Monday, July 28, 2008

And the WINNER is.......

The digital SLR camera. Yep. Mr. Perfectly and I went out and bought it Friday night with the BB gift card. He hasn't been able to use it alot, because the humidity and heat is so OUT OF CONTROL that every time wants to use the camera outside (which is most of the time) it fogs up......Seriously, the humidity is disgusting. He's trying to get shots of son #2's 2nd week of football camp, but isn't having any luck.

I really don't have much to report--we had a pretty quiet for son #2 getting stung by a wasp on his LIP......yes, his LIP.....I couldn't reach anyone.....and he has major allergies, so I was waiting for his airway to close or something equally as terrible. Luckily, nothing happened, except his lip was all swollen and fat......of course we were at the farm, and no benedryl to be FOUND. WE just iced it, and that seemed to work.

I had a benedryl hangover this morning. As soon as we got to the farm yesterday, my allergies kicked into overdrive. I went home and made some FABULOUS pasta for dinner, and was STILL an allergic mess. Finally, Perfectly's dad, who came over for dinner, said "WHY don't you TAKE something for that". So I guess my snot and sneezing got pretty annoying. I took two benedryl, and like the lightweight I am, fell asleep in my chair (there's a recurring theme, here), and stumbled off to bed again before 9 pm. I woke up with the alarm, and thought "no way"....told Mr. Pefectly goodnight again, and promptly went back to sleep. I called my boss and told her in my own slurring way that I'd taken some benedryl, and would be coming in LATER. I felt like I should be in a commercial moaning "I took some benedryl, and I CAN'T GET UP". HAHAHA.

I got some ringtones this weekend. I've had a cellphone for nearly 10 years, and have resisted the urge for cutsey ring tones, but with my new found love for the Kid Rock song, "All Summer Long", I was bound and determined to try to get that as a ringtone. Welllllllll.........the ringtones sites RIP YOU OFF and make you pay something like $10 a MONTH for that way. We already have high cell phone plans as it is....I don't need additional charges. So, I went to Sprint, and they had a free ringtone I purchased "Father Figure" by George Michael to use on my incoming calls from Perfectly's Dad. I know that the song isn't actually about someone's dad....and in fact, depending on how one would INTERPRET that song, it could be about something LESS THAN proper.......but since I'm a total 80's girl, and I like that song, it will be just fine for me to hear George Michael when Daddy calls.

Then, I got the COOLEST ringtone for my kid's incoming calls. Again, you must remember that I'm an 80's girl, thru and thru. I got "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns-n-Roses........isnt' that CUTE? I paid for that ringtone, though. But it was only $2.50 for unlimited use instead of disgustingly high rates for a service. I'm always amazed, when listening to Guns-n-Roses how awesome Axl's voice is. If he'd just quit SCREECHING all the time.

I'm thinking of getting "Red Red Wine" by UB 40 for Teenie's ringtone. But, they didn't have my Kid Rock song that I desperately want. I need a fun, song for Mr. Perfectly...does anyone have any ideas?

You want to know what his ringtone for me is? Betcha can't guess. I nearly cried when I heard it......cause he's so sweet.....he's sort of the romantic in this twosome. I'm not so much. But anyway...his ringtone for me is "You Are So Beautiful" You know, by Joe Cocker? yea....he's that kind of guy.....

When we were dating, and I weighed 100 lbs, he used to say he noticed my 'smile' first (yea, right)....and I'd laugh and ask him what he'd do if I ever got 'fat'. At one point, his 19 yr old self told me that he'd probably leave me if I got fat. Of course when one weighs 100 lbs and has a 23 in waist, one doesn't ever THINK that would be a real scenario in life. Well 100 lbs LATER in life, when I bring this up, he pooh pooh's me away and tells me very lovingly that he was just 19 when he said that and that (get this, girls) "I married you for YOU, not the package you are in".

Isn't that the sweetest?

So, I need an equally loving ringtone for him, that I can get on for a one time fee, and that is fun loving, too. I'm not all that mushy. I'm accepting ideas as of NOW. Keep it clean, Stoogie!! (smile) Although, there IS that Billy Squire song that we liked back in the day...........

My bra hasn't arrived yet. I can assure all of you that I will NOT be posting photos and/or videos. Sure, there's more fabric on that bra than on most junior sized swimsuits, but still...........the full coverage, cone shaped-ness of it all will remain mine to describe, not show.

I'm catching up on my television that I missed last I'll end with my FABULOUS pasta recipe:

Penne with peas and bacon

1 lb penne pasta cooked al dente
1 lb bacon, crumbled and cooked til very crisp (reserve about 1/3 of remaining grease)
1 small onion, diced
2 cloves garlic diced or grated
1 28 oz can of petite diced tomatoes
1 28 oz can of tomato sauce
1 10 oz pkg of frozen peas
1/3 c fresh basil, or 1 T dried basil (to taste)
3 T fresh parsley or 1 T dried (to taste)
2T sugar
1T Franks Hot sauce
1/2 c red wine

Cook bacon til very crisp, and discard much of the grease, leaving about 1/3 of total quantity

Cook onions and garlic in bacon fat
add spices, sugar and hot sauce and cook for about 1 minute
add wine to deglaze pan if necessary...cook another minute or so
add tomatoes and tomato sauce. cook until hot. Simmer about 15 minutes.

Add peas to sauce, and cook for another 4-5 minutes or so.

serve sauce over penne pasta and top with parm cheese and crispy bacon. You've got your full dinner......pasta AND veg in one. You'll look like a HERO.....bacon fat makes EVERYTHING taste good.



Lynne said...

My ringtone is Justin Timberlake -"What Goes Around" and I have "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera. I love the idea of Sweet Child of Mine for your kids! I may have to steal that idea! Thanks for the pasta recipe, I'll try anything that involves pasta!

Kristen said...

My ring tone sounds like a psychotic game show and you have to find the phone and answer it before it stops or you lose 1 million dollars.

I'm glad you're not posting pictures of you in your bra. Remember what happened to me last week?

Yeah. People are not nice.

stoogepie said...

You know, my favorite ringtone is, no kidding, that musical tune from the ice cream trucks. It's on my own cell. But, since it is called Mister Softee, I don't think Mr. Perfectly will appreciate it.

Another great ringtone that may describe Mr. Perfectly better: Afternoon Delight. Who doesn't think that song is fun?

That is as clean as my suggestions can get. But how about a little more George Michael with I Want Your Sex for Mr. Perfectly? I am also fond of Bootylicious by Destiny's Child, My Humps by Black Eyed Peas, and Doin' It by LL Cool J.

Speaking of which, bacon fat DOES makes everything taste good!

I could go on but I am so disappointed by the news about no pictures of the bra that I am having a hard time seeing through my tears.