Monday, August 11, 2008

Jingle Jangle

Do you ever hear songs that stay in your HEAD no matter what? No matter how hard you TRY to forget it, it is STUCK there?

I do.........and it's one of the idiosyncrasies of life that I CANNOT STAND. For instance, I was reading Lawyerish today, and she mentioned Neil Diamond and his song "Sweet Caroline". Now for the last 30 minutes, that tune has rattled and rolled around my brain, and it won't STOP.

This made me think, as well as an article I saw on MSN today, how the Free Credit Report jingles won't leave me alone either. "F.. R.. E.. E.. THAT SPELLS FREE, CREDIT REPORT.COM BABY". Apparently the dude that fronts the little 3 man band in the Free Credit Report spots isn't even SINGING THEM. I always thought that he was lip sync-ing, but, thought it was part of the 'SCHTICK' of the commercial. I thought it was supposed to be representative of a well made/pretend to be badly made commercial. He's a French actor that can sing and play instruments. Wow. He plays the guitar, but he doesn't sing the jingles. Interesting.

But forget about that...does anyone else have the problem with the Free Credit Report jingles? Or the "five.....FIVE DOLLAR FOOT LONGS" from Subway? Or the car commercial that uses Queen's "You're my best friend"? (which is incidentally Teenie's ringtone on my phone). These tunes and ditties get in my brain and won't LEAVE. It drives me to distraction sometimes. So much so that Mr. Perfectly and Son #2 think it's HYSTERICAL to sing the Free Credit baby jingle randomly so I can't sleep or watch a television show or WHATEVER. What about the Ford Edge commercial that was on last year? "I WANT TO LIVE ON THE EDGE"........I'm sure I could come up with a whole host of drivel that won't leave my brain, but if I think TOO hard about it, I'll be done for the day.......Sweet Caroline for now is enough, I think.

Anywho......It's just another Monday in small town America. want to hear about the Birthday Dinner? Ok!

The in-laws got in town around 3 pm or so. We grilled bratwurst, hamburgers, chicken breast, hot dogs, and a polish sausage..oh, and corn. We had sliced tomatoes from Perfectly's dad's garden, cucumber salad and cantaloupe. We had a Dairy Queen Blizzard ice cream cake for dessert. Holy crap those things are expensive!! And not a bite of CAKE in it.............just ice cream and fudge was a very nice afternoon.....until my Mother-in-law asked a very general, non-threatening question......"So, what do you think of OBAMA". Well, I knew for SURE Mr. Perfectly wouldn't answer that one so I obliged her with a big THUMBS UP whilst glugging my very sweet St. James Blackberry wine. Actually, she dropped this bomb AFTER discussing Missouri's Gubernatorial candidates..........She's never even HEARD of the Republican candidate, so I proceeded to fill her in on the Democratic candidate's STRONG points.....not that I know of any politically, but I do know him as a person and he's a really nice guy. His wife is really nice....we visited one day in the Grocery Store line....we have sons the same age.........but I made sure that I properly praised the Dem. candidate....I thought maybe I was on a roll when the OBAMA question came up. I'm guessing I was not.

I tiptoe around people all the time, and I decided if she was going to ASK, I was going to answer. I got the lecture from Father-in-Law about how I'd better like 40% income taxes if OBAMA wins.......blabbity blah blah blah. I took a breath to respond and was KNEED under the table by none other than the corn eating, non speaking Mr. Perfectly. He doesn't like confrontation in any way, shape or form. And he CERTAINLY knew that bringing in FIL's arsenal of handguns didn't thrill me...they are going to apply for a conceal and carry permit----**sigh**. I walked into my living room to my BABY holding some sort of pistol, I figured if I endured the arsenal, they could learn the UGLY truth....their Daughter-in-law is a DEMOCRAT (gasp). I may not be able to intelligently debate politics, and I honestly can't say that I don't see both sides views on some things........but if I don't vote for the right reasons, I'm voting to get the bad guys OUT OF OFFICE. If nothing else.

Other than that little blip on the radar, the day was fine...very nice. We didn't do presents. That made me feel a little bad, but we NEVER know what to get his dad or our dad......they both have everything they want, so hopefully he'll realize that dinner and ice cream cake was from the heart.

Here's photos...see Hot Mr. Perfectly being silly?

Here's a nice one of both of the In-laws:

Here's a couple of random shots that I didn't know we had of Son #2 giving one of the dogs, Copper, a bath on Sunday:

I hope you enjoyed the tales of what rattles around in my brain and my little fit of rebellion............!!!!


Dingo said...

Fortunately through the magic of DVR, I have not been at the mercy of commercial jingles. However, there are times when I am subjected to real time television and the commercials jingles drive me batty. I hate the Geico commercials -- they have that fake bossa nova beat that sounds as if some fifth grader is testing out his Casio keyboard. I don't even know if they have words because the music itself is so bad it makes my ears bleed.

Why is it always the worst songs that get stuck in our heads and not the ones we like so much? Have you spent hours walking around singing the only two lines from "Just Walk Away Renee" that anyone can understand yet cannot remember the chorus to anything by Micheal Buble? I have and it is a sad, sad day indeed.

I think you deserve another ice cream cake for exercising your First Amendment right to speak on O's behalf and the Democratic party. Go, Shelly! If MIL and FIL are going to push buttons -- Hey! Speaking of buttons, you should've gotten FIL an Obama '08 button for his birthday.

Kristen said...

I have my daughter's stupid ballerina video song in my head all the time:
Bell-a, Bell-a, Bell-a, Dancerella, what do you want to learn to-day? Bell-a, Bell-a, Bell-a Dancerella, learn to dance that's what you say...

UGH! It's the worst.