Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Who the heck invented parental guilt? I think it was teenagers during pre-historic times that decided parental guilt was FUN. They instilled the guilt into their Neanderthal parents, and the syndrome evolved into a full time event.

Son #2 has a game tonight….in another town. It’s not far, but STILL. He isn’t playing because of the back injury---so I thought I’d stay in with the SURVIVOR premiere. Mr. Perfectly is going, because of course he’s the BETTER parent and takes pictures and doesn’t drink boxed wine very often.

I guess I feel like I should be a GOOD football mommy and go support my injured kid and the team. BUT I REALLY WANT TO STAY HOME. So I’m in a conundrum…….

Mr. Perfectly scanned the back x-rays and is anxious for me to put them out there for you to see. Think of all the spine models and pictures you’ve always seen. Each little vertebra has the bones pinched together down the middle---LIKE PIE DOUGH…….pinched bone, then space, pinched bone, then space……you follow me? Look at the bones above the circle first……… see pinched vertebra bones, don’t you?

Now, look at this x-ray, and see where Mr. Perfectly has circled.

Uh Huh!! Not pinched!!!!……THAT, my friends, is what spina bifida occulta is. And according to the orthopedist, it is a ‘non-issue’. You could very well have the same condition and not even know it. If you DO find out you have it, talk to your doctor…it probably has no impact on your life whatsoever.

So, to all of my 5 readers, should I go to the game or not? I want to be supportive, but then on the other hand, son #2 is not going to play, so what is the best option?

Happy Thursday. Tommorow is our 21st anniversary. YEAH US! I absolutely could not have married a nicer, better guy than I did. He actually loves me. It still surprises me sometimes. He’s kind, thoughtful, and SMART. Oh, and he’s really hot, too. I, on the other hand, can be stubborn, ornery, needy, impatient and a little ‘princess-ish’. Yet he still hangs in there……’ve got to admire a guy willing to deal with me.

Toodles for now!!


Teresa said...

I vote stay home and watch Survivor, but then that's why I'm not a mom. I'm way to selfish to put someone elses needs and wants ahead of my own.

stoogepie said...

I'm with Teresa. Stay home. Why go watch other people's kids play? That's almost a little sick. Like, if you were a registered sex offender and you went to watch football games where your kid was not playing, everybody would say, "pervert!" Whether you are a pervert or not, you don't want to be labeled a pervert, do you? I didn't think so. The only way to avoid that is to stay home.

As for Mr. Perfectly who is not only going but will take pictures: pervert!

But I hope you didn't watch survivor anyway.

Am I wrong or does the x-ray show some deformation in both the L-5 and S-1 vertebrae? Do you have any more x-rays so that all your readers could give you a second and third and fourth etcetera opinion?

I do admire Mr. Perfectly. But mostly because he is really hot.

Mr. Perfectly said...

I say you can stay home if you want. You can re-live the game through my professional grade (okay amateur) snapshots.