Friday, September 26, 2008

What were YOU doing 21 years ago?

If you say being born, or if you were a toddler then NEVER MIND.

This is what I WAS DOING 21 yrs ago...

Don't we look about 12? Son #2 and Girlfriend are looking through my wedding album and he professed that it looked like a typical SEVENTIES wedding......ahem....we were married in the EIGHTIES!

This is set to be such an AWESOME weekend........tonight it's dinner a new restaurant in town....Ria's. We've not eaten there before and in our town, a new restaurant is CRAZY to get into......but we will give it a shot.

Tomorrow, of course is FESTIVAL DAY!!N We will be going to OKTOBERFEST.....and Teenie, Jakki will be there, and a SURPRISE!! Ph.D is coming for a surprise visit! I'll meet LESTER for the first time.......I'm so excited!

Then tomorrow night is the car show downtown, in which Mr. Perfectly and Perfectly's dad will be showing the 1967 Camaro. I can't say car shows excite me, but they do the hubs and dad, so it will be fun to see THEM have fun.

I am surprised to know that Ph.D is coming for a visit. All of my very best friends will be around.....I'm getting verclempt!!

Sunday, Teenie and I have tentative plans, so I'm BOOKED...I can't believe it...this NEVER happens............I'm very excited.

Happy Friday, everyone!! Y'all KNOW this is my very favorite day.

Have a great weekend!!!!


Kristen said...


Happy anniversary!

How was the celebration?

Tawny said...

Happy late Anniversary.

How was the Oktoberfest? We went to one on Saturday and they ran out of beer - how does that happen?

Oh thought of youi when I bought 2 new shirts at Walmart - I bought two button down RIDER shirts. So far so good. : )