Thursday, July 17, 2008

I’m DA (wo)MAN!!!

Ok, so the Best Buy/Geed Squad saga may actually be ending. MAYBE. I will post this, and everything will fall apart, and I’ll be forced to retract statements made in my own blog. Oh….speaking of retractions…when I was talking about Kid Rock several posts ago? Remember? Yeah, I said I was a 43 yr old mother. Well, Mr. Perfectly finally got around to reading my blogs (since we didn’t have a computer and he doesn’t deviate from WORKING at work), and left a comment which made me realize…I AM NOT 43, I AM 42. So, there, Internet, A retraction. I hope it’s the only one I’ll need to make any time soon.

So, back to Best Buy. We got the computer home on Monday, July 14th. Mr. Perfectly hooked it all up and noticed that there were 2 extra USB ports on the front of the computer. He actually noticed it at Best Buy when he picked it up, and the attendant there ASSURED him that they ALL had 4 ports….well, being an IT guy, (that’s information technology, not an ‘it’ guy), he knew that there were 3 ports in the rear of the unit and 2 in the front. He wasn’t going to argue with 2 extra ports so he brought it home. When hooking it up, he realized the 2 ‘extra’ ports were just slots for ports and they didn’t work…….so apparently the put the WRONG case to replace the damaged case of the computer unit. **sigh** . Then he spent MANY MANY hours trying to get the TV tuner card working……and despite his best efforts, it doesn’t work.

So today I got on the horn to Terry at CORPORATE BEST BUY CUSTOMER SERVICE (take THAT, Jesse), and he said he’d just see to it that we got a new computer and an extra $100 on a gift card for compensation. Mr. Perfectly had already researched new computers and their online store didn’t have anything comparable with a tv tuner card in it for what we originally paid for this one in December. Terry said what the store carries and what the online store carries can be different and he’d call me back after speaking with the local store.

I got a call about an hour ago. Terry is overnighting us a gift card for….wait…are you READY?????........DRUMROLL, PLEASE…….$900.00 to get a new computer. WOO HOO. And to top it all off? This is the exciting part….we get to KEEP the pc that has the bad tuner card and 2 dummy ports. OTHER THAN THAT IT WORKS FINE. We’re going to be able to have our own mini-network going in our house.

See, Jesse in ESCALATIONS? I TOLD you that something else could be done. I TOLD YOU. If I wasn’t so worried that my $900 card wouldn’t come, I’d call Jesse right now and give him the FINGER right over the telephone.

So six weeks without a computer, and MANY PHONE CALLS later, I think we came out all right in this situation. Providing it all pans out like it’s supposed to.

I still have the magic touch apparently. Only THIS time, I didn’t have to beg and threaten. It just landed in my lap. I should start a business going to bat for people.

Enough gloating....too much and it will bite me later.

Happy Thursday, all!!


stoogepie said...

Holy crap!

I would hire you to fight my battles for me!

You'll get your gift card. I don't think they want to mess with you anymore.

This has also restored my faith in Best Buy. Yes, they messed up this time but everybody screws up every now and then. Best Buy made good on it. That's what counts.


Perfectly Shelly said...

We knew a new computer would cost between $750 and $900, so the $900 gift card would in essence replace our unit. But we figured we'd have to turn in the not quite right one. The KICKER is that he's letting us KEEP the old one that works FINE except for the bum TV tuner. I hadn't even ASKED for that. I am just so excited about my continued ability to GET MY WAY! I deem myself Princess for the DAY!!!

Kristen said...

Effing SCORE!!!!

You are my hero.

I let everyone piss all over me.

Whiskeymarie said...

I am amazed that you got Best Buy to squeeze out a single penny. They are notorious for, "difficult" when it comes to these things.
Yay you!

stoogepie said...

You know, I forgot to mention your retraction.

Um, yeah, you said you were 43. You are actually only 42.

But did you note that, in the about me just to the left over there is says that you are "almost 42."

So, you know, I'm just saying you're all over the map when it comes to age.

Why don't we just say you're 34 and be done with it?

Perfectly Shelly said...

Yes, I need to update my 'about me'. Maybe I'll do that on our BRAND NEW COMPUTER that we'll get!!!