Thursday, May 27, 2010

This post promises to be even more random than normal

OMG you all!! I have SOOOOOO much to talk about, yet none of it is really any big deal. I don’t know EVEN where to start.

Okay, we’ll start with Moving. It sucks. I hate it. We have half of our stuff at the farm and half in the old house….that is filthy and awful right now. I’ve lost my underwear (I can’t say panties, because I wear the granny ones….and those are UNDERWEAR). I have a few pair that I have to wash a lot, but my regular drawer full of choices is GONE. So, who knows where it’ll turn up. We lost money too….and found it in a garbage bag. Maybe my unders are there, too!

I have boxes everywhere, and am losing steam to get them unpacked. We’ve got so much to do that it isn’t even funny anymore. There is really no rush, except in my head….because I want it DONE…..but I don’t WANT to do it….it’s a bizarre state of affairs right now.

Oh, and I was FRUGAL earlier this week. Maybe farming will make me that way. I wanted to make a stir fry recipe and didn’t have any chicken breast. The store had BONE-IN chicken breasts on sale for .99 a POUND, so that was far more economical. I bought a couple of packages and went home and began butchering. I cut away the breast meat from the bones (well most of it….I am not a very good butcher) and threw the rest into a baking pan with onions and pepper parts and asparagus ends and ROASTED the bones to make STOCK. I boiled the stock and put it into 5 freezer containers for future use. THEN we took the boiled bones/skin down to the barn for the cats to snack on. Oh, and I used my fresh herbs that I harvested from my herb garden to flavor the stock. I am like PIONEER WOMAN or something!

Then on Tuesday night I had an embarrassing moment. I wanted to watch Idol. The last couple of weeks, I’ve not watched as much and just read who was kicked off….and watched highlights and so on. But I was tired and wanted to relax. I turned on the humongous television that was left for us and pulled up the ‘guide’. I typed in AMERICAN IDOL and it told me what channel it was on. As I was looking at the guide I realized the Glee was on (duh…how could I forget GLEE???). I tried to turn the channel, and it said ‘no subscription for this channel’. OMFG. No glee? I can live without AI, but GLEE? No freaking way. I called Direct TV to find out how much a new package would cost so I could see Glee. THAT NIGHT.

The customer service lady pointed out, while chuckling at me, that we probably had a local FOX affiliate. I asked her to look and tell me the channel. Whew. I had it after all. She thought I was nuts for not wanting to miss Glee. Mr. Schuester is HOT you guys. Hotty Mc Hot!! Take a look at this photo…..WHO KNEW that under his teacher-esque wardrobe of Glee that Matthew Morrison looked like THIS?? Yowza. Then they showed previews from next week’s Glee episode and he’s trying to ‘fake’ seduce Sue Sylvester (if you don’t’ watch the show, then you won’t understand how funny that is). And let me tell you…….YUMMY. Can’t wait.

So, that about wraps up my week. Moving, frugality, lusting after Mr. Schuester and I’m tired. Oh, during the move, my special lady time arrived. That could be the reason for the crazy setting in this week, to!

Although, I have to say. Mr. P and Son #2 worked themselves to the BONE last Saturday to move us. They worked HARD y’all. Somehow they didn’t get the crazy like I did. I know they are more tired than me, but I’m still gonna say it. I’m tired. My knees and feet hurt, and I don’t know where to put shit. I JUST DON’T KNOW!! I just want it magically done. Can someone arrange that for me?

Have a good weekend, Internets! I need to work (like at my job) and obsess about moving and Matthew Morrison some more.

Toodles for now!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daisy Duke is IN DA HOUSE!!!

Well. Remember when I talked about Perfectly Dad’s farm here? Well, it’s about to be Mr. P and Perfectly’s farm!! Well, not exactly the whole farm, but the house that sits on the farm. I KNOW!! Perfectly will be a farmer! Yep……Elly May here.

My dad has had this farm for 15 years. My whole life I heard him talk about wanting a farm. There are cattle on it…..a hay field…..a garden! However, he has purchased a house in my city and has moved back to town. He doesn’t want to give up his farm completely. He knows how much Mr. Perfectly loves to putter around the farm, so he suggested in January that maybe Mr. P and I buy the house and maybe 10 acres or so of yard/land and do the day to day stuff to deal with the cows, and he could still be a ‘gentleman farmer’ and come out on weekends and help during really busy times…..hay time……etc.

Mr. P is beside himself with excitement. He loves the solitary time at the farm. He’s not a terribly socially active person and prefers to hang out with just family----so this farm thing is totally for him!!

The house is actually bigger than our current house. It’s a ranch style home, built in the 1980’s, so it’s a little newer than the one we live in now. I am guessing it’s around 1700-1800 square feet. Here’s the thing. It’s ALL ON ONE LEVEL….come on ladies… KNOW how awesome that is! No more lugging groceries, or laundry!! We will have 2 full bathrooms for the first time ever----and the master bath? ……DRUMROLL PLEASE……… is as big as our current BEDROOM is! Can you IMAGINE? It has a 60 gal Jacuzzi tub-----it’s round, and is set into the floor---not just a Jacuzzi tub that looks like a tub….this is like a SPA tub or something. The kitchen is HUGE (by my standards) and was remodeled several years ago…with custom cabinetry! There is a 20x20 (roughly) family room with a fireplace.

Now, this may put a crimp in my social life. The farm is 25 miles away from Jefferson City. I won’t be able to just ‘run’ to the grocery, or just ‘run’ to do something with Teenie or Jakki. It will require a little more planning, which is something I don’t do well. However, the pros far outweigh this potential ‘crimp’ and I’ll have so much more room that more people can maybe visit me and we won’t have to go ‘out’.

We will take this kind of slow……my current house needs A L O T of work. A lot. It will get remodeled and eventually sold. So there is no ‘closing’ or deadline to get every thing out and clean and what not. We can be more leisurely about that.

However, I’m beginning to get more emotional than I thought. I think of the stereotypical moving day/days. You get a bunch of family and friends together to move. Your family and friends are cussing you because they don’t WANT to help you move, but dammit someone had helped THEM move before so they are obligated. The people moving are stressed, everyone tries to be polite, but dread the day, and end it with beer and pizza…..right? I don’t have anyone. My family (except dad) lives in Iowa. I have a very small group of friends…..and one will be on vacation and another lives in Iowa, too! Who does one call to help? I’ve unfortunately been a little weepy over that today. I’m sure Freud or someone who understands the psyche would explain that my weepiness is due to other factors……like MOVING, but manifesting itself into something different. My oldest son has been such a downer lately, and doesn’t want to be in the same ROOM with us, so I don’t even know if I can count on him. It makes me so freaking sad. I’ve always wanted a huge social network, and it’s not meant to be I guess. So, me, Mr. P and son #2 at least will plug along and start the moving process. Hopefully son #1 will jump on board, too.

And y’all thought my goat and chicken posts were odd, huh? I actually have a place to PUT them should I want to! I am fortunate to have such an awesome dad that it will afford me the luxury of moving to a bigger, newer house. How exciting!!

Here are some photos taken w/ a cell phone, so sorry for lack of clarity.

I will admit that the 'style' of decor is a little dated....and not my style, HOWEVER, that can be changed in time, so no making fun of emerald green and copious amounts of wallpaper and paneling people......2 FULL it?

Toodles for now

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleaning Frenzy

Hello, Internet!! I need your STELLAR advice.

Um, do you remember the pesky little issue I have with not being a very good housekeeper? Well, the proverbial ‘THIS WILL BITE YOU IN THE BUTT’ moment has arrived. My house STINKS. Yes, the humidity exacerbates the problem, but frankly, when I can smell my own house….musty basement, doggie smell and the KING of HOUSEHOLD ODORS… pee, you KNOW you have a problem, because face it… don’t smell your own house………so when you CAN smell it, and smell it A LOT….it’s a real problem.

So, what are some cheap, tried and true remedies for elimination of odor? In my basement, I don’t care about how it affects flooring. It will have to be replaced at some point, so if it requires horrible chemicals, and so forth, then BRING IT…because the cat pee is the most pungent and identifiable.

Now, here’s the thing. I’ve googled this. And I’ve gotten some really good ideas. On top of actual IDEAS, I’ve heard to call your veterinarian to see how THEY manage pet odors. So, I call my trusty vet. NOTHING. Just the receptionist with her own “this is what I do at home” stuff. Not what I was asking. So, I thought “who better than the Animal Shelter”????? Same damn thing. No shelter tricks, but she told me to use Febreeze. That’s what she uses at home.

Well, folks, febreeze is not the solution for my problem! Why wouldn’t a shelter have some amazing thing they use? Even if they can’t sell it to me…….

So, Jakki brought out the BIG GUNS and suggested I call a Restoration company…….like Service master or something. So I did. Basically the same damn thing. He at least told me that they use Service Master products and can’t sell them, but no home grown tricks that I hadn’t read on google.

So, here’s what I think I will do. Google has several ‘recipes’ in varying combinations using vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and a couple of drops of dish soap. I think I’ll try it. Here’s the plan. Douse the floor with baking soda and top it with the vinegar. Let it bubble. For quite a while. Then, clean it up.

THEN, take the peroxide with soap mixed in and allow IT to set on the floor for 15 minutes or so. Then clean THAT up. I’ve heard it works.

What do YOU think? The cat pee is pretty limited to a 2x6 foot area that we have blocked off for his use. He get perturbed when his box gets messy and sometimes uses the floor around the box. Hence the soaked in odor.

Now, I need solutions for getting dog/cat smell (general smell not necessarily urine) out of the rest of the house. HEEELLLLPPPPP.

Oh……why now? Why so up in arms? Well, we are moving. That’s part of my big ‘secret’ I’ve alluded too. And a large part of my anxiety…….but that’s all I can say. For now. That’s a little tidbit of info. No city changes, etc. Just a house change. However, that means that my house will need to be sold at some point. And I doubt a potential home buyer will desire a house with that pesky pet odor.

So, bring on the home remedies. Mind you, they need to be pretty cheap…..I can’t afford professional restoration people or cleaning people.

Oh, are any of you antique buffs….or know anything about antiques? If so, let me know so I can e-mail you a photo of something I bought as a gift……….again, can’t say more as the recipient reads this!!

Thanks! Happy Monday….toodles for now!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Turn and face the strange………..

It has recently come to my attention that I do not like change. Hm. How could I have gone SO MANY YEARS and not figured it out before now?

I tout myself as being free wheeling…….spur of the moment……….roll with the punches kind of person. And in many ways, I am. But true CHANGE isn’t settling well with me. Lifestyle changes. Relationship changes. BIG things.

I guess I consider my life to be warm and fuzzy. A comfy blanket that I can keep wrapped around me for security. And suddenly, the blanket needs to be washed, and I’m WITH OUT IT for a while…..and when it comes back, it smells different.

Now, this whole realization has STOMPED on my already trampled world. And I think I don’t like it. I should be able to adapt to anything. To gracefully accept what comes my way. I can’t BELIEVE that I thought I already mastered this. Change is ROCKING MY WORLD, people. And it’s not pretty.

Obviously, I have hinted at some things today and in earlier posts, which I STILL cannot discuss, *sigh* But the really sad part of it all is that some of the change in my life IS NOT BAD. It is GOOD!! But it’s change….and it triggers my anxiety like NOBODY’S business. I hate it.

I like the things in my life to be constant. I didn’t like the NCAA tournament messing with my TV schedule. Same with breaking news and weather reports; I don’t LIKE that my kids won’t listen to me anymore. That they have to make their own decisions and fail if necessary; I don’t like things not going my way! There. I said it. I am a big baby brat.

But one of the BIGGEST changes that freaks me out is realizing that I don’t DEAL WELL WITH CHANGE. I’ shocked, dismayed and embarrassed! I thought I did! Oh…..I also like to be right. A lot. I go to great lengths to assure that I am right when I feel the need. Again…not a very becoming characteristic.

So, Internet….I have a new self help project. DEAL WITH CHANGE! Happily! Gracefully!

Who’s taking bets on when my next meltdown will be? Does the Kitty get split with me?

Happy Thursday---this is my Friday as I’m off work tomorrow!! A 3 day weekend!! And one not without controversy, either. Read the Missouri news…..we are off for Harry S. Truman’s BIRTHDAY….and due to budgetary issues, people are up in arms….lots of commenting on news stories in the papers, etc.

The holiday is being removed from our official holiday rosters next year because of budget cuts……but there are lots of ‘for’ and ‘against’ us taking it this year.

So, Happy end of the week !!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She's a Beauty

She's one in a Million Girls!!

Well, Internets.......Son #2's truck got hit. He wasn't in it, thankfully. He was in weightlifting. I got the COOLEST phone call. A cell phone number that I didn't recognize right off hand called, and I answered (you of the kids) and son #2's girlfriend was on the phone.

She was quite tentative at first saying "I really don't' know how to tell you this"...and I'm thinking that something happened with her and #2 or something. She was calling to tell me that she was going to put her things in his truck, while waiting for him to get out of weightlifting, and realized that someone had hit his truck. She was trying so hard to explain the scenario.......I couldn't wrap my mind around it.......where he was parked, etc.

As it turned out, he parked in a completely different place. He didn't go into school until around 11 am because he had strep. He had to wait 24 hours on antibiotics to go in. So he couldn't find a place to park.

Anyway---girlfriend was calling me....the MOM to tell me about the accident. That #2 didn't know about it, that the police were being called, and what should she do?

I can't tell you how impressed I am by this. Many girls AND buddies would just stand there slack jawed, with their fingers up their nose wondering....'' or something. Girlfriend was level-headed and awesome to think to let me know. I was able to get there, talk to the police and the parent of the other car driver, and get things figured out. #2 was even able to finish his lifting session!

So, back to my post of a couple of weeks ago.....don't give teens a bad rap. Some of them are smart, funny, level headed, kind and thoughtful. Some teens are confident and care enough about things to call a parent.

Girlfriend is always a pleasure to have around. She's not shy around us, she's not embarrassed when #2 is driving to call us and tell us their plans or to keep us abreast of plans.

It's a pleasure to know responsible teens. Hat's off to Girlfriend!

Now, for the details. He had to park on a street space which is under a parking lot with a hill. A car rolled down the hill and hit him in the passenger side door. Hard. The girl tried to stop the vehicle, and it rolled over her. She wasn't injured badly, but was pretty scraped up.

Here's a diagram that I made in No laughs or anything. I can't sign my own name or make a stick figure, so deal with it!! Seriously, a young child could do better than this.+

The blue car came backwards down the hill and hit his burgundy/tan truck.

So, now we have a damaged truck. Just after we got the drive shaft fixed. If the insurance company totals it, then we are S.O.L. he won't have transportation and it will suck. SUCK.

I'd like to point out that I was grousing over the financial stuff....and Ms. Darkstar reminded me that a broken truck can be fixed but a broken kid is hard to mend. So, thanks a ton Ms. D for putting my woes into perspective. I needed that.

So, two posts in a day from Perfectly!

Hope the evening is easier than the afternoon.....oh and thanks to Girlfriend. She made this SO much better!!

Toodles for now.

Mother Earth

So. The Farmer’s Market. OMG!! Can I just say that I need some Birkenstock, a peasant skirt and some beads? Oh, and some armpit and leg hair?

Teenie and I went slightly unprepared, but in a pinch, we worked it out. We realized that we didn’t have any natural fiber bags. Or ANY bags….we thought. I had brought an insulated grocery bag for the goat cheese we were planning on buying, and dug up another re-usable grocery bag in the depths of my Explorer, and off we went. Bags empty…..waiting to be filled with natures bounty. Granted, these were polyester bags, but they were re-usable. We found some hippy lady dancing behind a table selling natural fiber bags for the bounty at $10 apiece. We just stared at her dancing and moved on. There were plenty of OTHER people with their re-usable, polyester shopping bags, so we weren’t out of place.

We bought nitrate free hot dogs..goat cheese…..greehouse/pesticide free tomatoes…….lettuce……asparagus………eggs……..and some Parmesan/sesame seed cracker bread. Oh, and she bought baguettes. OH, and sauerkraut!! Obviously, the end of April doesn’t bode well for full on vegetables, HOWEVER, despite the chill in the air, and the early season, it was still so much bigger than our market here in Jeff. City. It was packed and people were everywhere. It was amazing.

We went home, and grilled Perfectly’s dad’s hamburger, the nitrate free hot dogs. We used the fresh lettuce and sauerkraut and tomatoes for our burgers and dogs. We didn’t waste anything, because geez……’s ‘SPENSIVE!! I know markets are supposed to be supportive of local growers and stuff, but isn’t it also supposed to be cheaper for the consumer? I realize there’s a lot I don’t know, but apparently, you must be ‘certified’ by some agency to call yourself ‘organic’. *snort* Anyway, there was one earnest looking young man with his mixed greens BEAUTIFULLY displayed…in a basket….with some sort of cloth lining the basket. I asked how much his greens were. $12 a POUND. A pound. Twelve Dollars. We quickly moved on and bought our pretty head, butter lettuce for $2.50. We had enough for dinner that night and the next. For $2.50. Not $12. Seriously? I was disappointed in that.

So, now I’ve got 2 bunches of asparagus to use, and 2 tomatoes to find something to use in, and we will be done with our vegetable bounty. I will make quiche with the fresh eggs, and asparagus. I will add turkey and shallot and my oh my it makes a great quiche. With the tomatoes, I’ll make a guacamole. I have an awesome recipe for a guacamole with avocados and CUCUMBERS!! It’s yummy. However, I think I’ll add tomato to the mix, and snack away with my quiche tonight.

It is days like today that make me reflect upon how lucky I am. How happy I am. The skies are blue...and people pop into your life that mean so much. You know who you are! Thank You.

Happy Tuesday!!