Thursday, November 19, 2009 the time flies!

Oopsie! I had no clue it was the NINTH the last time I posted. That's a REALLY LONG TIME. Even for me!

Or, maybe I just wanted you to look at my cute, blurry dachshund again and again.

Wow, where do I start? Not much has happened, really, but then again, I've proved that I can certainly talk about NOTHING in great detail.

We had Veterans day off. Woo Hoo.....except it sort of sucked that we were off on a Wednesday........I prefer Monday or Friday holidays....for the obvious reasons. Not that I'm knocking ANY type of holiday, but if I had my druthers, I perfer the loonnnggg weekends.

Um......We lost the state quarterfinals in football......and that is about all.

I am debating whether or not to participate in our work gift exchange. It has come to my attention, in the most unsettling way, that I don't think the other kids around here like me very much.

One person in particular co-ordinates the gift exchange each year. I am usually the first on the list......excited at the prospect of searching and buying the perfect gift for my co-worker. The event co-ordinater has picked my name for the last several years in a row. We've laughed at this funny chain of events.

Well, last Thursday, when I began hearing things that maybe the kids have ostrascized me, it hit me like a TON OF BRICKS.........maybe the co-ordinator is 'taking one for the team' and allowing people to put my name back in the kitty......she always asks as we choose if the name we drew is 'okay' for us. I never put mine back....that is part of the charm of the event.......but since she's gotten my name all these years, it's suddenly ALARMING. The realization that she may be forced by fate to 'pick' my name hit hard!!

So, should I pout and not participate for fear that my co-workers are Cherry Picking names and I'm the pit? Or should I participate like I'm stupid (which I've obviously been for years) and participate like I always do (albeit with a dark cloud), or do I participate and load up my wish list with things that would make a seasoned SAILOR blush?

Um......I may need a little help with the last one. I'm not up on all the hip porn stuff these days.

You guys, I'm really bummed about this. I hate being blue and spouting all of my downer moments here. I don't want to be the pouty blog....I want to be the fun one..the blog with OPTIMISIM...and ROSE COLORED GLASSES!!

But seriously, what if the kids don't like me and are putting my name back and forcing the event coordinator to choose it? The mere thought sends my self esteem plummeting.

And see? Here's the thing....I wanted to try a secret Santa event last year. I put it together, and there were only 5 of us that participated. I thought the low number was due to it being new....the extra money people would have to spend, etc....but amazingly the girl who organizes the OTHER gift event got my name. Maybe the low participation was due to them not liking me.

I am putting two and two together and coming up with REJECTION from my co-workers.

So, Internets, what should I do? If I am to be spiteful, I need ideas!!

Toodles for now, peeps.


MsDarkstar said...

I'll get back to you once I've cooled down enough that my entire response won't read as "the millionty words you really shouldn't use on teh Internetz"...

Perfectly Shelly said...

Ms. D...I hope I didn't upset you!

MsDarkstar said...

I am beyond pissed off that your co-workers could be such shallow creatures. Beyond pissed off because I expect that shit to happen to me but it incenses me that it's happening to you.

I used to believe, back in high school, that when we got to be adults, people wouldn't be asshats.

This is something you enjoy. DO NOT let petty, vindictive asshats rob you of your holiday joy. If you don't participate, they win.

The best revenge is living well, darling. If you get someone you like in the exchange, I can priority mail you some lovely bath stuff to give them. If you get one of the "petty bullshit" suspects, I believe I can concoct something absurdly stinky. And when they ask what the scent is, smile and say "It's called YOUR ATTITUDE"!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Awwww....Ms. D. That is possibly the nicest thing I've heard all week. Really.

Thank You.

My Life My Life My Life said...

I've told you how I feel about the whole office exchange...havent felt like being a part of it for several years. although yes, we are SUPPOSSED to be adults...last week, as you know, has pushed me over the edge. I say we go through with my idea of exchanging our gifts for each other in front of them and cooking our food just for us...(well your cooked food and my store bought food) Fullfilling...YES

Daisee579 said...

aw Shells, I'm sorry this is going on for you. You are way too sweet a person for this to be happening. Maybe just maybe it's not as bad as it seems - I get myself worked up sometimes and my hubs tries to explain it's all in my head. Or something like that. I hope that maybe it's all just in your head - who could ever be mean to you?! I'm with Ms. D and Mylife - poo on them. You and Mylife have your own fun without them. I have people at my job that act like that, too. I've tried participating in ignorance and also tried the ignoring route. Not sure which is better, because both sort of stink. All I can say is that I would totally be your secret santa AND NOT PUT YOUR NAME BACK :)

PS the guys were here today to pack up our house! They load everything tomorrow, and then I"m off on my new adventure. YIKES