Friday, July 25, 2008

Pity Party---Part Deux

Ok…..Mr. Perfectly was a PRINCE last night. We didn’t end up cooking anything because Son #2 wanted Chinese food. Our Hy-Vee has a Chinese food bar, which Mr. Perfectly and Son #2 love. Me? Not so much. But since there’s a PIZZA HUT near Hy-Vee….my dinner last night consisted of Cheese Breadsticks with sauce. And 3 glasses of wine. 3 people. I’m a lightweight.

Mr. Perfectly ran around and collected all the food, and even crisped up my cheesey bread sticks for me when they were still kind of doughy on the bottom. He was very attentive, and filled my glass at every opportunity.

There was NOTHING on the tee-vee, and I hadn’t gotten any more COMMENTS from my post, so I looked at the DVR to see what we’d recorded. Mr. Perfectly went to Best Buy to blow his $900 wad, and Son #2 drove him (since he’s got his permit, he wants to drive us everywhere). I found an episode of ‘Paranormal Kids” or whatever it’s called on A&E, and started watching it. I saw the introduction of the kids they were featuring, and the very next thing I knew, I heard the door opening, and the guys returning. WTF? I’d fallen asleep---SOUNDLY. At least I didn’t drool.

So, at 8:45, I toddled off to bed. IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE.

That, Internet, was my pity party. It was actually quite nice, and the fact that Mr. Perfectly came through and made me the princess, made my day. I was ticked off that there was not a THING on television, though.

Yesterday, I thought a lot about my pity party. I really have no reason for a pity party. I do have awesome friends and they can’t help it if they have stuff happening in their lives……I’m sure I’m not as attentive to them as I need to be sometimes either.

I sent an email to a childhood friend, and it made me realize how lucky I am to have the friends I do----Actually, I’ve known this friend since I was 14. The 14 year old Perfectly was BOY CRAZY, and this particular boy was the focus of my crazy. All through high school, I made it my GOAL to date this boy. I chased him relentlessly. I sort of feel bad, now, because I really didn’t leave him alone much…….but anyway…he lived in a different town than me, and I used EVERY opportunity available to me to see him. My very brief stint with Church related activities was youth group stuff, primarily to SEE HIM. It was quite the sad display. I hope God isn’t mad at me for using Church to see this boy.

Now mind you, I looked NOTHING like the Perfectly you see today. I was actually kind of cute. This boy reciprocated my chasing of him ON OCCASION. Just enough to keep me interested, I guess. Anyway, we never really had a major relationship…..alot of flirting and some really nice long talks. He probably doesn’t remember this, but we agreed that if we weren’t married by the time we were 40 we’d get married and live in New York. The one thing that I’ll NEVER forget is that he came to my high school graduation. He didn’t have to, he just did, and he surprised me with it. I think I was preparing to go out and probably had a date, but Boy, if you ever read this, that made a HUGE impact on me, even if I didn’t show it then.

When I met Mr. Perfectly, he didn’t like this boy AT ALL. They’d never met, but apparently my years long obsession with the boy didn’t set well with Mr. Perfectly. I talked to this boy on and off, and we maintained a friendship. He was dating someone else, I was dating someone else, but Mr. Perfectly still didn’t approve.

Then came wedding plans for me and Mr. Perfectly. I wanted the boy to be an usher in our wedding. This was an affront to Mr. Perfectly’s sensibilities……..this PERSON I’d pursued much of my young life to be IN OUR WEDDING? I suggested they meet. We met in a local Mexican restaurant, and lo and behold? They hit it off like GANGBUSTERS. Suddenly the boy was ‘OUR’ friend, and he was welcome to be in our wedding. I of course was thrilled. He was an usher (along with my brother), and he looked very handsome in his tux and 90210 hair (Boy, if you are reading this, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

Over the years, we kept in touch on and off. He moved to a big city, and I was jealous of the cool, jet-setting big city life. He often commented that my quiet, married life with kids was appealing.

For several years, we lost touch---I contacted him when Ph.D was moving to his city---and we connected once again. We talk via email regularly, and have even had the opportunity to see each other---which was really nice. His parents and sisters live closer to me, but he’s FAR away.

So, I guess the point of all of this is that I may think I’m clingy and needy, BUT I’ve managed to keep friends from my childhood---Ph.D and I have been together since we were 11---she’s the closest thing to a sister I have. I have this boy—that I probably annoyed all to hell when we were teenagers, and he’s still my friend—and Mr. Perfectly’s too. It’s pretty lucky that I can say I have the same friends I had 30 years ago. I have 2 awesome friends from more recent times, but still long-termers……many years……none of them have dumped me yet, so I guess I should be counting my lucky stars instead of holding a private pity party……..

And now, I have all of YOU, internet……….so, the Princess treatment and 3 glasses of wine apparently worked, because I’m in a much better frame of mind today.

I need a better pseudonym for ‘Boy’ since that isn’t very politically correct……so if he or anyone can think of a better one, let me know…I don’t even know if he reads my blog…….

Oh, and I am also lucky to be close to my parents and brother. Until 18 months ago, I had 3 living grandparents. My lovely maternal grandmother has since passed, but both maternal grandparents are alive and kicking……..not a bad feat to be 42 and still can talk to my grandma and grandpa, huh?

Thanks for putting up with me, internet.



Dingo said...

So glad you are not feeling so blue. Don't you hate when you actually have the time and energy to watch TV but nothing is on? That's what my DVD of Love Actually and Moulin Rouge are for. If Ewan McGregor can't get you out of the blues, then you are in deep, deep trouble.

Lynne said...

We all need to throw ourselves a pity party once in a while! That and 3 glasses of wine is all you need!

stoogepie said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Wine is good, isn't it? I would marry wine if I ever sobered up enough to propose.

I talked to God about the whole using-him-to-stalk-a-dude thing. He was a little pissed at first, but then he talked it over with Santa and they're both fine with it.

Instead of Boy, how about Studmuffin McManly? Or King-Size Snickers? Or Buns Delish? Or how about Jorge Metoo?

Perfectly Shelly said...

Stoog.....Ok, Mr. Perfectly and he may be buddies, but I doubt either of them would appreciate Studmuffin McManly or Buns Delish......I think Mr. Perfecly would prefer those be left for HIS nicknames.

I think I'll call him Arch. He's an architect, so that his occupation may be more than he's comfortable with...but that works better than the boy----