Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's Saab?

My in-laws recently bought a new toy. A pretty red convertible. Mr. Perfectly and I went to Rolla, MO to visit them today. My Mother-in-law had recent back surgery and we took roses. We went for a spin in the new TOY!!!

Now, for all of you new friends that may not have seen the few pictures of me that I have posted, I'm putting myself out here.......self consciousness and all.

Here is PRE Saab-spin:

This is post-Saab-spin:

Internet, meet HOT Mr. Perfectly. Mr. Perfectly, this is the Internet:

See, I was trying to show the 'before' hair and 'after' hair, but apparently even after riding for 20 minutes in a convertible, my already curly, frizzy hair doesn't change much. Sorry--I was hoping for the Sam Kenison my brother so kindly told me I looked like on a crazy bus in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I guess it didn't quite work this time.

So, there I am, and there Mr. Perfectly is. Neither of the boys came, since #1 is still in Florida, and #2 was with Girlfriend.

I thought about crawling around on the hood of the Saab like the White Snake video, but I was afraid it may burn me in the 95 degree Missouri then I did a Betty Boop imitation, and it just didn't turn out as planned. I saw cute and playful in my head, and in reality, it was very ROUND and I decided not to show y'all.

PSYCHE!!!!!! I will.....even though it PAINS me.....this is PERFECTLY in the ENTIRETY....and there's alot......but it's who I am, so take it or leave it:


Dingo said...

I'm sure your in-laws's neighbors wanted to put you on a crazy bus to Puerto Rico after watching your White Snake/Betty Book antics through their kitchen windows. Hey! We might even be able to find the video they made of it on You Tube!

Mr. Perfectly said...

I'll take it.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Ahhh, Dingo.

The in-laws probably wanted me on my crazy way too...I tried to Betty Boop it while Father-in-law was coming down the walk---

stoogepie said...

You. Look. FABULOUS!

Hey, you and Mr. Perfectly look awesome in the car, but that last picture of you is just priceless. As in, it should be in your banner or in your about me or something.

Hey, you have no reason at all to be self-conscious. And I did the whole click-on-the-picture-so-you-get-a-good-look-at-the-tatas and everything.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Awww, stoogie....thanks. Once again to the rescue to make my ego balloon! First I rock, now I look fabulous.....(blushing)...thanks!

Yeah, the ta ta's. A sight to behold, huh?