Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pizza for dinner!!

I am making pizza for dinner. Actually, Mr. Perfectly and I will be making pizza for dinner.

I cheated and bought pre-cooked/sliced pepperoni and canadian bacon....because that's what the boys in the house (um....everyone but me) like. I have clams and artichoke hearts and red peppers for me. YUMMMMMM.

Mr. Perfectly is otherwise occupied at the moment. He's helping Perfectly's Dad at the Farm. Then he's CHOMPING at the bit to go over to son #2's first evening of football camp. So, the normal pizza maker in the house is HIM, but since he's going to be busy, I'm taking on the task.

See, although I love to cook, I'm not good with time consuming dough making, vegatable preping, etc. But, I'm putting on my big girl panties and getting with we can have PIZZA for dinner.

I was getting ready to go construct a sauce, and found some leftover sauce from meatball sandwiches earlier in the week. SWEET...I'll garlic it up, and add some more fresh basil, and sauce is DONE. I'm doing my best not to count the days since we had meatball sandwiches. I have a 'thing' about leftovers more than 3 days old.

I am figuring on the fact there is no meat in the sauce, and the acidity from the tomatoes making it all okay. RIGHT? It'll be fine? From Tuesday or Wednesday? Surely it'll be just fine. JUST FINE.

My dog, Copper has been roasting himself alive on my back patio today. He loves to soak up the sun. My other two are wimps and like the cool house. Copper lays flat on his side, full in the sun for a LONG time before he comes in panting.

I am making some wheat crust and some white crust. Son #2 is looking for ways to increase his protien and carbs, and he and I like the wheaty crust, so we'll experiment with it today.

Mr. Perfectly's folks surprised us with a visit yesterday afternoon. Well, not so surprising since they called us asking what Mr. P's shirt size was. That was a pretty good clue they were probably in town. Sure enough, they showed up around 5:30. They found a whole bunch of shirts on clearance at Kohl's for Mr. P. He's tall and lanky, and wears a 36/37 sleeve. Those shirts are hard to find sometimes without ordering them, or going to big/tall shops. The problem is he's not 'big'. He needs a 16 or 16 1/2 neck, and it's just a nightmare getting stuff to fit him. Well, they found a bunch of shirts for him.....which was a very nice thought.

However, I hadn't showered or anything yesterday. I have a cold and I don't do well with being sick. I whine and complain and generally am miserable to be around. And, I'd just made a Mojito, and put it aside and hid the rum.......

anywho, that's about all I've got for now. I'm off to the kitchen to make dough.

Toodles to you all!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

So much to say, but really, nothing to say…..

You know how it goes? You have hundreds of thoughts racing through your mind? You want to blog about EVERY ONE OF THEM?

Then you get to a place where you can blog. Home or a break at work, and things like LIFE and BOREDOM get in the way? You know that your FIVES of fans are waiting to hear about failed cupcakes, and graduation parties……but MEH……the desire wanes faster than it arrived.

So, I decided, frivolously, to just write. I may not get to all the stuff rattling around in my brain, but really….do I ever? I can spend pages talking about the most insignificant thing.

Did anyone watch “Obsessed” last night on A&E? OMG…that will be me someday. One of the participants in the show said that OCD can start with general anxiety throughout life, then when a traumatic even hits BOOM….the OCD can take over.

I’m scared Internets……I tend to be anxious about weird stuff…..OVERLY ANXIOUS about weird stuff. I’ve had a few traumatic things happen to me in my life, and so far, the OCD hasn’t taken over, but what if it does? What if? HUH? HUH? HUH? These people are seemingly lovely, normal people that has something trigger them into the OCD.

I often joke when my “OCD” is bothering me….and it’s no joke. I often wonder what people would think of me if they KNEW the stuff that raced through my brain. It sometimes doesn’t seem RIGHT. Unfounded fears, worries and all the what if’s of the world weigh heavily on me sometimes. Now I realize it’s not fair to call it OCD, because I don’t think it is, and in fairness to people who are suffering from it, it’s not right to even pretend to joke about knowing what it’s like.

Well, I'm back. I took the night off (AGAIN), so, where did I leave off... .... Oh, OCD. Let's move on, shall we?

There were no fireworks or family conflicts at the graduation. It was actually quite lovely. I was so absolutely THRILLED to see my mom, grandma and grandpa. My Uncle took a kitten from the farm. He's a little yellow dude with blue eyes (the cat, not my Uncle), so one of the farm cats was given a good home. Not that the farm isn't a cool place to live, but you know, you've got all the other cats hogging the space and food, and of course the racoons and dogs that come hunting for tender kittens. Oh, and don't forget the Tom's that think they own the a house with people would be preferable if it were ME.......but maybe the Kitten thinks differently.

Oh...I cut my finger last night while cooking dinner. I'd like to think I'm a decent, reasonably experienced home cook...and this is the 2nd time in about 15 years that I've lopped off the tip of my thumb......well not the TIP, but the pad of the thumb is certainly factual. Maybe that means I'm NOT all knife skills aren't professional by ANY MEANS, but I do just fine (I thought).

Oh...I'd like to ask any of you cooks or chefs out there (WHISKEY??? CAN YOU HEAR ME??) why it is such a big deal to cut an onion? Halve it, leave the root intact, slice rows then planks then dice?

How freaking complicated is THAT? I have a much better method of dicing my onions. But since I don't know how to describe it, I'll have to video it one day. SO MUCH EASIER. Except when you lop off a pad of skin from your thumb.

It seems like yesterday there was so much more CRAP rolling around my brain. For the life of me, today I can't seem to think of it all.

Oh.....I know something NEW....I found out today that I get an award today at work. My 15 year plaque, or pin or whatever. If I'd have known I'd have tried to look decent. But instead, I"m in khaki colored cropped pants, a red polo-ish shirt and sandals.

Well, I'm off. Toodles for Now...Happy Wednesday!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Freak Flag

Ms. Darkstar commented about how she was flying her freak flag....well, to day is the day to fly mine.

I know, I fly it every day, but bear with me, people. It CAN get worse.

Did you watch American Idol last night? Oh, Boo. I know you did. Don't deny it.

Anywho, I at first was resistant to Adam Lambert. I didn't want to like him. I wanted to like Danny Gokey, and managed to do so for the first couple of episodes. Oh, for the record, I also adored Megan Joy Corkery. All my friends and family laughed at me, but she was adorable to me. I loved her style, look and tattoo.

Whoopsie, got off track again. So, back to Adam Lambert......I finally jumped on the Lamb Wagon, and decided that he was the guy for me. Danny was fine, and personally, I love his voice, he's just too....well......plain for me. And Kris Allen? Never did it for me. NEVER. Something about his snaggly teeth....Just didn't like him. I decided about halfway through the process that Adam and Allison Iraheta needed to be in the final two. Anybody that can sing Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't make you love me' like she did was a star.

So, last night we settled in (with only one cupcake recipce made...I'm lazy like that) to watch the American Idol finale. About halfway through, I decided to make some Lemon Icing for the cupcakes.......and who managed to have his 'DUET' while I was in the Kitchen? ADAM!! And who was he with? OMG......KISS!!! Kiss people. My 12 year old Hard Rock fantasy!! On my 12th birthday Ph.D. and a variety of other elementary school buddies put on a rock concert for me on the built up hearth of our fireplace. Leila kempker broker a hurricane lamp in the process.

Kiss was my FAVORITE rock band of my impressionable years. I could have eaten Paul Stanley up.

So to have my Adam and my KISS on stage together? LET THE FREAK FLAG FLY!!!!

I adore Gene Simmons "Family Jewels"--I think he's totally hysterical.....and his son? HELLO......H A W T.

I was disappointed in Gene Simmons tongue wagging and head bobbing last night. Too Much , Genie........take it easy and slip the tongue out only OCCASIONALY........

But other than that, I've run the DVR 3 times now re watching My Adam and My Kiss.

I'll be singing "I WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT....AND PARTY EVERY DAY" for the rest of the day now. Instead of cleaning.

I cleaned my hallway floor. Man....when you are old, fat and out of shape, it HURTS to be on your hands and knees scrubbing a floor!! That's probably why I don't ever do it!! The hallway is all I've done. I'm going to shower now and go get my eyebrows and eyelashes done. I've got to look pretty for family, you know.

The Earl Grey cupcakes were okay. Not as fabulous as I'd hoped. A fruity, spicy cupcake with a lemony frosting.

So, I'm off to the shower (insert pornographic comment here, Stoogie). Then I'm off to get beautied up, then maybe clean some more. I just don't know.

Happy KISS day! I'm a happy girl.

Toodles for now.

Oh, Adam should have won........I'm sad he didn't, but depending on contractual issues, he may be better off being #2....he may have more freedom to go on and be totally famous.

have a good Thursday all!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today is my Friday

Well, my real job ‘Friday’. I’ve got plenty to do at home.

I am so very touched…..Ph.D.’s parents sent my son a graduation card with a gift. Seriously…how thoughtful. I’ve known these people for more than half my life. I adore them, and think of them as family, but to have them extend their generosity to my kid is above and beyond.

I’m hearing slowly from in-law family—My husband has a unique family. Due to his father’s 2nd marriage (which is no more), he has step sisters and a step brother. Now that Father in law and ex wife are divorced, I’m not sure how that impacts the title of step siblings, but nevertheless, we remain in contact and close to the Steps. Although they won’t be able to stay, 2 of the 3 (and a spouse) have said they’ll make an appearance….which is so very nice. Mr. P’s step-brother is a newly appointed basketball coach in their hometown now…so he’s incredibly busy and his time, I’m sure, is not his own anymore. He has several graduation commitments for his team members and his Church youth, yet he’s still going to drive over an hour just to make an appearance. How lovely is that?

Tonight is cupcake trial night. I’m going to attempt a Whacky cake cupcake, an Earl Grey tea cupcake, and an orange cupcake. All from scratch, and not a box. I’d like to do a Mocha cupcake too, but we’ll see how these 3 go. I’m cutting recipes in half to cut down on the cupcake volume---

Oh, maybe I’ve not mentioned---I can’t remember now, but I’m making the ‘graduation’ cake. It’s going to be cupcakes.

Okay, with that clarification, I was going to make plain jane cupcakes, but I’m not a plain jane kind of girl. I’m not a steak and potato person. I’m an exotic cuisine type. Well, maybe exotic is a strong word, but I’d rather have more unusual things than the plain old standbys.

Hence the Earl Grey and Orange blossom trials. Earl Grey will have a lemon frosting and the orange blossom will have….well ORANGE frosting. Whacky cake will get a marshmallow-ish frosting. If I get mocha done, then they will have Mocha Frosting.

I’ll try to think tonight to grab the camera and take pictures of my attempts. It won’t be pretty, Internets. I’m a messy cook and an even messier baker. I do not enjoy baking, so we will see how much patience I lose during this ordeal. Maybe Mr. P can video me huffing and puffing in frustration. That’s what I do. I huff. I puff….I drive my family insane.

That’s all for now. I can’t wait to show you pictures of my family!! I’m so excited! Why don’t you ALL drive here too!! To hell with things like having babies, money and distance. IT’S A GRADUATION and it’s ME……PERFECTLY SHELLY!! How much more could you want? Come on down, people.

Um, if you do come, would you let me know so I can make more cupcakes? Oh and buy more liquor if necessary?


Toodles for now!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



I know, I’ve used that little schtick before here…..but too bad. I’m using it again. Deal with it.

I tend to be a trusting person. I tend to think there is more good in this world than bad. I tend to think that if you say you are someone that you really ARE.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t ‘get’ that there are bad people on the Internet. I just like to think that people are pretty genuine as a rule.

So, to hear that Ms. Darkstar would like to come to Mid Missouri and HANG OUT with me is THRILLING!! I have the same issues as she does regarding budget and travel, but let me say this: Ms. Darkstar? I’m not POSITIVE where you reside, but I have an idea…..and I have family in Des Moines, which may be about the halfway point for us………if I can, I’m going there to visit this summer……maybe we can strike up a meeting place? Just a thought.

Speaking of Iowa….I haven’t been a very good daughter/granddaughter/niece. I haven’t been there since my Paternal grandma passed in 2007. With the boys and their activities, and some unwanted minor illnesses, every time I intend on making the trip, it gets squelched. I know my family must think I’m putting them off……but I’m not. I keep thinking of how hard it is to travel, have kids, board animals, and all the expenses that go with it…..but then things like this Graduation happen. My entire family from Des Moines is coming here. Including my 91 yr old grandpa and 86 yr old grandma. I feel so guilty. If they can make such a grueling trip, I should be able to as well. I feel like I suck.

My mom has been awesome with all of the reasons why travel hasn’t worked out. She’s even made the trip HERE. So, I sorely need to do my part and go there. A lot.

I am beside myself with excitement for graduation. Someone asked me if I’ll cry at the graduation ceremony. I don’t think I will. My son deserves to graduate. Although he wasn’t a stellar student, he did alright, and was never in any jeopardy of not graduating. He deserves the pomp and circumstance that graduation offers. He DESERVES the honor. I’m so proud of him, but yet, I can’t say I feel terribly SAD. I think I’m more worried about him going to college than the actual graduation.

What I’m so excited about, however, is FAMILY. Unfortunately, some of my paternal family can’t make it, but a very large part of our families will be able to come and celebrate the day with us and Son #1. I CAN’T WAIT.

I told my grandma last night that I was worried about my house smelling like dogs……and that I wouldn’t have the motivation or time to get it cleaned (cleaned like SHE cleans), and of course she said not to even worry about it. Right. She cleans her baseboards every Monday. At 86.

I wish my boys could understand the importance of family. I mean, they do on one level, but as teens, they don’t GET it. I never knew when I was a teen how much my family would MEAN to me. How I would thank my lucky stars that I’m 43 with two living grandparents!! Both my parents are living……until 2007, my paternal grandmother was living…….how awesome is THAT? To get to my age with extended family in tact? It’s awesome.

Well, I’m off for now. Have a great Tuesday!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


So, I’m not a cheese lover. Don’t gasp with horror….I’m just not into cheese that much. In fact, I don’t ‘get’ the whole cheese ‘thing’. I like cheddar on my Mexican, and cheese on my pizza. However, I don’t particularly enjoy just munching on cheese.

I know…there are many of you Internets that think cheese is something you can’t live without. You savor it like you do fine wines (which is another thing I don’t ‘get’---I like cheap, sweet wine myself).

I also am not sure I ‘get’ the pairings of cheese with fruit and dessert.
That is, until the last wine tasting at Schnucks.
The cheese department manager ‘schmeared’ creamy brie on a thick, hearty cross between a wheat cracker and crunchy wheat bread…..and topped it with a fresh pear slice.

Oh, I forgot to mention, that I don’t like pears either. GRITTY!!!!

Anywho, at the tasting, I was quite leery of the combination. WHO FREAKING KNEW it would be awesome? I ate the leftover ones at the end of the tasting. I’m such a boor.

So, now I’ve been obsessing over fresh pears for weeks now. I bought the creamy brie and a different kind of thick wheat cracker (because the store I was at didn’t have the other brand), shortly after the wine tasting and the cracker sucked, but the brie and pears? YUM.

So, yesterday, while I was out for the 18th time to the grocery, I decided I needed to eat a little healthier. So, I bought some pears and brie. Cheese isn’t healthy you say? Well, these little ‘wee brie’ wedges only have 80 calories per. And since I’m not a cheese ‘lover’ per se, the little wedge ought to be just right. And it’ll give me dairy and protein!!

I bought a couple of fresh pears, and now I’m sitting here thinking about them. It’s not my break time, in fact, I haven’t even had my yogurt with Kashi ‘Go Lean’ yet. And damn it!! I forgot my coffee in the car (again).

I tend to do that…when I don’t grab my coffee first thing upon arrival to work, I forget it!! I drink the same coffee EVERY MORNING, so I don’t understand why I tend to forget my lovely coffee when I change up my routine. Like getting out of the car, putting quarters in the meter THEN getting my stuff out of the passenger seat to carry into work. EVERY TIME I do that I forget the coffee. Then I have to decide if I want to schlep out to the parking lot for my awesome coffee, or get the ‘just okay’ stuff from the cafeteria.

Monday’s shouldn’t be so complicated.

Son #1 graduates this Friday. Last Friday was his last day of high school…..ever.

I’ll leave you with a photo of his handsomeness (this was from Prom….May 9th).

Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

“Mom, did you ever smoke pot?” and other questions you never thought you’d have to answer

So, what does a parent do when her nearly 16 year old son, who is currently COMPLETELY anti-drug, asks if you’ve ever smoked pot?

Well, if you are me, you sit there, STUNNED and babble like an incoherent SUCKER….because that’s exactly what I was. A SUCKER with no prepared answer, no calm fa├žade, or no gentle reassuring words.

So, Internet. Give me the motherly re-assurance that I need. What things did YOU do as a teen that you didn’t want your parents to know about? Smoking? Drinking? Drugs? Sex? Arrests?

I want detailed explanations of your wayward teen/college ways----and how you turned out to be a NORMAL, FUNCTIONAL adult, and how you survived. Remember, I also have a kid going to college in a few months, and I worry myself SICK over how he’ll manage to survive the college/teen years.

So, Prom was this past weekend. We hosted a ‘formal’ dinner for 12 prom goers. It was actually quite nice. Despite the fact I knew that they’d all be up to no good later that night, it was sweet to see their dressed up selves, looking all grown up and stuff eating a steak/chicken dinner for ‘free’ (to quote my son). Despite the cost to us, it was a pleasure to be able to provide a dinner so the kids didn’t have to pay for it themselves.

The girls were lovely, and the boys all handsome. They were complimentary of the dinner, and the table setup. Remember, I am the one who has no decorating gene in my BODY. I managed to put together a decent table for the kids. After the fact, I realized that the silverware was set out incorrectly, but oh well. Perfectly’s Dad was the hosting location—he has a little more room than I do, and we cleared out his smallish living room to make their dining space. They overlooked the pretty front pasture at his farm.

Well, I'm sorry for my long absence. It's been crazy around the Perfectly house....Prom, life, etc sort of got in the way of blogging!!

Happy Wednesday!! We are due for some big storms today, so here's to not blowing away!!


Monday, May 4, 2009


Here I thought the ‘Manly Man Free Service’ would be a hit…but nary a chortle appeared in my comments. **Sigh**

See, What I didn’t tell you is that Mr. Perfectly told Son #2 to run down and call themselves ‘Manly Man TREE Service’, but Son #2 heard incorrectly, and made the whole thing really funny by saying “Manly Man FREE Service”

I have a dilemma. I’m back on the Graduation Party issues……..My lovely grandparents may be coming. Grandpa is 91, and Grandma will be 87 this year (I believe). So, what’s the problem? She’s a clean freak. At their age, they clean BASEBOARDS every Monday…….(Monday is their deep cleaning day). Um……yeah. In the 17 years we’ve lived in our house, I can count easily on one hand how many times the baseboards have been cleaned in MY house. Same with the windows. Same with the wood floors (I mean they are swept up, but not SCRUBBED).

So, since my house stinks like the 3 resident dogs and 2 sweaty boys, I need to clean. CLEAN, people. And I detest cleaning---DETEST it.
What are some quick and easy solutions to work on odors from floors, walls and so forth? I’ve heard Murphy’s oil soap---and I suppose on the walls (which are in terrible shape---regarding dirt, that is), I’ll use ammonia. Maybe the stench of ammonia will cover the critter smell that lives with us.

I want easy effort ideas. Things that will allow as little hard labor as possible. I realize that this is a tall order, but I’m sure my good friends can come up with SOME solution!! Oh…and paying a service is out of the question. It would be too expensive.

Oh, and it needs to be quick, too……since the doggie smell may come back, I can’t clean too early in the month………it needs to be fresh as a daisy the week of 05/22/09.

The Tree Guys are back at the house today. I hope this will be the end of the ordeal. We will miss our pretty shade trees, but since they are dead (or nearly so), the shade they offered was minimal. The doggies won’t get to chase their squirrel friends, either.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got on this Monday Morning.