Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hi everyone! Be sure to go over and holla at Ms. Darkstar!!

So, what are your Thanksgiving plans? I’m kind of blue this year for some reason. My maternal family isn’t as vocal and noisy as my paternal one was. With Grandma Winnie being gone, I’m not ‘told’ what to do and when to do it regarding holiday visiting by my dad anymore. We used to travel en masse to Des Moines. I’d see both families, and all was good. Now that Grandma Winnie is gone, half of the family isn’t travelling there to meet up, so I tend to not travel either….even though my Mom, Uncle, cousins (all 3) and maternal grandparents are still there, and doing quite well.

I feel guilty that I’m not going to Iowa, but I also feel a small relief that I don’t have to travel. Feeling that relief makes me feel guilty. It’s a circle of MADNESS in my brain, Internets!!!

Anyway, my dad wants to do a big Turkey day on Sunday, the 28th. I of course want to do something on Thanksgiving day….so I went and bought a turkey. We will smoke it on the grill……I’ll make dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and dessert (I don’t know what yet). Then on Sunday, we’ll have ANOTHER big dinner……..sounds like a weekend to me!! Lots of food, family and LAZY!

Oh……have I mentioned that son #1 got a JOB? That’s right, a J.O.B! It’s not without some issues, butit’s a job. He’s moving home and will go to the Columbia Campus of Moberly Area Community College in January. With all the worry about partying and whatnot, it’s kind of hard with a moody one back in the house. I say all I want is some respect, but if I got that, I’m sure I’d add SOMETHING to the wish list, huh?

Anyway, he’s working at Kohl’s. He’s completing orientation and has to arrive at work at 3:45 AM on ‘Black Friday’. Hmmmmmm, I wonder where employees park that day? People line up at all hours waiting to get into that store…the lot will be full I am certain by 3:30 am………..I’ll have to ask him….then endure his eye rolling and accusations of being too nosy and ‘involved’ in his life. **sigh**

I took Ms. Darkstar’s advice and am participating in the various Holiday exchanges at the office. We shall see how things pan out this year.

Well, that’s really all I have for the time being. I’ll be back with Holiday tales, I am sure!!

Toodles, and Happy Thanksgiving…..just in case I don’t get something posted tomorrow.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow....how the time flies!

Oopsie! I had no clue it was the NINTH the last time I posted. That's a REALLY LONG TIME. Even for me!

Or, maybe I just wanted you to look at my cute, blurry dachshund again and again.

Wow, where do I start? Not much has happened, really, but then again, I've proved that I can certainly talk about NOTHING in great detail.

We had Veterans day off. Woo Hoo.....except it sort of sucked that we were off on a Wednesday........I prefer Monday or Friday holidays....for the obvious reasons. Not that I'm knocking ANY type of holiday, but if I had my druthers, I perfer the loonnnggg weekends.

Um......We lost the state quarterfinals in football......and that is about all.

I am debating whether or not to participate in our work gift exchange. It has come to my attention, in the most unsettling way, that I don't think the other kids around here like me very much.

One person in particular co-ordinates the gift exchange each year. I am usually the first on the list......excited at the prospect of searching and buying the perfect gift for my co-worker. The event co-ordinater has picked my name for the last several years in a row. We've laughed at this funny chain of events.

Well, last Thursday, when I began hearing things that maybe the kids have ostrascized me, it hit me like a TON OF BRICKS.........maybe the co-ordinator is 'taking one for the team' and allowing people to put my name back in the kitty......she always asks as we choose if the name we drew is 'okay' for us. I never put mine back....that is part of the charm of the event.......but since she's gotten my name all these years, it's suddenly ALARMING. The realization that she may be forced by fate to 'pick' my name hit hard!!

So, should I pout and not participate for fear that my co-workers are Cherry Picking names and I'm the pit? Or should I participate like I'm stupid (which I've obviously been for years) and participate like I always do (albeit with a dark cloud), or do I participate and load up my wish list with things that would make a seasoned SAILOR blush?

Um......I may need a little help with the last one. I'm not up on all the hip porn stuff these days.

You guys, I'm really bummed about this. I hate being blue and spouting all of my downer moments here. I don't want to be the pouty blog....I want to be the fun one..the blog with OPTIMISIM...and ROSE COLORED GLASSES!!

But seriously, what if the kids don't like me and are putting my name back and forcing the event coordinator to choose it? The mere thought sends my self esteem plummeting.

And see? Here's the thing....I wanted to try a secret Santa event last year. I put it together, and there were only 5 of us that participated. I thought the low number was due to it being new....the extra money people would have to spend, etc....but amazingly the girl who organizes the OTHER gift event got my name. Maybe the low participation was due to them not liking me.

I am putting two and two together and coming up with REJECTION from my co-workers.

So, Internets, what should I do? If I am to be spiteful, I need ideas!!

Toodles for now, peeps.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Look at the cute widdle baby puppy!

So. Mr. P will be frustrated with me for placing photography that isn't his earthly best on my blog for all of the Fives of you to look at......but too bad.

He's so cute!

Here's our little Dex.......all happy and running in the sunshine yesterday!

Yes, he's a little blurry, but still so cute.

He's a year old now......we got him from the Crazy Lady last October......he's the sweetest dog EVER!

Happy Monday, Y'all!

**Edited to add....look at what the FRACK Jakki found in her basement this past weekend. A SNAKE.

We think it's a Midland Brown Snake.

I am hyperventilating for her. Seriously. OMG....in her HOUSE.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cry To Me

Okay---the sexiest scene in any movie EVAHHHHH is in Dirty Dancing. The little cult classic chick flick. You know the one......with Johnny and Baby?

Yeah, just the first strains of the song Cry To Me get me all tingly.......No porn, no sex, no gratuitious nudity.....just young people......all romantic and sexy. **sigh**

Obviously, there's not much going on this Sunday afternoon. Sure, I've got cleaning that desperately needs to be done, but WHY? Why, when I can rewind Dirty Dancing and watch Johnny and Baby tentatively get it on OVER AND OVER?

I am in the Holiday mood people. I went to the dollar store and to Wal Mart looking for cute, kitchy ideas for inexpensive gifts for co-workers and Mr. P's staff. He's got like 13 or 14 people, so we keep the price tag WAYYYYYY low, but we want it to be thoughtful and appropriate......

He never likes my ideas, but I'm hoping this year for a little set up of a small serving bowl, with a dip spreader (holiday, of course) and several cute packages of dip mixes. We will see.

I am headed to Pier One to look for a gift for someone special, and to see what holiday stuff they have.

Okay---that's it for now......it's nearly 80 degrees here today. It's beautiful.

I'm off to discover new holiday decorations!

Toodles for now!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

People let me tell you 'bout my BEST FRIENDS.....

They are my up my down; my pride and joy.

Crissy commented on my blog recently and said 'you want to hang out?". I couldn't have been more thrilled. I seriously have become attached to my blog group of friends. As scary as the cyber world may be, I would have no qualms about putting on my pj's and hanging out with any or ALL of you for an evening....or longer. Snacks....wine.....fun and frivolity? Doesn't that sound fun?

I have found over the years that I tend to become far more emotionally attached to people then they do me....or at least that is my perception. It goes back to high school. It was very difficult for me to understand the ebb and tide of friendship. I understand better now, but still, I tend to cling more than my fair share.

I have learned that people tend to drift and come back together, and your true friends will always be your friends. Those that you had an intense, presumably inseparable relationship with, usually are not the strongest.......hence, why first loves generally don't last....

AnyBFF's, I want to talk about my friends. And how I'm attached to them. And how much I love them....seriously love them. I count on them, I tend to monopolize conversation, and make it all about me. But they still come back for more. I can't tell you how important that is.

First, there is Ph.D. We've been friends since we were 11. With the exception of a short stint in Junior High when she told me I needed to fix my hair better to be her friend, she's stuck by me without fail for 32 years. She's gonna hate that I mention that..........Although it was terrible at the time, it's one of those things that make me appreciate her.........it was her own brand of honesty......sucky as it was......but it really never changed our friendship. I've never had a bond with another person outside of family like I do her. She is like family to me. Her parents are wonderful to me, and my kids.....I see her dad monthly out and about and he ALWAYS stops to talk.......her brother works in the same building I do, and her sisters are kind of like my own.

I could spend an entire blog just about her....us.....and our lives. Aside from my own family, I've know her longer than anyone. Better than anyone, and she knows me better than anyone....she was with me when son #2 was born. Not because I didn't have support...I did....Mr. P....my parents....my in-laws....but because she wanted to be there. She just wanted to experience the birth......and just BE there.......now really, how cool is that? She and I laugh harder than just about anyone when we find things really funny.....and I love her like a sister.

Then my BFF that you know best, Internets......Teenie. She's my near constant companion on our down time.......our oldest sons were in the same class. Son #1 got a birthday invitation at the ROLLER RINK for her son's 7th birthday. I dropped Son #1 off and this adorable girl said "Hey...I think we're neighbors..." we chatted for a brief moment, then I ran away. Freedom from one of the kids for a couple of hours......I felt kind of bad, but she SAID she didn't need any help at the party......so I took her up on the free moments!!

Shortly thereafter, she and her husband divorced. He remained in the house up the street from us, and I actually became relatively close to him. Then later on in the year, our kids would play YMCA basketball together......I chased after Teenie like nobody's business. She was so CUTE...and FUN.....she was a party in a person!! I wanted to be friends with her. I'd try to save her seats at the games.....I'd try to wave her over to me in the stands...I'd follow her around talking about the boys......and the moment that sealed my love for her? The time she actually took me up on my crazed waving, and sat by me at a game. Her son made a basket....and in the quiet clapping of the gym she stood up and screamed as loud as she could "THAT'S MY SON!!!!". I've never admired anyone more.

Teenie, as I've learned, isn't like me. She's a party in a person, alright, but she's very reserved on a personal level. Her hesitance to hang with me wasn't because she found me strangely nuts....saving her a seat like in grade school....trying to talk when she was intently watching her kid play ball......she just needed to learn IN HER TIME that she could trust me.

We maintained a casual friendship, but when the trust kicked it........it kicked in in full force. We are each other's backups for emergency calls from school and events. She hangs out with my family......and although our boys grew up to be different kids, and have different friends, they, too still seek each other out on occasion for a conversation. We are close enough that my relationship still remains pretty friendly with her ex, too.........I mean he was the one I sort of bonded with first............and despite his flaws, and my undying support of HER.....she doesn't have any issue with me being friends with him.....

As far as my go to girl, that's her. She's the one I want to hang out with, to call when I'm in a pickle, to laugh with, to cry with. I may not have known her as long as Ph.D., but I love her as dearly.

Annndddd....Jakki. I chased her too. Why in the world I am attracted to the most reserved people on earth, I don't know. EVERYONE loves Jakki. EVERYONE thinks Jakki is their closest friend. I've got news for them. She's not. She's slow to trust.....but once trust is established, you've got it unconditionally. She's full of laughter, insight and spirituality. She's funny and smart as hell. She totally 'gets' me. And I get her. We can finish each other's thoughts. We know what kind of a day the other is having. I tend to be aggressive....to try to pry infomation out of her if she's down, or blue. I've learned, though, where to draw the line....and let her have her space. Most of the time ;).

Jakki is my rock....my advisor, and best of all...my friend. A title she doesn't hand out readily........a title that I accept with deep pride and love.

And the New Kid on the Block..........the one I've only said is my re-discovered friend from High school.....BILLYE!

I guess she's not really the new kid, is she? I've known her since Junior High. In high school we lived near each other and became good friends. Billye is strong, resolved, fun as hell, gorgeous, and straightforward. Again, Billye isn't one to just hand out trust to everyone. She's friendly to everyone she meets, but, once again, you have to earn her trust.........earn the ability to know her on the INSIDE.....Billye was probably my first experience in the ebb and tide of friendship....we'd have this INTENSE fun, and friendship for a while, then it would sort of go away...not away, but Billye's strength is doing what she wants to do......and just because you are running after her wanting to do the same thing you did last week, didn't mean that she wanted that. She was always one that wanted space, too (again....clingy me, wanting friends that are so not clingy...hahah). But, our friendship has stood the test of time. Long periods of time have passed between seeing one another, but the familiarity is always there. Like time has stopped or something......her memory is great...she remembers things I certainly don't. I am eternally grateful for our newest ebb of friendship.

And then there's my 4 bestest blog buddies.....so far, that is. Crissy, Ms. Darkstar, Daisee (who doesn't have a blog, but is a great commenter!!), and Stoogie.

Again, I find myself becoming all squishy inside when I get comments or e-mails, or packages from you. I think of you as my friends....not just someone I communicate with. Oh, and WhiskeyMarie! And MelissaLion!! I would so love to hang out with ANY of you.

So, when I offer my shoulder, or wish we could meet, I really mean it. Obviously, I'm trustworthy or the crew above would have never let me 'in'........sheesh......I will say it again...I'm amazed at my friends. Reserved wise, we are all polar opposites.........

My friends.......I am who I am partially because of you......Thank you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If You're a Lesbian and you know it CLAP YOUR HANDS!!

Have you all ever wondered why I never go out for my stupendous adventures with Mr. Perfectly? Have you thought judgementally to yourself "maybe she's a Lesbian?"? Then felt ashamed, because, really, it shouldn't MATTER?

Well, I am about to tell all.

Teenie, Jakki, Ph.D., and my recently rediscovered High School Friend and I are.......wait.......can you STAND IT........

Good Friends. In some cases, BFF's!!!! I think it's okay to have more than one BFF.....I suppose technically, the definition of BEST is just that....best....but you can have more than one 'best' something, can't you? You best going out outfit? Your Best work outfit? See where I'm going?

Anyway, Mr. Perfectly is nearly the most UN-social person I know. He's happy behind the camera lens.......not interacting with people........or holed up at home. He even comes in the house during yard work to avoid alot of neighborhood interaction.

He's the NICEST guy you'll ever meet, but unless you happen to be in my personal inner circle.....it'll take you a while to know it....because you'll probably never see him. And if you do, he'll be all formal, and uncomfortable.....for the first million times he meets you, THEN he may be able to relax a bit and have some fun.

So, he seems content to let me run around acting like a late blossoming teenager with my friends. That also gives him the opportunity to take control of the remote, which I am not willing to give up when I'm in the house. He can watch all his car shows, his action movies, and sometimes stupid BROMANCE comedies with Son #2.

He likes to take me to El Jimador....he loves Mexican food and beer...and we have a great time. He enjoys dinners out with Perfectly's dad and the Fam; both mine and his. Both families tend to hang out together, which is really fun, too. In laws who like YOUR family too? Wow.......but really...that's about it. You could see the look of panic on his face when that one time we got invited to a New Year's Eve party....with people we've casually known for YEARS.

So, no Lesbian action here.......sorry for those of you that were hoping, or speculating.

I do have friends that seem to exclaim at every opportunity that we aren't lestbian when we are running around town........I think it's funny. If people are so shallow to assume that, then it's THEIR problem, not mine.........I really don't care if someone thinks that of me. I sort of take it as a compliment...because the Lesbians and Gays are AWESOME. What cool groups of people to be with. They are less judgemental, and tons of fun.

Unlike uptight so called 'straight' people who find it necessary to judge everyone and everything around them........making themselves feel better by an inflated sense of superiority.

I do worry, however, about offending my few gay and lesbian friends. I live in small town USA, remember, so if I have a large group of said friends, I certainly don't know it...but the few that I do have, I don't want to offend....but I really do love them. Not because they are GAY, but because they are real. And fun....and don't care if I'm fat......so if you read this and don't like me calling you guys Gays and Lesbians for the sake of convo....then I'm sorry....but really.......how else can I express my admiration?

Toodles for now!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where do forty somethings fit in?

Well, thirty and forty somethings. Fat forty somethings. But the forty something feels twenty something in her HEART!!

Our small city is lacking in night life. Which, is good, because many places that there ARE to go are less expensive than big city stuff......but it tends to get BORING doing the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. WANT. TO. VENTURE. OUT.

El Jimador for Margaritas. Woo Hoo. It's what we do. It's what y'all hear about ad nauseum.......but I'm here with yet ANOTHER story.

Since there isn't much to do, and we must eat, and it's cheap, Teenie and I went to El Jimador Friday night. Mr. P was at a Football game in Columbia taking pics, so we were on our own.

We walked into El Jimador and it was PACKED......Friday night...good margaritas....not so surprising. We entertained the thought leaving and going to one of their other 2 locations in town (yes, they are that popular), but decided to wait it out...and am I glad we did!

Guess who (or what?) was there? A mariachi band! I'll be honest....to begin with, I was disappointed. I'm not into LOUD places, and believe, El Jim is pretty loud to start with. Then I got with the program, and was FASCINATED! Teenie and I ordered our standard half pitcher of Margaritas (hey......there's only TWO of us, and Teenie is....well....TEENIE....and they are STRONG. SUCKERS.), and our food. She ordered her tacos and I ordered my standard Camarones El Jimador. Suddenly the mariachi band stopped. I was so disappointed. I asked the waiter if they left, and I got a vacant stare, a half smile and a 'yeah'. I am not certain he speaks fluent English.

Anyshrimpandonions, we were laughing, and talking and totally enjoying the margaritas, food and some awesome salsa verde----when we heard strains of guitar and trombone music. I got up and wandered for a sec, to see if it was canned music, or if the band had just taken a break. Our waiter walked by, and I exclaimed "they are BACK??". I got the same vacant stare, half smile and 'yeah'.

So, pretty soon, they band wandered to the front of the restaurant, where we were. I ended up ordering another margarita, and Teenie and I split it...so it was a half of a half of a pitcher........and I was trying to video the band on my phone and they came over to US!! The guitar player sat on Teenie's side of the booth and she said if they played the Chicken Dance (again) that she'd stand up on her side of the booth seat and do the actual CHICKEN DANCE. Well, I had my camera phone primed and ready.....she did the chicken dance in front of the restaurant, and it was the most fun thing we've done FOREVER........I got it all on video.

But now the video is gone. GONE, INTERNETS.....G.O.N.E. Mr. Perfectly was going to do the techie thing and post it here so you all could see what fun we can have in our small little city, but did I tell you? IT'S GONE!

I had tried to e-mail the video to her college aged son, and because the file was too big it wouldn't send. But we SAW IT......we LAUGHED at it......the video was LOUD as we watched it in the restaurant!

Did I somehow delete it? Or was it the Halloween Ghosts?

Because, there is MORE mystery, people. MYSTERY.

After we were done Mariachi-ing, eating and drinking and sitting a spell to let the tequila wear off, we decided to go somewhere else. But where? We tried to find a club that we could go to and fit in. There ARE NONE in town. They are all country bars, or college-ish bars. Or old people bars. We wanted a gay bar, because the gays don't care if two older than 20's age people arrive. One Teenie and one Fat. If the girls wanna have fun, the gays are all for it.

But nooooooo....no gay bars around here.......only in Columbia, and we didn't' want to go that far, so do y'all wanna know what we DID DO?

We went bowling. COSMIC bowling. We even got over our own gross out factor and put on the rented bowling shoes! They are NEON Pink, Green and Yellow. It's awesome during cosmic bowling.

I won....all three games. We took pictures of our scores to prove it...because I bowl so terribly Mr. P never would believe me. And guess what. The bowling pictures are G.O.N.E.


I think the Halloween goblins did something with my prized video and WINNING proof photos of our bowling adventure.

So, Blog Buddies...I thought of you all weekend. I couldn't WAIT to show you the fun and frivolity of my weekend.......and the proof went POOF.

So, you'll just have to believe me when I tell you that it was a blast....Teenie said she felt like Barney in the restaurant doing the Chicken dance, because all the little kids in the place did it with her, and then we went cosmic bowling. Of which I WON all three games. My scores were 58, 81 and sixty something. See, I have MAD skillz in bowling.......

So, back to my question. Where to fun loving 30 and 40 somethings go for fun? We can only eat Mexican and bowl so often, my friends....we need to add to our repertoire!

What are some suggestions? I welcome them ALL!!