Friday, October 23, 2009

A lesson in bad decision making

So, this morning the alarm went off. As I do every single work morning, I avoided getting up. I told Mr. P that I wanted to ‘sleep a little longer’. He asked me how long, and I replied “oh, I don’t know”……thinking to myself just a few more minutes. Soon, I heard Son #2 banging around the house, and realized if he was up, then I most certainly needed to get moving. I looked at a clock and realized it was a FULL HOUR since I’d proclaimed I wanted to sleep. I was supposed to be at work ONE MINUTE from the time I looked at the clock. Oopsie.

Lesson learned: No decision making while half asleep.

So, what have you all been up to this last week? Honestly, I can say nothing exciting has been going on around here. Nothing at all.

I ended up last night glued to VH1’s top 100 hits of the 80’s. I knew I shouldn’t have turned the channel. I knew once I saw the awesome clothes and hair and music that my genre had to offer, I’d be hooked, but I did it anyway. Hook, Line and Sinker….I sat there all evening watching the highlights of the 80’s. I kept texting my high school friend, and Teenie with squeals and exclamation over things like DURAN DURAN…….and omg….OMFG….Prince. AC/DC and Def Leppard……..when the drummer guy was in a car accident and lost his arm….BUT HE STILL DRUMMED? Swoon.

The biggest 80’s surprise for me is that I love Guns-n- Roses. Who knew? In the 80’s, I proclaimed my dislike of them, but wondered how Axl Rose was such a good freaking singer…….even in the stupor of my youth, I could hear that the man could actually SING if he didn’t scream………..but now in my 40’s, I’m nostalgic for my era, and suddenly Guns-n- Roses are awesome! The ringtone for my kids calls is ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine”………

Oh, and what about “You Spin Me”…back in the 80’s it was just a cool dance song…….now some dude has re-made it into a song about a sex act. No…..don’t explain to me if that was the meaning back then too….because I don’t want to know…….I prefer to think it was an awesome, catchy tune that we all could dance to.

Oh, and what about Wham? They were so CUTE! And once again….DURAN DURAN……and the baddest bad ass of the 80’s? PRINCE. I totally ‘HEART’ Prince. I never cared about his name changes, his anger at his label, or him converting to a Jehovah’s Witness……he’s a BADASS, and always will be.

So, there. It ought to prove that I have been doing NOTHING for days. Nothing but sitting in front of the Tee Vee—watching VH1, and squealing to my friends.

Oh……and locally, there is a 9 year old girl missing. She’s been missing since Wednesday evening. She was walking home from a friend’s house, and never made it home. Please keep this family in your thoughts…….I can’t imagine what they must be dealing with right now.

Toodles for now….Happy Friday!

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