Thursday, October 29, 2009

I got my flu shot!


I guess I'm a tiny bit of a snob regarding such things.

I mean, I admire anyone who wants a flu shot, but through our insurance and doctor, they are FREE, and being broad minded as I am, I assume everyone elses is, too! Now, there are people without insurance, and the corner drug store and grocery flu shots are great for those who can't pay a doctor, or whatever.

But I reserve my plump upper arm muscle for my doctor. Actually, his nurse. She administers the shots, not him.

Anystickofaneedle, I was in Schnucks. The one with the awesome wine tastings in their deli department, and the one that son #1 was fired from in the first 10 days of his employment?

The nice nurse lady was standing right in the entryway of the store. I asked how much flu shots were, because I'd been putting off my nurse visit, and was curious. They were $24.99. Well forget that shit! I'll call the doctor TOMORROW and get one before Nov. 1. For FREE. Free to me, that is.

Then she pipes up and lists a few insurance plans that do not require you to pay ANYTHING upfront.....even at the GROCERY! My insurance plan was one of them! So, Internets, I cheated on my nurse. I filled out the paperwork, signed my name, and let some STRANGE nurse grab my plump upper arm and stick me. In front of the service desk and any customer that happened in. I got my band aid, went about my shopping, and I feel so......PROTECTED!

I am sorry for pitying any of you who use grocery store or corner drug store flu shot clinics. Who knew it was so convenient to get a shot, and buy some asparagus, shallot and cheese for a Quiche....all within a few minutes? Seriously....WHO KNEW??

So, here I am. Toasting up bread cubes and carmelizing onions for French Onion Soup. Tyler Florence says in his recipe that it only takes 25 minutes to carmelize onions, and he's full of HOO HAAAAA. It takes FFFOOOORRRRREEEEVVVVFVEEEERRRRR!

But, his recipe is the best, and we love it. I toast bread cubes, because I'm a carb addict that puts mostly bread and cheese in her bowl, topped with some broth an's good. And the best part? I don't use leftover wine as he suggests. I buy a bottle FOR the soup, and the leftover wine then becomes MINE....WITH DINNER!!

Oh, and you guys.....the little girl that was murdered recently in our little community? It's so sad. The town is overrun with rumors....and everyone is ready to hang the girl that is a suspect. If guilty, she obviously need to be punished, in the proper way, meted out by the justice system. Her family isn't getting support and funds set up for it. It sad for TWO families. Not to diminish the girl who died.....her family must be suffering greatly, but people don't think about what if this was THEIR kid that killed....alledgedly killed. Or their Niece......or grandchild.

No doubt it's tragic. The family with the loss must be in unspeakable pain. I can't imagine. But stop lynching the other family.....they must be in pain, too. How awful to know that your child/grandchild/neighbor could have done such a horrific thing.

People are absolutely RABID for information....they want to BLAME so bad, that they can't see that this girl deserves justice........her punishment will arrive if found guilty. The town need not worry.

Well, I'm off to babysit my carmelizing onions, and toasting bread.

Toodles for now.


Daisee579 said...

I got mine at work! But no swine flu shots are available here :( I'm hoping my OB will have one for me on Monday. I have zero desire to get a shot, but in this case, I have a little one to think about :)

I would love the idea of getting my shot, my food, and my wine all in one store. I'm pretty jealous of you right now.

And also? will you send me some of that soup? It sounds fabulous!!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Oh, Daisee.........I'd so send you some if it would mail well..

It is so good.

stoogepie said...

I think getting a flu shot at one of the places you are most likely to get the flu is a great idea! They should also offer gastric bypass surgery and treatment for food poisoning.

Gruyere cheese is good for French Onion Soup, but you should try it with an equal amount of Emmenthaler cheese. Emmenthaler cheese does not taste like Swiss cheese any more than women from Wisconsin taste like women from Switzerland.

Shelly, your son got fired from the grocery store and you act like you know what it's like to have a murderer for a child. Also, they arrested the fifteen-year-old. Word on the street is that she led them to the body in the first place. That's like Son #1 firing himself from the grocery store.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Stoogie...I'm confused.....???

I don't know what it's like to have a child that murdered someone.....but I do feel deep empathy for the family of this girl.

Also the girl that was murdered.

And yes...there are so many gruesome rumors, that it's a little sick...all the way around.

rumor does say that the suspect led the police to the body and that it was 'very well concealed' rumors are going around that it was a pre=-planned thing with a site that was already dug, and waiting......hence the 'well concealed' statement from the sheriff......

so anyway.....elaborate......have I made a typical Perfectly gaffe?

Also, if they had gastric bypass at the grocery, I'd sign up. Except I have that pesky fear of vomiting, and one of the big side effects of gastric bypass is alot of I'm a big chicken....

stoogepie said...

Don't take me too seriously, sweetness. It is not easy to make fun of tragedy, but don't expect me not to try. If I fail -- as I often do -- don't think I don't love you. I do.

So please forgive my fox pass.

It was probably also a fox pass to suggest that supermarkets have anything to do with the issues that lead one on the road to a gastric bypass. That's pretty simplistic and probably insensitive. But, you know, that describes me pretty well.

Anyways, I'm just saying no gaffe on your part. You're Perfectly Right.

Now send me some soup.