Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lost my mojo

I was all set to blog a LONG, WINDY post yesterday.......and the computer was messed up last night, and I couldn't load pictures, and it took HOURS for anything to move, so I gave up. I may end up with a long, windy post, but I make no promises.

My dad has baby kittens at the farm. They are really young and their mama is a tiny little cat, so I worry that they don't get enough to eat or drink. Perfectly's dad let us bring all 6 (yes SIX) of them into his house (cat's aren't allowed in, except for one....Bob), and we taught them how to eat. They ate Bob's eggs that I'd fixed for his dinner. He wasn't too happy either.


6 kittens can eat ALOT. I fixed 3 eggs for Bob, and just LOOK at how much the babies ate!! This is Teenie and me babysitting the kittens so they didn't fall off of the counter to their deaths.

They are also M E S S Y! Teenie played kitty mama and cleaned them up (with a TOWEL....not her tongue) before we sent them back to the barn.

Mr. Perfectly also captured Son #2 and Girlfriend locked in a pose. Way to close for my comfort level......he's not very clean shaven, but he really is cute.....the girls all love his blue eyes and curly hair. THIS girl in particular......

Oy---I fear I have cause to worry---they are ONLY 14 and 15.

I am off to another fabulous social event tonight. It's 'Mom's Nite Out'. This is an event hosted by the football coaches to try to teach the moms something about football. I'll have photos! It's always fun, but as usual, it's the put on 'Perfect' moms vs. the regular, every day moms like me that really don't try to put on airs. It's very intimidating for me......I feel judged because of my weight and because my kid isn't PERFECT, and....welll........lots of other reasons that I can't come up with right now. I'm trying very hard to let GO of the insecurity and have fun.

I made asian lettuce wraps last night, and let me tell you THEY WERE AWESOME.

Perfectly's Asian Lettuce Wraps

3T sesame oil
1 lg shallot minced
1 bunch green onions (use white part only---slice and reserve green part)
3 small cloves garlic grated
1/3 c dry sherry
1/3 c soy sauce (I used lite)
2T mango chutney
2-3 T sweet chili sauce
2T duck sauce
splash of rice wine vinegar
1/4-1/3 c chunky peanut butter
3 pre-cooked (I used grilled from night before) boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Saute shallot, onion and garlic in sesame oil. When sweated out, add sherry to deglaze pan (if necessary) and add all other ingredients EXCEPT peanut butter. Bring to a simmer, then add peanut butter and melt. Turn off sauce before it reduces too much.

Cut up chicken in the manner you want (minced, diced or sliced) and add into the warm sauce. Bring to simmer again to heat chicken through.

Serve on lettuce cups/leaves.

Top with sliced red pepper, green onion tops (from before), sliced cucumber, sliced carrot and peanuts (if desired).


Now, to me, this preparation was very deep and strong...the lettuce and veggie toppings balanced out the strong flavor of the chicken and sauce. Not strong as in BAD, but soy saucy--garlicky---etc........and AS ALWAYS my measurments are guesses. I'm a dumper, not a measurer...so TASTE and adjust to your personal liking. Just remember, the sauce is strong....adding the meat and topping w/ cold fresh vegtables and putting in lettuce really reduces the overall strong sauce.....use a little water to thin out the sauce if it thickens up too much before adding the chicken. TRY IT...you'll be a HERO to whomever you are cooking for. The grilled chicken did NOT add a weird flavor (as I feared it would) to the sauce......it was excellent, so I highly recommend grilling chicken and using the leftovers for this dish. MMMMMMMMMMMM.

See ya for now. I'll be back with tales to tell about 'Mom's nite out'.


Dingo said...

Shelly, I think this is one of my favorite posts. Your sense of humor in the dry, wry asides just had me cracking up.

This post was also inspiring. It made me hungry for Asian food. So I ordered General Tso's and fried rice. What? WHAT? So it wasn't healthy. I said your post was inspiring. I never said it was life-changing. Day-um! Give a bitch a break, okay?

stoogepie said...

This is lost mojo? This is an awesome post!

So, you are Perfectly Shelly and you kids are Perfectlys, too. So, how can you be insecure about anything? Anyways, I hope you tell us how Mom's Nite Out went and I hope it was a ton of fun.

The kittens are awesome, but what did poor Bob get to eat?

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kristen...I lost your comment somewhere in cyberspace.......I read it via my email, though.........

Dingo.....the wraps were WAY better than carryout......

Stoogie--Bob only got the leftover eggs.....Perfectly's dad was mad at Bob because Bob shat in Perfectly's dad's closet. I fed him left over spaghetti, though. I suppose when one is a farm cat one isn't discriminatory in their food likes and dislikes, because he ate the spaghetti with as much gusto as he did the little bit of egg that was left.