Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charitable Campaign

Today is a good day. Today is the State of Missouri Charitable Campaign kickoff. The kickoff to try to get the State Employees of Missouri to donate to a cause. Or multiple causes.

Nah, I’m not much of a giver. I mean, I give a few dollars a month, but do you KNOW why I love the Charitable Campaign (CC) kickoff? Free Stuff. You’ve got it! Key chains, cups, and the best thing EVER? Pens. And Notepads. Haven’t I ever mentioned that I LOVE pens and paper? Oh, you have NO IDEA of the bounds of my love for free pens and notepads. And not the cheapie stick pens, either. Some of these organizations give away really big, fat, juicy pens……ones that write smoothly and are HEAVY and fit well into my hands (and purse). Pretty pens, shiny pens…….STICKY NOTES!! Now, the downside is that we must endure the shtick of the committee members trying to hawk their particular charity. Sometimes Jakki just can’t pull her self away. She stands there politely; listening to the spiel……I’ve been trying to coach her for YEARS to NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT. Go to the table, smile, nod, and GRAB THE LOOT and GO. Don’t’ hang around chatting with the Habitat for Humanity folks or the bazillion children’s organizations. JUST GET THE STUFF. Oh, the one booth I do stop and talk at is the Humane Society booth. They usually have such cute doggies there….oh and the assistance dog booth….same thing……these cute pooches just WAITING for Perfectly kisses.

There’s free popcorn, and soda……and lots of the booths give away candy. Candy is for wussies. Give me a shiny pen AND a pad of paper, and I’m happy. A cup here and there for pen storage is nice, but not necessary.

Speaking of Charitable Campaigns, do y’all think that it really works to appeal to the internet for cash donations? You hear of people building houses and going on vacations by setting up some internet site and asking for donations. Here are the things I want donations for:

Fixing our deathly porch. We look like the trashy neighbors----and also painting and/or siding. So, several thousand dollars would be necessary. If that is too greedy, I’ll settle for a couple of thousand to get the porch fixed so we stop looking like low-lifes.

A lot of Amazing Grace stuff from Philosophy. It’s my new favorite scent, and I want everything….the shampoo and conditioner, the body wash, the lotion, the “parfum”….the purse sized solid perfume for touch ups……I’ll only need a couple hundred for all of that.

A night or two at the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis for our 21st Anniversary. With club room privileges. Perfectly’s Dad gave us a one night stay there for our 10th anniversary, and we went out to dinner and stuff, but really? All one needs is the club room….all the alcohol and food you want……..why go out? Just hang out in the hotel room and eat, drink and ‘be merry’. I’d think $500 would cover that. I don’t even want a suite….just a room will be fine.

That’s the end of the internet campaign for Perfectly. Do you think it’ll work? If I plea to the almighty internet, will I get what I want? If an internet campaign won’t work, then what will work? I need tried and true methods, folks.

Ok, I’m off to snoop around the building to see where the best loot is going to be.



Kristen said...

Oooooo! I'm all for free shiny things!

And the club room sounds like my kind of place. Tell me, when you pass out from over-debaucherizing do they carry you up to your room or do they just drag you into the corner?

Perfectly Shelly said...


It's the RITZ dahling....I'm sure they'd carefully take you to your room and tuck you in.....maybe even put a pail next to your bedside!!

Dingo said...

You might want the $500 in quarters just in case the Ritz has one of those "cool" massage beds in the rooms. Or maybe not.

Make sure you come back here and post about the loot. Pen, note pads, key doesn't take much to make me happy.