Sunday, August 10, 2008

His name is.....

Lester. He's an 8 week old Basset Hound puppy, and he's ADORABLE.

Ph.D, her hubby and their dog, Stella are all adjusting to a new puppy in the house. He sleeps alot, poops alot and is generally tons of fun, from what I hear. Stella is slow to warm up to him, but my guess is before long, that she'll be THRILLED to have a brother to romp with. I led Ph.d and her hubby to Stella. We'd never seen nor heard of all black basset hounds, but there were 2 of them waiting on adoption. Ph.D was suspicious from the start that they may not be full blooded, but we were assured they were........well, 2+ years later, Stella has a black lab head, black lab coloring, and a basset body & legs----Stella is a mix. We assume, obviously, that the baby daddy was a black lab. She's GORGEOUS, and healthy, but I always feel a smidge guilty for taking them to these people who advertised full basset babies......they love Stella, and I know they aren't upset, but still....I sort of feel guilty.

I am sitting here, processing boxed hair color. My hair is very gray---and despite my age, even I think it is overly gray for being 42. I have what I lovingly refer to as a 'skunk stripe' in my bangs....on the right hand side. Both the boys noticed it GLARING between my blonde locks, so I thought it was TIME TO COVER THOSE SUCKERS. I hate coloring my hair. I don't know if I'm DOING it right, or if it will WORK or what color I should use. I generally go a shade darker than maybe I need to (for those of you in the 'know' I use 7--dark blonde natural) hair looks BROWN for a few days then the expected brassiness starts in, and I go blonde again. My real hair color? I try to stay as close as I can with it....I was a very VERY blonde kid.....regular blond teen and dark blonde after having kids. It's that sort of mousey, no color blonde......but because I choose chemical hair colors to cover my plethora of grays, I usually end up 'blonder' by the end of the cycle than it really is.

Today is my Father-in Law's birthday. We are slowly but surely trying to determine if we'll hang out with them today---Mr. Perfectly sort of is on of those SLOW guys......and he also doesn't like alot of hassle in life, so he was slow to call his Daddy today, and determining what the day's plans may hold. Therefore, I'm sitting here for 30 minutes, with hair color processing.

He did, however, run and get me a cup of my favorite coffee drink....A dark chocolate mocha with a shot of raspberry. I really dont' like Starbucks coffee, but another chain, called Dunn Brothers is oh so palate appears to LOVE Dunn Brothers coffee.

I can't really RELAX with it since I don't dare sit anywhere where I might spray hair color....but at least I can blog and drink my coffee.

Last night, we went to Flat Branch Pub and Brewing in Columbia, MO for dinner. It's a cute place. Not fancy by any means, but it's casual atmosphere and varied menu (meatloaf to seafood), makes for a nice dinner. I ordered their 5 cheese garlic pizza with tomatoes. YUMMMMMM. It's one of the best pizzas I've eaten. I'm sort of a pizza snob, I guess. I don't like meaty pizzas (no sausage or pepperoni for me, thanks) and I don't like heavy pizza sauce. I like light sauce, veggies and light sauce. When we make pizza at home, we use canned or jarred spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce is just too HEAVY......blech.

Mom's nite out was fun, but not as much fun as in years past. The turnout was lower than usual, and the excitement level seemed low. It was very sad for me as a mom, since my Senior isn't playing. I'm super excited that the Freshman is playing, but I feel sort of lost that the varsity player won't be playing. Go to to see photos, and my hubby's handiwork.....our school is building a state of the art stadium, and he's kept a photo diary all spring and summer regarding the process.

Mr. Perfectly is a pretty decent amatuer photographer. He really loves it, and takes some awesome pictures. He's DYING to get a zoom lens so he can get closeup football photos of son #2.........His photoblog is listed on my go visit it.....I'll beg for comments for him too...he really likes to get comments about his photos.

Well, my processing time is up, so time to go. I can't announce what our plans for the day will be as Mr. Perfectly is still talking on the phone (sigh). I'll save that for posts tomorrow.

Toodles for now. Enjoy your day!!

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stoogepie said...

Lester is very cute and Lester is also a nice name. I don't remember suggesting Lester as a name, but I must have.

I sleep a lot, poop a lot, and am generally tons of fun, too.

You should try something wild next time like red or green for your hair. I know, a lot of people don't like the less organic colors, but they really do get you a lot of attention and, in a pinch, you can tell someone that you are a clown. Everyone loves clowns.

Does your father-in-law read your blog? If not, I say don't go out with him tonight. If he really wanted to go out with you, he would read your blog. If he does read your blog, hi Perfectly father-in-law! They'll be over around 8-ish and wait until you see Shelly's hair!