Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hi everyone! Be sure to go over and holla at Ms. Darkstar!!

So, what are your Thanksgiving plans? I’m kind of blue this year for some reason. My maternal family isn’t as vocal and noisy as my paternal one was. With Grandma Winnie being gone, I’m not ‘told’ what to do and when to do it regarding holiday visiting by my dad anymore. We used to travel en masse to Des Moines. I’d see both families, and all was good. Now that Grandma Winnie is gone, half of the family isn’t travelling there to meet up, so I tend to not travel either….even though my Mom, Uncle, cousins (all 3) and maternal grandparents are still there, and doing quite well.

I feel guilty that I’m not going to Iowa, but I also feel a small relief that I don’t have to travel. Feeling that relief makes me feel guilty. It’s a circle of MADNESS in my brain, Internets!!!

Anyway, my dad wants to do a big Turkey day on Sunday, the 28th. I of course want to do something on Thanksgiving day….so I went and bought a turkey. We will smoke it on the grill……I’ll make dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and dessert (I don’t know what yet). Then on Sunday, we’ll have ANOTHER big dinner……..sounds like a weekend to me!! Lots of food, family and LAZY!

Oh……have I mentioned that son #1 got a JOB? That’s right, a J.O.B! It’s not without some issues, butit’s a job. He’s moving home and will go to the Columbia Campus of Moberly Area Community College in January. With all the worry about partying and whatnot, it’s kind of hard with a moody one back in the house. I say all I want is some respect, but if I got that, I’m sure I’d add SOMETHING to the wish list, huh?

Anyway, he’s working at Kohl’s. He’s completing orientation and has to arrive at work at 3:45 AM on ‘Black Friday’. Hmmmmmm, I wonder where employees park that day? People line up at all hours waiting to get into that store…the lot will be full I am certain by 3:30 am………..I’ll have to ask him….then endure his eye rolling and accusations of being too nosy and ‘involved’ in his life. **sigh**

I took Ms. Darkstar’s advice and am participating in the various Holiday exchanges at the office. We shall see how things pan out this year.

Well, that’s really all I have for the time being. I’ll be back with Holiday tales, I am sure!!

Toodles, and Happy Thanksgiving…..just in case I don’t get something posted tomorrow.

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