Monday, July 7, 2008

Geek Squad is on my LIST and other various ramblings

The Geek Squad is going to have the PERFECTLY SQUAD after it if things don’t shape up IMMEDIATELY.

I talked to Agent Kristin again on Thursday, and she assured me that after she spoke to her superior, Jesse, that she’d call me back. NO FREAKING CALLBACK. On Friday, (the 4th), I was told by Carlene that Kristin would call me when she arrived, after 12:30, pm. Again NO CALLBACK.

I called on Saturday and spoke to Agent Heather, who was sympathetic to my plight, but of course had nothing to offer. NOTHING. She told me that she’d put a posterboard with my information on both Kristen and Jesse’s desk to see to it that someone called me BACK on Monday. It’s 8:30 (I’m not impatient or anything) and NO CALL. I’m on the phone with them now and lo and behold, Kristin doesn’t come in until noon today, so I’m on hold as I type for the supervisor Jesse. Damn it, he’d better BE THERE and not recovering from a Geek Squad hangover from the 4th.

I wonder how the Geeks party? Probably like the Perfectly’s---quietly and sort of boring. It was downright COOL on the 4th in Missouri…….so we huddled at the end of the driveway at the Farm and watched Mr. Perfectly, Son #2 and his girlfriend, and my Auntie fire off an obscene dollar amount of fireworks. We watched the bats—yes BATS dive bomb the bugs---Son #1 spent a lot of time ducking—avoiding said bats. It was pretty funny---

Ok, it appears now that the Geeks have been partying at the Perfectly family’s expense. I can just hear them now, drinking their Arnold Palmer’s, wearing their speedo’s and zinc oxide, laughing their asses off at us. Our computer apparently was damaged at some point in the shipping process. They ordered a part for it, but when it arrived, it was the WRONG part—so now they have to order it again, and estimate an additional 2 weeks in repair.

UH UH—No way. Why has NOBODY bothered to tell us in this whole ordeal that our computer was DAMAGED……..and that a part had been ordered to CORRECT the damage.

I spoke to Jesse, who sounds like he’s about 12, and he really ticked me off. “Ma’am, there’s nothing I can tell you. I just got in, and I have an email with EXACTLY the same information I just gave you”. I told him he better be calling Geek Squad City (Holy Crapola, Batman…) and GET the information straightaway. “I can’t DO that ma’am, they don’t TAKE phone calls…I mean, they HAVE a phone number, but nobody takes calls….we have to e-mail them and it can take 24-48 hrs to get a response”. I went totally nuts and told JESSE that 24-48 hrs was NOT acceptable, and he’d better get on the horn and figure OUT a way to get this fixed and SOONER than 2 more weeks. He just got as frustrated with ME as I was with HIM……..I asked for HIS supervisor, and he would not give me that individual. I asked for the person at ‘Geed Squad City’ that he is corresponding with, and he said he couldn’t ‘release’ her name. I again asked for his supervisor, and he quite curtly told me “He won’t be able to give you ANY more information than I will until we contact the service center for additional information”. I told Jesse that I wanted the supervisor to complain about his (Jesse’s) lack of understanding and his frustration with ME……he denied being frustrated, and said he’d put me on hold. Then he did the UNTHINKABLE…..he tried to transfer me (in other words, DUMP ME ONTO SOMEONE ELSE’S LAP), and he managed to DISCONNECT Perfectly. OH NO…….this will NOT do.

I redialed immediately, and got the same gal that transferred me to Jesse the FIRST time, and she put me on hold to transfer me back to him. She came back onto the line and informed me that she’d just go ahead transfer me on to customer care (a basic message from Jesse to GET RID OF ME)----OOOHHHHHH NO. I told her to give me RIGHT BACK TO JESSE. I asked him why he just dumped me onto someone else, and he claims it was because I wanted someone other than him. I explained that I’d asked for his SUPERVISOR and he refused to give me to a supervisor, and that I didn’t appreciate him sending me off to no-mans land to get him off of HIS phone (yes, I realize at this point I’m being just a TAD unreasonable). He gave me the number to the corporate ‘customer care’---which was a useless waste of my time talking to Bill…..who said he can’t FORCE the departments to give me a supervisor, and he can’t TELL me why OTHER departments didn’t notify us of damage to our computer, and he has NO IDEA whether or not I’ll be contacted further regarding my complaint, and he has NO IDEA whether or not we’ll be compensated in any way for our trouble……..

Bill was about as helpful as a wet kleenex. **sigh**. I get ahold of these things like a dog with a meaty bone…..and I don’t give up. I get really frustrated at the lack of customer service. And I especially get frustrated when I don’t GET MY WAY. I like and expect to GET MY WAY. Hear me Geek Squad? I WANT MY WAY, and often GET IT, so watch out….I’m poised for a fight, and I don’t give up easily. I’ve taken copious notes, and blogged about it, so I have WITNESSES to the debacle of the treatment of PERFECTLY.

On a different note, Mama is giving up her control (eep) and letting Son #1 go to Florida with his best friend and the best friends family. This is a very hard thing, because like MANY of you with control issues, letting my kid out of my site and out of the state is just about more than I can take. Even though logically, I know I can’t/don’t control his every move, I FEEL like if he stays in close proximity, that I can somewhat control what happens. In FLORIDA, however, I can’t control a blasted thing. What about car accidents, swimming accidents, sharks, too much sun, drinking, unsupervised time, and ALL THE OTHER things to worry and obsess about? I also think about the 17 yr old Perfectly and how AWESOME it would be to go to FLORIDA with my BFF!. So, I’m trying to hang onto that thought, but crap….I will worry. A shout out to Grandma & Grandpa----they financed a large portion of this trip……which is SO APPRECIATED I can’t express. It’s so appreciated, I’m risking the wrath of Mr. Perfectly for ‘sharing’ too much to give Kudos to the paternal grandparents………….I wish I could express my gratitude to them more eloquently, but alas…thank you SO MUCH will have to do.

Son #2 is thoroughly pissed because we would NOT let him go to Illinois with girlfriend and her family. For an undetermined amount of time (either Wed. or Thurs, depending on what the Uncle wants to do). It’s just creepy how much time they want to spend together, and although I was ONE OF THOSE GIRLS myself, she won’t let him do anything without her approval and/or her company. I know, to be 14 is to be TERRIBLY insecure and to control your MAN gives one a sense of power. I did the very same thing---only embarrassingly until I was MUCH older than I should have been to learn THAT lesson. But when it’s your BABY being led around by a ring in his nose, it’s different……JUST DIFFERENT….because that’s my right as a Mama and as a girl…….to have the SAME SITUATIONS be different because it suits me. I’m hoping for a 4 day break from girlfriend. I realize that the break will just mean a complete ONSLAUGHT of requests to BE TOGETHER after she returns, but some non-girlfriend PEACE AND QUIET seems SO worth the later payback.

Lots of thoughts and prayers (if you choose to do so) for Teenie. Her mom is in the hospital and is very sick. Teenie is very busy at work, and takes her work responsibility VERY seriously, and that coupled with her responsibility as a daughter AND a mother of two busy teens is weighing on her. Her mom lives in another city, and Teenie is travelling 2 hours between home and there. She’s trying to keep up her responsibilities at a demanding job, being with her mother and helping direct her mom’s care, and running her boys around to various events. She’s exhausted, and I feel for her……she needs lots of positive thoughts sent her way! Love Ya, Teenie!!!!!!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I feel like such a NEGATIVE NELLY----but Best Buy and GEEK SQUAD watch out…….I’m worried about my baby going to Florida, and since I can’t CONTROL THAT, I’m taking out my worries and obsession ON YOU…….and a worried mama is a POWERFUL force to be reckoned with.


Dingo said...

Hi! Here by way of Crissy. I had to stop reading this halfway through because my frustration level and irritation rose to dangerous heights. I hate the helpless feeling that these type of phone calls engender. They don't care, they don't care that they don't care.

I had a run in with the tech geniuses this last week when I was at Mom's. I wanted to pull someone's hair. Not my own.

stoogepie said...

Please tell the Geek Squad people that we are all reading your blog and we will all hold this against their damn company. I will never go to Best Buy again if you don't get some good service and maybe an apology and some free stuff, too. And a foot rub. Does Best Buy sell booze? Because maybe they should buy you a drink, too.

I think you should post your little OCD notes about all of this.

Also, tell Teenie to hang in there.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Hi Dingo and Stoogepie....glad you came over to say hi. Pleased to meet you!! Except I sort of already know you from Crissy......

Stoogepie, I have to say, I already nicknamed you...I just call you Stoogie....I hope it doesn't offend.......

Best buy doesn't sell booze OR foot rubs...........but they WILL be giving me SOMETHING free....unfortunately with my limited abilities, it will probably be a gift card or something equally lame that my husband will use for his techno-addiction........

I promise to keep you all posted on the RIVETING saga of Geek Squad Hell.........

ken said...

so hey, what's wrong with your computer in the first place?

fuck the geek squad. bunch of idiots.

Perfectly Shelly said...


What is WRONG with the computer? A fan. An effing FAN. The fan was making a grinding sort of noise, and my hubby who is an IT guy, said it sounded like the fan was going out. Easy fix, RIGHT? The fan has been fixed since either 06/13 or 06/21---and somewhere along the way, it was damaged in they are now awaiting some stupid part to fix the damage that happened during shipping.


stoogepie said...

Of course you can call me stoogie!

Keep us updated! And let Geek Squad know you are keeping us updated!