Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woot! Woot!

Look at the loot!

Ahhhhh, the charitable campaign was mildly disappointing, but then, when I got home, and LOOKED at the free crap I gathered, I realized, I didn’t do too badly!! I only got about half the pens I normally get. I guess charities are cutting back too, and only print pamphlets, instead of giving away goodies.

The best pen came from the Disabled Veterans. It’s heavy, and gold plated……It came in it’s own plastic wrapper. I’ll have to save that pen for special uses. Like, writing checks with no money, or scathing notes to the cell phone and cable companies.

Check out the CUTTING BOARDS that some place gave out…..Jakki gave me hers….because she didn’t WANT IT…now who wouldn’t want a flexible cutting board? Apparently Jakki, so now I have TWO!

I got a cup, a calculator, some Avon, 2 keychains, a rubber bracelet, a United Way pin…a breast cancer loop…….and OODLES of pamphlets.

Some of the pamphlets, I do want….like the 10 signs of Alzheimer's. I may need that for reference. The Humane Society—their wish list, and all the good things they do for lost, stray and abandoned animals. Literature about Missouri state parks….in case I ever decide to take up hiking. How to do breast self exams and the size of typically found tumors……..(scary)……um, let’s see……..I can’t remember all of them…I have a variety of interests, and some of these pamphlets may come in handy!! The next time YOU want to know the 10 signs of Alzheimer's….you can drop me an e-mail…..thinking “Hey, that Perfectly is a WEALTH of knowledge….let’s ask HER!!”.

There were several pamphlets that didn’t make the cut. Sorry Disabled Veterans, I love ya, and your pen is awesome, but your pamphlet didn’t stay in the keep pile. Oh…..the One Pamphlet that I’m not keeping….because I’m sort of confused as to what it is….is HEIFER INTERNATIONAL. Jakki thought maybe they were calling US heifers, but it has something to do with world hunger……. But I don’t like the name, so, I am not keeping the pamphlet.

There are some agencies that I don’t even take their freebies. I don’t agree with the propaganda they spew, so I don’t take their junk. That is how I am politically active. Refuse their cheap pens and candy. I even walked right by a lady hawking pink pamphlets……I didn’t want one, so I passed her by. I bet she TOTALLY understood that I wasn’t being rude, I WAS MAKING A POLITICAL STATEMENT.

The people from the Senior Centers from around Mid-Missouri are always Cute. I do stop and quickly smile at them….because they are fun and sweet and remind me of my Grandma. Look at the joke that the Senior Center folks put on the front of their folders they were giving out! They also taped CANDY to it:

I have one living grandma and one that passed in January of 2007. I really miss her. I wear her jewelry sometimes, and talk to her on my way to work. What? I’m not crazy!! I just miss my Grandma Winnie. My living Grandmother is a hoot too. I put the Avon Cream that I got for FREE last night and it SO reminded me of Grandma White. She used to ALWAYS buy Avon products. And nothing against Avon, but you know all their creams sort of smell like old ladies anyway….but it brought back such STRONG memories of her…….I mean she’s still alive, but childhood memories. She’s a jewelry and makeup fiend….I get that from her, apparently. She lets me go through her earrings and take some when I visit her. Yes, I am 7 years old!!

I hope you all enjoy my loot. I will. This mess is the sort of thing that makes Mr. Perfectly nutty……because realistically? Other than the pens? What am I going to DO with all that junk? It ends up getting strung around and thrown in places it shouldn’t be.
He tolerates it because it is SO FREAKING FUN to grab the loot!! He’s good to me like that.

Have a great Thursday!!

p.s. I try not to politicize, but c’mon…….GO OBAMA….Clinton did a good job in his speech last night. I’m just sayin!!

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Kristen said...

I got loot last night at my husband's work party. We got a really big soft insulated bag so I can go grocery shopping with the stroller and my stuff won't thaw and Girlfriend got a cute little stuffed animal and a swim noodle thing. SCORE!!

And I love those cutting boards. Jakki is nuts!

And Heifer International is a way for you to help needy families by purchasing animals for them. You can buy a goat or a share in a yak or some bunnies for a poor family in a third world country so they can support themselves. It's cool. I was going to buy you a water buffalo for christmas but I guess I won't now...