Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a difference 45 minutes makes

It had been way too long between eyebrow waxes and lash tints.

I went to the beauty school this morning and took care of business:

All the extra hair that grows ape-like under my brows is GONE, and the eyelashes are once again, tinted. Sorry for the greasy look, but they load up my eyelids with Vaseline so the black tint doesn't tint my skin as well........Vaseline doesn't come off easily with wiping......I don't want to WASH it so the tint greasy eyes for now.

Buster, my puppy (the older, grouchy one)tore his dew claw AGAIN

So, we took him to the vet to have him sedated (because he bites when he's mad) and have the dew claw clipped close and cauterized.....

We are seriously thinking that we need to have them removed permanently......he's torn them 4x (maybe 5) in the last couple of years. We can't cut the damaged nail because he'll bite, and to sedate him each time he tears it, can't be healthy, so even though he's probably 6 years old now, we may need to just take them out. Poor hurts him so much when that happens. Think of YOUR fingernail being ripped out and hanging there...let someone CLIP it for you without BITING them.......

I had a date with Kandi last was alot of fun. We went to Ruby Tuesdays and ate dinner...I tried their jumbo lump crab burger......meh...not what I hoped for....It was OKAY, but not fabulous. But the company was good. I worked with Kandi for years before I moved to my current job. She's a great person and we don't keep in touch as we should, so my goal is to hang out with her more often.

I'm impatiently and stalker-ishly waiting for Teenie to call me....I know it's selfish, but I have the best fun with her......and she said she'd call......but maybe she's busy.......I've left her one message, and in the hopes of not being too annoying and needy, I'll leave it at that........the one message may have been over the top, though, since she said she'd call me.........oh well...I hope she understands...I think she does.

Oh.....I have a school photo of son #2. He actually didn't SHAVE for the picture, but I still think it turned out nice........despite the 15 yr old facial hair.......
Here it is. Isn't he CUTE?

Well, that's all I've got for now.......


stoogepie said...

Your eyebrows look awesome. But I think you should just lube them up every day. They look good lubed.

I feel bad for Buster. But tell him that I have heard -- and maybe a vet out there can confirm -- that dogs with the biggest dew claws have bigger equipment elsewhere. So maybe that's why he has so much trouble with his enormous dew claws always getting stuck on things. He should be proud.

Kandi sounds sweet. I have never been to a Ruby Tuesdays. That's what happens when you live in New York City. But I have been to Hooters.

Did Teenie call? If not, have you looked into just what steps you have to take to issue an Amber Alert? I figure, since you work in government, maybe Amber is the best way to go, and it beats another phone call anyday.

Son Number Two is indeed cute, but I smell a lie. A big, stinking, rancid, festering lie. And you know how much I hate liars. At the bottom of that picture, does it say "2008-09" or is that the X I took ten minutes ago? No, I think it says, "2008-09," and that is a lie unless you son went into the future, took the picture, and then brought a print back with him. LIE!!!

By 2008-09, you son will probably have shaved or he will otherwise look like a grizzly bear, making a mockery of that picture either way.

Is the first letter on Son Number Two's t-shirt a "G" or is that the X I took ten minutes ago?

I hope your puppy is okay. And I hope Son Number Two does not go for the bear look in 2008-09 because cleanshaven and innocent works for him the way it has never worked for me.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Stoogie...I'll be sure to boost Buster's ego by letting him know that rumor has it that he may be larger than life because of those pesky dew claws....he'll be thrilled.

The 1st letter on the T-shirt is a "J"...for Jays....that is the mascot of our High School. Not very rough -n- tough, huh? No tigers, or bears or panthers....just a jaybird. Not naked, either.

Teenie did call---but since the in-laws made a surprise visit, we didn't get to hang out. Damn in-laws.

Tawny said...

So I went for a much needed pedi Friday and decided my wolfed out eyebrows needed waxing too. Then the dreaded question was asked - "you want face and upper lip too?" I stupidly said sure and wow - I looked like a bald shiny red faced baby all weekend. Why is being a woman so hard?

Mr. Perfectly said...

Hmm, damn in-laws?

Not naked. I don't know about that one, I am certain I have often heard people talk about being naked as a Jaybird.