Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wistful Wednesday, part deux. Agent Perfectly at your service.

Do you know when you call the 'Geek Squad' that the customer service operators refer to themselves as 'agents'? Yes they do. "Geek Squad, this is Agent Brandi".

After I got done with Agent Brandi, I was transferred to the (gag me now) "Public Defender's Office" "Agent KRISTIN". Yes, the PUBLIC DEFENDER. I was ranting and raving over my computer and all the while, she's cooing into the phone, pre TRAINED phrases such as "I am so sorry, you must be terribly frustrated by all of this". "I am so sorry that you have not been satisfied with the service".....blah blah blah. DO YOU HEAR ME, AGENT KRISTIN? BLAH BLAH BLAH is all I heard.

If Agent Kristin doesn't find my computer straight away, Agent PERFECTLY will be all over their butts making UNREASONABLE DEMANDS for free services and money. Believe it or not, I get alot of stuff that way....credits to cell phone accounts, and cable accounts........I just ASK and sometimes I actually get it. Mr. Perfectly is AMAZED at my prowess. He's just too chicken to ask.....but I'm not. I keep good records of who I spoke to and that way, they can't TRAP me into "well, who did you SPEAK to that you think gave you faulty information?". I get them EVERY time. I keep times and dates too.

I have sort of an OCD with scraps of paper with all my little notes on it too. They are overtaking one end table in our house and one of my desk drawers. Part of the OCD lies in the fact I can't seem to get rid of the ORIGINAL little note I makes me secure to not transfer that information to a more reasonable place, like a notebook or note pieces of paper are my lifeline sometimes. And years later, sometimes, I can tell you exactly who the wipe was I talked to and what the circumstances were of the call, and WHAT I GOT OUT OF IT. I'm slightly obsessed.

My favorite freebies are from our cell phone carrier. Upgrades for the Perfectly's out the WAZOO......

Agent Perfectly out (for now).....10-4

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