Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frustration, still

I just talked to the woman who owns the car that Son #1 was hit by. She pretended not to know anything. Even though I have a letter from her insurance company that there was NO COVERAGE at the time of the accident. Even though, the adjuster from HER insurance company told me on the phone that he'd spoken to the vehicle owner and gave her the SAME INFORMATION that I was given. Even though I have a police report that says her daughter's 'fiancee' displayed innattention.

I am sure she doesn't have $2200 any more than I do....but my son had insurance to PROTECT OTHER PEOPLE in the event of an accident that he caused. They did not. It is a requirement in the State of Missouri to maintain minimum coverage on your vehicle.

I tried to remain pleasant, and not engage in any sort of argumentative behavior, or ugly tactics. I did try to get her to understand that I ALREADY HAVE the denial letter, and have had conversations with her adjuster, as had she. I tried to tell her I needed a means to pay for the repairs to my son's car. She was pleasant as well, but evasive.

It's just frustrating. She says she's not seen the police report, that she needs to talk to the boy driving, that she needs to talk to her insurance company........blah blah blah.

I need to stop kvetching over it.....what happens will happen....I can't FORCE anything.....but it makes me so DAMN ANGRY to have so many uninsured drivers.....and she's an ADULT....she OWNS the car...why would she let some unsuspecting young man drive an UNINSURED CAR??? Why would he drive it with an expired insurance card in it? Why not make her provide a CURRENT card at least?

Sigh. Enough already, right?

It's Ghost Hunters Wednesday!!!! Mr. P is grilling chicken and burgers. Son #2 has a raging cold, and he's really cranky-----blech.

Toodles for now.


Lynne said...

Don't give up! They should have had insurance and they should pay. Don't let them railroad you!

Dingo said...

She's lying. But you already knew that didn't you? When she let anyone drive an uninsured car, she's the one who took the risk that there could be an accident and she'd have to fork over some dough. Stick it to her.