Monday, July 14, 2008

Hip Hip HOORAY!!

Our computer is BACK!! It isn't all set up, and Mr. Perfectly is working out the glitches (with lots of bad words and loud sighing), but IT'S HOME!!!!!!

I feel like crap tonight, so I will make this short (aren't you all THRILLED that for once it's short???). I have a sore throat and an earache, and I hear BENEDRYL calling me very loudly. I realize benedryl may not be the best solution for an earache, but makes me sleep like a baby. And I have to go to work tomorrow since today I stayed home and slept, ate and watched DVR'd espisodes of crappy stuff (noth--ing makes me crabbier than being sick and having NOTHING to watch on the tee vee).

Stoogie, since I am not going back to answer comments (at least tonight) several people told me to my face that the Watermelon salsa was 'really good', but I came home with most of that ought to tell you.....Personally??? I liked it.........It's not something I'd want EVERY DAY, but for a summer day dinner or potluck? It's cool and refreshing, and tastes good!!! But you have to be brave enough to TRY IT FIRST.........which I doubt many people did, since I labeled it......and nobody thought watermelon salsa sounded nearly as good as the old fashioned favorites, like STUPID doughnuts, and brownies............oh, and some sticky, nasty rice/broccoli dish that was SWEET the ones who did cook did it badly, and the ones that had ok stuff didn't think OUTSIDE THE snack day was sadly disappointing to me.

I'm glad my computer is back.......Hopefully Mr. Perfectly will survive the trauma of having to put on all the updates and discovering new bad words!!!

Toodles for now....


stoogepie said...

Aw, I'm disappointed that it's short!

Congratulations on getting your computer back!

Benadryl is pretty great. With booze it is awesome. Actually, I think Benadryl with booze is called "Nyquil."

Next time, you should lie and say the watermelon salsa is made from space tomatoes or something.

My very general rule is that the very best snacks in the world are wrapped in bacon. And they often contain sausages, too.

I hope you feel better today! And I hope Mr. Perfectly got all those updates done!

Kristen said...

I had a salad with watermelon and feta cheese in it the other day that wasn't half bad.

I'm sick too. Same sort of symptoms too.


Perfectly Shelly said...

Stoogie--benedryl alone is enough to knock me out...

Kristen---I infected you with a COMPUTER VIRUS!!!!!!! (buwahahahaha)

Mr. Perfectly said...

Hmm, watermelon wrapped in bacon. No thanks.

I did get the updates on and the number of bad words was not all that bad. I think Best Buys customer service ranks right up their with Sprint, local Ford service, and Kristen's experience with AT& T.

Since getting the PC back, there are two more USB ports on the front of the computer. They damaged the PC and appears that they put the wrong front on it. No complaints there, except that the extra USB ports don't work. The TV tuner card is not working either. The fan on the video card was simply screeching, but everything was working fine when I put it into Best Buys hands.

What will be next in the fiasco.

Sigh! #@!*