I get all warm and fuzzy over classmate connections!! Mr. P won’t be joining me, however, because he will be using his great talents photographing the varsity football game against one of the BIG TIME teams in the state…..Kansas City Rockhurst. Son #2 will probably get to play and score a winning touchdown, while I’m drinking with my friends at “Woody’s pub and grub”. My luck.

Let’s see………I had a dream that one of my high school boyfriends (of sorts….I liked him, and he only sort of liked me…….but we are still friends, actually. He was an usher in my wedding to Mr. P…..so for the record, Mr. P approves of the continued friendship) gave me a tattoo. Yes…..it’s weird. No, I don’t need any dream analysis…..especially if my dreams are a symptom of the crazy.

Oh, and remember a while back when I’d left a rambling message for my friend from 4th Grade? Yeah, well I didn’t’ hear back from her and got up the nerve to text her over the weekend…AND SHE TEXTED ME BACK! It’s so fun to catch up with old friends……like I said, I get all warm and fuzzy about friend connections. I can’t wait to get to know her some more-----again. I may show up here with pictures……of 4th grade!!!

Toodles for now!

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