Thursday, July 31, 2008


My new Breezies Solid Support bra with Ultimair!!! I've got it on already. I couldn't wait. It definately is full coverage, but not as 'brunhilda-ish' as some people acted like in their reviews. Apparently these are women who have boobs that fit and look perky in any ole' piece of cloth. Mine need heavy duty help.

I must say, so far, I'm a little disappointed. Just a little. It's not as IRON CLAD as I'd hoped, and although it fits comfortably, I'm not so sure the support is what I hoped it would be. I hoped it would be like the reviews........US Troop armor or something. So far (so far....) they aren't pooching out of the bottom OR the top....which is nice. I usually pooch out of one or the other--the loosy goosy one I had on today, the wanted to pop out the BOTTOM. Often, they bulge at the top.

I'M GOING OUT TO EAT WITH TEENIE tonight. I'm so excited. Her mom is out of the hospital and is doing better---at least not near death, so I haven't seen her in AGES. I'll show her the bra(jealous Stoogie??) and get her opinion.

I have a dilemma. My bra didnt' arrive by the estimated delivery date. So I called QVC and the customer service lady told me that if it hadn't arrived by the 31st, that they'd replace it. I got home at 1 pm this afternoon to take son #2 to register for his FRESHMAN YEAR....and got the mail. No Breezies Bra. I immediately called the QVC lady again, and she apologized and told me that my gargantuan sized bra was on 'wait list' and she'd credit our account the 30 dollars and change. She said we'd see the refund on the credit card in a few days and they'd call me for sure before they sent out another one when they got the back order in. She said that this bra may show up eventually. I asked her what I should do if it DOES show up, and she said just call them with the info.

Well, apparently I or someone in my family didn't get the mail yesterday, and the mail I got at 1pm was YESTERDAY'S mail. The mailman didn't show up until 6 pm this evening. 6 O'CLOCK. What the heck kind of mailman shows up at 6??? So here I got my bra by the day they thought it would be delivered (at the latest) and a credit coming on the credit card.

Do I be honest and let them know so I can not feel guilty for the rest of my life for stealing a Breezies Bra from QVC? Or do I take the booty and RUN and let the boobs stand HIGH in their theiving ways?

I'll give you my decision later after nachos and margaritas.

My baby is in HIGH SCHOOL. He's scrimmaging the SOPHOMORES at football practice tonight. He's one of the guys that TACKLES people, so he could get hurt. The coaches get really TURNED ON by the kids that HIT HARD. It's disturbing. One coach told my sweet blond baby "THAT'S how we f'ing HIT". MY BABY!! They told him this while grabbing his helmet and screaming it at him. And this was PRAISE!!! For the way he HIT other boys!!! It seems really perverted to me.....they should be explaining how to SHARE the ball, and to have EQUAL playing time.....RIGHT?

Ok, nachos and margaritas are eaten and drunk (or is it drank??). It was AWESOME to hang out with Teenie again. She has had such a stressful 6 weeks or so, and it was great to laugh and visit for a while. SHE liked the bra.........I flashed her to get her opinion.

We went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream after nachos and margaritas, and there were two kids (high school looking) sitting in the back of a pickup truck with music stands, guitars, and banjos. They were singing FOLK was nearly too funny to sit through without laughing. They were so earnest. And it was so......folksy........Only in my community can you eat nachos, have margarita night, and get folk music with ice cream. AhHhhh.....small town living.

Blue Oyster Cult is supposedly playing at our county Fair tomorrow night (or is it Sat. night). I need to research the music. It may be worth fighting the Rowdy Set to see. It's supposed to be oppressively hot tomorrow, so I doube I'd really do that, but Hey.....we'll have to see!

Well, I'm tired (it's almost 11....whew), off to beddie bye.



Dingo said...

I don't think I can get iron clad but I think with some aluminum foil and superglue, I might just be able to make what you are looking for.

stoogepie said...

I am, indeed, jealous of Teenie.

Keep the bra! Do not be honest! Honesty is for chumps.

Okay, maybe that was harsh. Here is what I suggest. Do not call QVC about the bra. When the new bra arrives, if you have lost any sleep over the stolen bra, call QVC and pay for the new bra. Or alternatively, if you have lost any sleep over the stolen bra, talk to your doctor about Ambien CR. It really works.

I won't tell your son about your outburst over him hitting other dudes really hard if you don't. It will be our little secret. Give him a high five for me and tell him to try to break their jock straps. Just so we're clear, the point of high school is to maim, kill, and demoralize as many fellow students as possible. Maybe it's all coming back to you now. Tell your son to break some hearts while he's at it. Literally, if possible.

I'm very late in commenting to this post, so what happened with Blue Oyster Cult?