Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boy Howdy, it was cold last weekend!

I guess cold is subjective. I am cold natured. I don’t enjoy the cold. However, I also detest the heat. I’m a fickle girl, as you’ve been able to see over the last 2 years (can you believe it’s been 2 YEARS since I started this??)

We went to the Olde Tyme Apple Festival last weekend in Versailles, MO. According to my frienemy, Google, Versailles, Mo. has a population of around 2700 individuals. I’m assuming this is in Versailles proper. The apple festival is purported to be the largest one day festival in Missouri. This little community of 2700 people expected 30,000 ATTENDEES at this festival. I think ALL of them, and their dogs were trying to make our rounds as DIFFICULT as possible. People are idiotic…wandering around with a smoked turkey leg dangling from their maw, pointing out the latest in crocheted Kleenex boxes, or wood carved name signs, completely oblivious to me, Mr. P and Perfectly’s dad trying to bob and weave through the crowd.

I was looking for this or these. That was it. I am sure the Sisters Café wasn’t at the Apple Festival, but there’s a cart that roasts up pecans and almonds that look like these right on the spot and sells them in wax cones….twisted shut at the top. They are hot and DELICIOUS!!

Anyway, the people pushing their baby strollers, carrying dogs and bunnies, and dentally challenged people eating an above mentioned turkey leg, were wandering, stopping on a dime, and weaving back and forth making my mission of finding the two things I wanted to see nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, I saw a toothless, whiskered man gumming a HUGE turkey leg. I still am unsure if I am amazed or concerned.

Anyway, here is what the Olde Tyme Apple Festival looks like on a cool, cloudy fall day in October.

Me and my Daddi-o

The SAME day, Homecoming 2009 took place, and Son #2 and his cutie pie girlfriend went off to dinner, and dancing. Ah....remember those days?

Come on, Y' know he's adorable! And so is she!!

It's been pouring all day, so it's been soggy, and cold. This weekend is the Hartsburg Pumpkin's a two day deal, so I can't wait to see what's going on there!!

Toodles for now!


Daisee579 said...

The Apple Festival looked like fun. I hope the Pumpkin Festival is fun too! I so wish you'd taken pictures of the toothless dude eating the leg. I love going to things like that just to see what dregs from the cracks turn up :)

And your son and his gf are just too freaking cute !!

stoogepie said...

You should tell the Apple Festival people that they spelled "Tyme" wrong. I always run a spell-check before I start a massive state festival.

Okay, WTF is up with The Fantastic Ceramic Garlic Grater. Is The Fantastic Ceramic Garlic Grater the blue thing or the dish-like thing? How the hell does it work? Is the blue thing the Garlic Peeler? I can tell what the brush is, but what the hell is the brush for? Is "The Fantastic Ceramic Garlic Grater" really a euphemism for "sex toy?" If so, yeah, I see how that might work.

No, I don't remember those days. I have seen lots about "homecoming queens" and such on TV and heard a lot about them in music, but I don't think any school I ever went to had any "homecoming," so I have no idea what "homecoming" is. Where the hell did everybody go that they need to come home?

But, yes, they are both hotties, and so are you. I love the pictures. Hand Dipped Corn Dogs? Tell me about it!

I'm drinking right now, so I lift my glass to you and thank you for two great years. I look forward to two more.