Friday, July 25, 2008

Introducing Arch

Ok, I felt very uncomfortable referring to my good friend from my teen years as 'boy' or 'the boy'. The post started out with just a mention of him, and turned out to be ABOUT him!! At the TIME he was a boy--and I wanted him for a BOY friend.....hence the boy reference, which didn't work although I don't have much occasion to talk about him publicly, I'll introduce him as ARCH.

The basis of his name isn't hard to figure out, especially if you read my comments...hint hint. But suffice it to say, it works much better.

So, Arch, if you are reading this, let me know.........I'm thinking of posting wedding photos, and your 90210 self may make an appearance........Our anniversary is soon, and I'm all nostalgic.

Oh, I meant to tell you all, I ordered a bra....FROM QVC!!! I'm worried, because after I ordered it I read customer reviews of it, and they say it's a little cone like and the cups are BIG.....well, I've never run into the too big cup situation, and cone-ish boobs don't sound, internet, I am worried. I have no luck posting links from QVC, but it's the BREEZIES Solid support bra with ULTIMAIR lining. And speaking of bras, I read this, and am worried even MORE!! DAMAGED BREASTS!!

I never wear sports bras for the smoosh and support factor (and the fact I'm not very 'sporty'), but still....what if I've damaged them??

The internet is a fabulous tool, but sometimes, I think ignorance is bliss.......who wants to think about irreparably damaged BOOBS?

Two posts on this fine Friday..........aren't you all lucky?


Dingo said...

I say forget the bra and let those girls run free!!

Oh, and you can model a pic of you wearing the bra as you perform the White Snake video on the in-laws snazzy convertible. I can hear MTV calling already!

My Life My Life My Life said...

Hopefully its not the same type of bra that,just today,in the conference room at work,we became intimate over....

stoogepie said...

I like Arch! Arch is a good name. It reminds me of McDonalds golden arches, which reminds me Egg McMuffins, which reminds me of Studmuffin McManly. So we're there! I mean, maybe the name Arch does not have as much character as Smitty Werben Yeager Man Jensen, but it's a good name nonetheless.

Speaking of golden arches, I looked up the Breezies bra with its patented Ultmair lining. Fancy! And anything with a patent has to be good for your twins, right? Anyways, they got pretty good reviews on Amazon. What color did you get? Because they come in shiny gold and silver. I was very much hoping you went full bling on this one.

Do-It-Yourself Tip: Cone-shaped bras can be nice, but for the full effect you might want to slice the erasers off a couple of pencils and glue one to the tip of each cone. That makes for a very lovely bra that will stand out. If you think people aren't listening to you now, you'll get lots of attention with eraser nipples glued to your bra.

I read that article about all the tit-damage women can get exercising and I agree wholeheartedly. Part of my extensive training in Beverage Therapy including some nights studying in strip clubs, and I can tell you without qualification that men can spot healthy, natural boobs at least until they surpass the three-drink minimum. My advice to you and to all women is this: never do an exercise you can't comfortably do completely naked. It can't be bad for your boobs if you can do it completely naked. Also, you should prove the point by exercising completely naked. Oh, and did I also mention that you should never do an exercise you are not willing to videotape yourself doing and then willing to post on the internet? I may have forgotten that part. Also, sex is exercise. These rules get complicated.

Anyways, all I was getting at through this whole comment is that I can't wait for pics (and maybe video?) of you in the new bra!

Kristen said...