Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don’t mess with me, Jesse

Yesterday, I refrained from my long winded TIRADES about Best Buy, Geek Squad, Geek Squad City, and the ‘Agents’ in the Public Defender’s office of Geek Squad. I know I am windy, and my thoughts are all over the place, and my writing makes no sense unless you R E A D I T V E R Y S L O W L Y and try to take notes to piece my random thoughts together.

But today, however, I will treat you to an UPDATE. I called Jesse at Geek Squad ‘Public Defender’s office” yesterday around 1 pm (mind you this was 28 and ½ hours AFTER he told me it would be 24-48 hrs to get an email response back from Geek Squad City). I thought that time frame was quite generous and patient on my part, don’t YOU?

Anyway, long story short, he annoyed me further, I was unreasonable to the point of leaving him stumbling over his words…….BWHAHAHAHAHAHA, and although this was gratifying, he still refused to jump through any hoops for me. He also went so far to tell me that there was NOBODY else in the Best Buy organization or Geek Squad (are they one and the same????) that could help me. Let me sum up my thought process on THAT statement…..BULLLLLLLLLL SHIT. (sorry, mom).

I googled ‘Best Buy corporate offices’ and my frienemy, Google, came through. Up popped a PHONE NUMBER to the corporate offices. And after some minor wrangling, I got TERRY, in the corporate complaints area. He was pretty terse with me, which I complained to him about……but all in all it was mildy gratifying to hear him say I should not have been treated as I was. Harruummph.

I got the same BS story from him about how he can’t CALL geek squad city (I guess Geeks are allergic to all forms of communication that don’t involve email or some other technology), but because he was in the CORPORATE office, he should be able to get a response quicker than JESSE in escalations.

Take THAT, Jesse. Don’t tell ME that there’s nobody else I can call.

So, I still have no answers, and no resolution, but damn it, I talked to SOMEONE OTHER THAN JESSE, and he said it couldn’t be done. That in itself made my day.

Tomorrow son#1 leaves for Florida. Tell me all you men readers……were you surly to YOUR parents when you were 17? He has given NO indication that he’ll miss us, or that he even is grateful that we let him GO…..he’s just grumpy and snotty to us. Is this teenage boy code for “I really love you, and thanks for letting me go”??? Or does he hate us? It’s a battle after battle with him…….basically because he constantly wants to go out with his friends, and I’d like him to stay home a LITTLE BIT before he leaves for 11 days……….but apparently, according to him, this is STUPID and “Gay as Hell” (he knows using the word ‘gay’ to negatively describe something sends me into ORBIT), and he should be able to just run around all willy-nilly. While we see the smoke tendrils of his jet pack shoes running out the door. It really ticks me off. And hurts my mommy feelings.

We watched a marathon of ‘America’s got Talent’ last night. I’d dvr’d the 3 weeks prior, plus the one airing last night. We didn’t make it through last night’s show, but we did, however, manage to cram 6 hours of drivel into 4 and a half or so. It ended up being mildly entertaining…..My favorites so far are the large Opera singer dude (that hails from Missouri—yeah!!), the little kids that sing, and the Gay Cowboy dance Troupe. I wonder if the Cowboy dance troupe is really gay…they only ‘alluded’ to it by saying their troupe could be described as ‘brokeback meets Broadway’. My husband and son could NOT understand the appeal that a gay dance troupe has on women (the women were NUTS about them in the audience). I tried to explain to the best of my abilities, but they still didn’t get it. So, help me out here, folks. Some of you that can express yourselves BEAUTIFULLY with words…give me a good explanation other that women like hot men that are perceived to be ‘safe’…….they didn’t buy that explanation.

I haven’t checked, but I certainly HOPE BEYOND HOPE that we have a new ‘Ghost Hunters’ tonight. I look forward to Wed. nights, and my ghost fix……..I’m BORED with the re-runs, Jason and Grant…do you HEAR me?

Well, I’ve managed to get NOTHING done of late at work, so I’m off to do my job…like a good worker bee.

I’d offer money for comments, but I don’t have any, so I’ll have to offer up my deepest gratitude……..we’ll see how many people are ENTICED by gratitude…huh?

It’s Wednesday………..and that’s all I can say about THAT.


Dingo said...

Gratitude, schmatitude -- show me the money!

Perfectly Shelly said...


ummm, let me go home and check my couch cushions, and the bottom of old purses.....OR....better yet, we can be like the pilgrims and trade salt/pepper or and the like as cash...I've got a CABINET full of outdated spices and some old potpourri I can send you in exchange for comments!!

My Life My Life My Life said...

i think the geek squad has those computer towers and laptops set up to GIVE the appearance that they know what they are doing and behind the wall through the door, there are monkeys, working their little hearts out...hence no verbal communication.

Kristen said...

I think teenagers are just vile creatures.

I'm sure in his heart he means to hug and kiss you and express deep gratitude.


I'm sure of it.