Thursday, June 25, 2009

Waiting for Stoogie to comment

I am constantly amazed by the blogging community I belong to. When I embarked on this blog endeavor, I never expected ANYONE to EVER read my posts except maybe my husband and friend, Jakki. I do not have a huge following, BUT the people that do follow me are like real FRIENDS…….they seem to respect me….they seem to laugh with me, and support me if I’m down. It’s amazing. I know everyone always talks about the dangers of ‘putting’ oneself ‘out there’….on the INTERENET…..that it’s DANGEROUS.

And, I suppose it could be. But since my little blog title is a portion of my name, and I often refer to where I live, and where I work….it’s not hard to find me. And so far, nobody has been untoward, stalkerish or frightening in any way.

I truly enjoy the rapport I have with many of my online friends. I feel like I could drop in on any one of you and have a cup of coffee and pick up like we really KNOW each other. I like that feeling.

I read a blog earlier today from one of my good blog buddies. One that would like to MEET ME in real life……..and she’s struggling right now…….which makes me sad. I think she’s awesome. And true to form, StoogePie (who’s my Stoogie) left her a beautiful comment. So, now I’m waiting for mine (hint hint, Stoogie).

I love you guys……and thank you for the chance to meet up with all of you….and for sticking with me and what I figured would be a boring little blog. I mean, who cares about a Midwestern mom of two teenagers in an incredibly happy marriage……….who likes to cook…….I mean, really…..YAWN. But y’all seem to ‘get’ me……..and I love that. I know a real AUTHOR because of this blog………I know fun people, and highly educated people. And they all still like my frumpy, un-educated self.

My struggling blog friend made me retrospective, I guess. Now….back to the fluff that is my life.

Sorry I was gone for so long. There’s nothing wrong… lack of material…….or no real reason for not blogging. Except I was lazy. I started a couple of posts, and deleted them……..Meh…they were just too hard to think about. I was not in a funk…Or angry….Or depressed…….just plain old LAZZZYYYYY assed-ness.

But, I’m sort of over it……maybe…….and I do have TONS of stuff to tell y’all about! Like My son’s dorm room/Dorm area!! Like celebrating PerfectlyShelly’s dad’s birthday at Hooters!!!! Oh, and we can’t forget our trip to the Lake to see the DOCK DOGS competition!! I have pictures of EVERYTHING!!! Even MY Hooters. Although, I discovered, when putting them on display for my husband’s camera when we were at HOOTERS…I neglected to put down my napkin….so I have my hooters and a napkin in my hand. I am such an old lady. If I’d had long sleeves, I guess I may have had it stuffed up in a sleeve for later use. Sheesh. OH…..and Brandon cut my hair that day, and it’s shorter than normal, and I’m not sure I like it.

So, be watching. Oh….and yes….My Hooters are clothed……I just wanted to give our cute hooters girl a run for her money. She had hooters too, and a cute body, but remember, I’m a big girl, and MY hooters out did hers FO’ SHO’……

Oh, and we’ve got son #2’s 16TH birthday coming up, and the fourth of July!! And an informal gathering of my class of ’84 classmates….AT THE WINERY!!!

So, there will be lots to see and talk about in the coming days.

I missed everyone….although if you check your site meters I have been reading. I’ve not commented much. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was LAZY ASSED. I just didn’t. So, I’m sorry, and I hope this doesn’t mean you all will not comment on mine. ‘Cause you guys know how I love to get comments.

So, I’M BBBAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!! Bring on the comments! I missed y’all!!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Dog Days

I’m bored internet. B.O.R.E.D.

Yes, I have tons I could do……clean my house from top to bottom. Do the gazillion loads of laundry that I have waiting. Clean the couch that smells like a dog……….yep…I have a lot to do. But none of it is FUN. I want to GO PLACES, and DO THINGS. Alas, we have a kid that just graduated (expensive) and going to college (outrageous), and another turning 16 on the 1st of July (EEEKKKK!!!), so, it’s not like I can just drop everything and book a trip to Puerto Rico (ahem, Stoogie….). Besides, I’ve got things like WORK, and KIDS to worry with as well.

Anywho…….I’ve been scouring the internet for things that interest me. Like the Soulard Farmer’s Market in St. Louis. It’s less than a 2 hour trip, and unless one goes bat-shit crazy buying produce, bakery items and meat….it ought not be terribly expensive. And then there’s the Canine Cannon Ball—which is a fundraiser for the Dogwood Animal Shelter in a community south of my town. It’s held at the Lake of the Ozarks (at the Dog Days Bar & Grill), and tonight they have an Extreme Vertical competition…….and to me it sounds LIKE A BLAST. Order some decent sounding food, a drink and watch the dogs.

Tomorrow they have a Speed Retrieve Heat, 3 Big Air WAVE competitions, and on Sunday, the Finals.

And, best of all, other than the food and drink….the Canine Cannon Ball is FREE!! So, I may go out on a limb and actually try to DO SOMETHING tonight. I always think about doing stuff, but I never seem to get off my butt to actually DO IT. Luckily, Mr. Perfectly is really good about indulging my whims, so he’ll grab his camera and do whatever I want. Which is nice. He’s good to me like that.

I’ll see if Perfectly’s Dad wants to go. He’s grumpy, so he’ll probably say no, but maybe. JUST MAYBE he’ll want to tag along. Next week is his birthday, so Teenie and I are putting our brains together to try to come up with a PARTAY for Daddy-o. So far, all he wants to do is go to Hooters, and said he wants it arranged to take a Hooter’s Girl home. Um…….NO. He can arrange his OWN Hooters……

Hee Hee, we’ll buy him a stuffed Owl (aka HOOTER) to take to bed with him at night. GREAT IDEA number one has emerged. Thanks, Internet…… are ALWAYS good for bouncing ideas off of.

Okay, Internet…here’s your assignment. Think of fun, FREE things for me to do to entertain myself this summer. Secondly, think of additional fun things for my Dad’s birthday. He’ll be 65.
See Ya!! Happy Friday!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I am sick, Internet. I expect a great deal of sympathy and well wishes. I don’t do sick well. Really, I don’t. Ask Mr. Perfectly. He’ll tell you.

I have bronchitis. And fluid behind my ears, and according to the Nurse Practitioner, ALLLLOOOTTTT of drainage running down the back of my throat. I knew you’d want to know that. So you can feel SORRY for me, and not to think to yourself ‘ewwwwww’.
I am coughing and crackling in my chest. I don’t like to crackle in my chest. It keeps me awake. I can hear myself crackling, and it’s a) disgusting, and b) NOISY. She put me on a steroid pack. Apparently, according to my co-workers who are, like me, trained in family medicine, I won’t sleep for the next week, and I’ll eat everything for the next week. The eating thing? Not new for me, but the SLEEPING thing? Yeah. I like my sleep. I do not like to be interrupted from said sleep. So what is one to do? Crackle all night long and cough like your 65 year old Uncle that smokes cigars? Or take the steroids and not sleep. And eat.

Speaking of eating, we are having hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner tonight. From the grill. I do enjoy a grilled hot dog……..and even a burger on occasion. I’m really not a huge beef fan….or a pork fan for that matter. If I do eat a burger, I do not like the uber thick ones. It needs to be thin. As thin as possible. I like the middle to be barely pink, and the outside sort of charred and crispy. I know, I don’t ask for much in particular in the preparation of my food, huh?

Son #2’s new girlfriend is coming over for dinner tonight, so yippee. I can cough it up in front of her, too.

I spent a lazy weekend alternating between dozing in my chair and hacking up a lung. I’m certain I was pleasant to be around.

Well, since I’m not doing anything other than complain, I’ll let you off the hook in reading about my misery, and trying to be empathetic (if you are’T’ FAKE IT!!).

Toodles for now.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now accepting donations!


Son #1 got word today that he's OFF THE WAITING LIST for a dorm room. HE GOT ONE!!!!

I couldn't be happier! Seriously!! He wants an apartment SO BADLY that he can't even stand it. I guess an 'apartment' sounds far more grown up, huh? But, Mom wanted a dorm room. It's cheaper, it's got some security and some basic rules to follow.

And, you know what one of the BEST THINGS about the dorm is? Huh, Internets? FREE LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!!!! Have any of you ever heard of FREE LAUNDRY in a dorm? It's a new fancy set of washers and dryers that all the boys on their floor share. All 12 of them (or however many are on a floor). And there are 4 boys to 1 bathroom. SWEET. Only 4 pee splatters to deal with rather than 24.

OH...OH....OH.....and a big deck looking over some woods for gatherings and an air hockey table, stove and fridge in the commons......OH AND FREE WI-FI, AND/OR INTERNET ROOM HOOK UP!! paying for DSL!!

Yes, it's a small dorm....only 24 men and 30 women (good odds, there, boys!!). It's a COMMUNITY COLLEGE, so having dorms at all is a dream for a parent.

Son #1 is pretty ticked that I won't consider an apartment now that the dorm situation has opened up. But he'll survive. He'll get a taste of the 'real' college experience.

Now, that means paying for said dorm room. At community college, things are way less expensive than University life, BUT it still costs.

And their meal plan is less than stellar. Monday thru Friday....Breakfast and Lunch ONLY. $600 a semester. Ouch.

Oh, Internets...I am so happy. Things have been so....difficult...with son #1 lately this is a breath of fresh air. A worry no more. A safe/monitored place to live.

Oh...then he asked to go to a strip club tonight. OY!! Hold me, please.

Congratulations to Crissy....she had TACO!! woo HOO.

Let me know if you need my address for donations.


Monday, June 1, 2009

591 (Edited)

That is how many students graduated in my son’s class on 05/22/09.

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for my graduation photos…….well here they are. LOOK AND LOVE THEM.

There are hundreds more if you are so inclined to see the entire group. Just come on by and we'll have a slice of pie and a slide show. kay?

Governor's wife, Georgeann Nixon gave the commencement speech. She's chatting with her Hubs before things get started.

I am fitting in with the crowd....I am fitting in with the crowd......

lining up...

Scanning the crowd.


Son #1 and Buddy after ceremony


The Laptop!!

Son #1 and Girlfriend

My Grandma!

My Mommy!!

My grandparents:


Son #1 did NOT get the grades he needed to take advantage of Missouri's A+ program. I am disappointed, but not angry. We now will be filling out financial aid papers to obtain small student loans that he will have to pay for if mom and dad can't get them paid prior to Son #2 going to college.

son #1 will still be going to Moberly Area Community College in the fall.....we do not have housing plans yet. We find out this week if he gets a dorm room or not.

He's working a temporary job right now. Sigh.