Tuesday, August 12, 2008


That’s a high school cheer that goes back to MY day, and they still cheer that chant today “FIRED UP, JC, FIRED UP (clap, clap, clap). FIRED UP, JC, FIRED UP” Over and over—trying to get the crowed all riled up….and excited for the game.

Well, I’m all fired up, over crap that’s none of my business. I’m complaining about people doing the EXACT thing I’m doing……judging.

In our local newspaper, there was an article that tore at my heart. There were a whole bunch of kids cited for Minor in Possession. Most of them were 18, so adults by law, yet minors regarding alcohol laws. The local paper published the 17 and 18 yr old names. I know some of these kids and their parents……..and this is the scenario that keeps me awake at nights……..worrying about my sons drinking, doing drugs, driving, having sex….you name it….I worry about it. This group is kids that my oldest knows and sometimes hangs with. All good kids. Some bozo decided that it was their CIVIC duty to post the name of the party giver’s PARENT in this forum and that ticked me off.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, our community is quite small, and there’s a lot of name dropping and job title dropping around these here parts. The newspaper allows online forums to comment on each story. The people who comment are negative, demand details to stories that aren’t their business and judge everyone. A local politician was arrested for a crime….a bad one, and the online forum people made it a stab against this man’s political party, so it became a Conservative vs. Liberal comment-fest. The hundred plus comments ended on the note (the day I read them) that Liberals are why our nation is fat. Yeah. That’s how MY town rolls.

So, what do I do? I join the fracas and post my OWN judgemental comments on the forum about these kids that were cited for MIP. Yes I Did. I’m ashamed of myself for getting dirty like the rest of them.

I was TRYING to convey that these kids are not ours, and the family whose house had the party aren’t RELATED to us, therefore, we shouldn’t be CONCERNED over the specifics……like how law enforcement came to know about the party……about the ‘fact’ that kids were lined up to take breathalyzers……that kids from ‘good’ families won’t suffer………demanding to know the name of the parent whose house HAD the party….why wasn’t the homeowner’s son cited?

Now really…….does any of the above have any bearing on 18 kids that got an MIP? No…it’s just gossip and people being nosy and petty. So I told them they were being nosy, gossipy and petty, and I was told I’m bitter and defensive…..so once again, I GATHERED up the nerve to speak up on a controversial topic and nobody UNDERSTANDS ME. It just bothers me that people don’t look in their OWN closets before dragging the dirt out of other’s closets.

Why, oh WHY, Internet doesn’t the world understand me? I was only trying to say that it’s bothersome that everyone gets so much PLEASURE out of other’s heartache…….it’s sick. But since I joined in, I must be sick too.

Happy Tuesday!!


Kristen said...

You're not sick. You're fed. up. with people and their petty BS.

Whenever I try to have an opinion about stuff it always ends up being misuderstood and I get attacked too.

That's why I drink. It makes the screaming in my head go away just a little bit.

stoogepie said...

Happy Tuesday! It's Wednesday!

I remember my first MIP. Oh, those were the good old days.

Aside from that, I don't know what to say here. You will never be understood. Do you really want to be understood by people who think that liberals -- who have no power whatsoever -- are responsible for everything wrong with the world?

If they were not minding other parents' business, what would these people have to worry and bitch and moan about? Nothing.

Also, judging is a lot more fun than being judged.

Actually, I can tell you from hard-won experience that being judged can be a kick, too, but sentencing is always a bitch.

Tell them that stoogepie said they all need some porn and cake.