Friday, August 22, 2008

I thought of a fabulous title to this post....then I forgot it.

It is Friday----and y’all know, Friday is my FAVORITE day. It’s not 3:30 on Friday, which is nearly the PERFECT time of the week, but it’s still Friday, which makes me HAPPY.

I do have some concerns I will address:

Coffee: Apparently, Jamaica Me Crazy coffee is not meant for me this week. I like flavored coffees and lattes and all the fattening junk they put in coffees…..but a nearly $5 a pop for a large coffee at Dunn Brothers, I try not to indulge TOO often……so I have found 2 regular coffee flavors that I adore (that can be made at home)…..Jamaica me Crazy and some sort of Chocolate Mint………Mint is tough in coffee…….and one brand just ‘does it’ for me……so I bought the JMC this week because it’s been some time since I had it. Tuesday, I got to work, and spilled it……TWICE…….all over my papers and my keyboard. Great. I’m the office messy desk girl. Really. It’s bad…and I got coffee all over the paperwork, and had to confess that I spilled it on my keyboard too, in case it got all stuck and stuff, since I doctor my coffee with sugar and creamer.

Anyway, then this MORNING, I left my JMC coffee IN THE CAR, and had to walk all the way back out to get it….so I could dunk my HIT biscuits in them.

Stoogie: Where are you? I’m fretting that you are somehow cyber-mad at me for something that I don’t even know I did.

Really annoying people: I’ve decided to play the blame game. There’s a person in my life that makes me INSANE. Literally insane. I hear the voice and I CRINGE. What does one do to relax about this situation. The stress is my own, and I allow it to CONTROL ME….so what can I do to get this hag out of my BRAIN. I can’t eliminate this person from my life, so how can I eliminate this person from ANNOYING THE HELL OUT OF ME? That’s a serious question, not a rhetorical one. I need tips, people….and of course, for reasons unknown to you, but vital to my living and breathing, I can’t give details.

Ok, that’s the complaint section for the day: Let’s move on to FUN STUFF.

What to do this weekend? Mr. Perfectly is going to the High School Football Jamboree, and I think I’ll stay home. Since Son #1 isn’t playing, and son #2 isn’t included as a Freshman, it will be boring watching other kids play ball. Teenie is out of town and Jakki is dumping me for her couch and dog, so what can I do? I may call my other friend, Kandi, that I saw in the cafeteria the other day……maybe she’ll want to go out and play.

I’m having a Fabulous blog day……Crissy is a HOOT. Read her.

Well, I’m all out of blog ideas. I’m sure more will crop up shortly---like right when I hit ‘publish’….then I’ll remember all the cute and funny stuff I wanted to say originally….before I came off sounding like a shrew…..

I'm off to intermeet Ben......I love making friends.......!!!!! Crissy, you get me stuck on MORE BLOGS......blogging and reading blogs needs to be my JOB.........

Watch for more posts, because if something cute comes up, I’ll be sure to blog it!

Bye!! (for now)


BrazenBareToe said...

You can do what I do and fantasize about hacking her into little bits and pieces and then spitting on them. (Oh was that too graphic). What sucks is that their in the "government system" now and it's totally hard to get them out - aka fired. You know, too much paperwork and all. Sending you my Girlymojo to help alleviate the pain in the A*@ you work with.

stoogepie said...

First, you know what, Shelly? I love me the hell outta you. No cybermadness or anything here. I've just been busy as hell and not commenting and in general a dickwad to all who cross my path. My douchebaggery is well known. Ask anyone. So, I have been reading your posts but neglecting to comment but I will comment on every post of yours because I love you and I miss you, too! Also, if I were mad at you, I would make my douchebaggery and cybermadness abundantly clear. You can be sure of that. But I really never get mad, thanks to the wonders of modern street drugs. And, as you should know from my own site, there is really nothing you could write that would offend me.

You're my friend. I love your blog and you, too.

I once bumped into a dude right at Starbucks and spilled it all over him after spending my five bucks on my venti white chocolate mocha latte skim no whip extra shot yadda yadda. And the awesome people at Starbucks then gave me free, brand new one. They must not have liked that dude.

I pour coffee on my work all the time. It is like my signature. So don't feel bad about it.

I want some HIT biscuits! Now! I had never heard of them but now they are all I can think about!

I suggest murder for the hag who is driving you insane. I mean, I could suggest other things like forcible sodomy, but I don't see you as the strap-on type. So, murder is definitely the way to go here.

Why isn't Son #1 playing in the Jamboree? I thought you had reached an agreement in which he got a Porsche or something.

Crissy is a hoot, isn't she? I think she is the strap-on type, too. See how I customize my advice?

I may send Ben some love, too, now.

Happy Friday!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Brazen: Um....who says it's someone in the office? SHHHHH.....we don't want to give too much away, or I may not live til Monday.....

Awww, Stoogie...I feel the love...I can ALWAYS count on you for a smile...You don't have to comment ALL the time if you are busy, but IF YOU WANT TO, go ahead!! I'm not ashamed to beg for comments!! haha

Son #1 refused all bribes to play football. I half admire him, and half want to smack him......

Hit biscuits are PERFECT The perfect little cookie. The outside is a very crispy wafer that isn't too sweet, with that layer of chocolate yumminess!! I hate sickey sweet stuff, so they are PERFECT for me....absolutely awesome dunked in coffee. If you can find the Hit biscuits, I highly recommend them. I get mine at the regular old grocery store, but from my understanding, NYC and other fabulous places like that don't have big grocery stores, and instead have corner I'm at a loss to tell you where to get them.

No, not the strap on type.......I try very hard to be naughty, but I think I'm relatively uptight. I'm not SHOCKED by much......I think naughty is funny, but I'm not very good at BEING naughty....I guess I'm a naughty wanna-be.

Kristen said...

Reading blogs is like a full time job in itself, isn't it?

Never be sad if I don't make it here because chances are if I don't make it here I've either been held against my will or I'm home with a 3 year old who doesn't understand "quiet dear, mommy's blogging."

I heart you!