Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tequila really DOES make your clothes fall off!!

So, last night was Monday---and what does that mean? $1.50 margaritas! Teenie and I went out on the town…….pigged out (seriously---this go around we didn’t share….we each got dinner), and drank margaritas.

Since when I mention the $1.50 margarita phenomenon, I generally get a comment or two from the “oh-my-gosh-I’d-be-drunk-all-the-time-for-$1.50-margaritas” set, I thought, for your viewing pleasure to take some pics of the food, the drinks and of US!!

Teenie's Grilled Chicken Nachos (that's cheese, not beans)

My Camerones El Jimador

The Sopapilla!!

It was a lot of fun. The first margarita was the best—I think they rope you in with a good strong one, then make them weaker………I had THREE (3), and although was happy, certainly not what I’d expect from 3 margaritas……maybe it was the heavy food too…..mmmmmmmmmmm.

Here's Teenie!

And Me with messed up bangs and a CUTE new shirt!!

I took pictures of the food, and of Teenie, but we wanted one together too…so we tried to take a photo holding the camera in front of us…..it didn’t work so well, so a cute waiter took pity on us and took a very nice picture for us.

The failed photo:

The good photo:

You all can glimpse my BREEZIES SUPPORT BRA peeking out in the photo..the straps are not conducive to wearing wider neck tops......

And finally, the BILL....for you non believers........Pretty cheap, eh?

Mr. Perfectly drove me to the restaurant, since I fully intended on drinking at least 2 margaritas---but Teenie took me home instead of Mr. Perfectly coming back to get me. We got into her car, and she put on her seatbelt, and realized her blouse was UNBUTTONED to the middle……..Teenie is VERY modest….she doesn’t let ANYONE see her nudie, so she was pretty worried that the cute teenage looking waiter wanted to take our pictures because her blouse was unbuttoned to her navel……but alas, that wasn’t the case…the buttons must have popped while putting the seatbelt on, because as you can see by the photo, she’s fully clothed. She made me PROMISE I wouldn’t post anything that may prove to be embarrassing. All this hoop-la-la was taking place between us LAUGHING OUR BUTTS OFF because when she realized her blouse was unbuttoned she loudly exclaimed “Tequila really DOES make your clothes fall off”….hilarity ensued.

I had the strangest dreams early this morning. Stoogie, you’ll be proud to know that you were in one of them. I was at a dentist office with SOMEBODY (I have no clue who) and we were making impressions of our teeth. I was really worried that the goop would be nasty and I’d gag, so I did my OWN impressions while waiting in the waiting room. I looked at the colorful comic section of a newspaper and saw a comic strip from STOOGEPIE……..I picked it up and was exclaiming to my dentist cohort who Stoogie was and this was his COMIC…..OMG!! I picked up the paper and was reading it every way from Sunday to try to figure out WHO Stoogie was…..there were oodles of names and corporations and stuff listed as the author, and I never could put a name to Stoogie. I then spat out my yellow goop with the teeth impressions I had made, and the dentist lady was impressed that I’d done it all by myself , and was complimenting my abilties…..then she BIT THE LOWER IMPRESSION in half…..with her MOUTH……..it totally grossed me out………..cause y’all know that spit is disgusting to me.

THEN right before alarm time I dreamed of snakes. I don’t like snakes. I’m afraid of snakes. As a child I had a recurring ‘snake’ dream. I never saw the snakes, but I was descending into an industrial type building…the stairs were those metal ones with holes in them? It was all dark and echo-ey---I could hear the HISSING and the snakes slithering all over each other……..it was TERRIFYING. But early this morning, I was dreaming that I was at my Mom’s house (it wasn’t really Mom’s, but you know how dreams go) and I looked out the back door and saw the HUGEST snake I’d ever seen coming out of a hole in the ground. It was using it’s scales and muscles to power up through the dirt and it’s MOUTH was wide open………you could see it rippling, and the UPPER body of the snake was standing UPRIGHT….you know, like a cobra……..it had to have been like 10 ft long or more. I freaked out and turned around and there were snakes in the house!! There was mysteriously a tree growing in the middle of Mom’s kitchen, and there were SNAKES in the tree, and a cat CHASING snakes……..I ran to get my mom and she was stooped over searching for snakes, and I was screaming “they’re in the trees….the cat is chasing them” and she’d LOOK and never see them. Then I woke up…….and neither Mr. Perfectly nor Buster the dog felt sorry for me. But I know you will, Internet, because you all have the LOVE for me……….

Oh, and finally I’m awaiting a response from son #2’s football coach. I did it, and went all MAMA on the man………my baby was sick---SICK and couldn’t practice yesterday. Coach wouldn’t listen to him, proceeded to apparently talk behind son’s back in the locker room to the other coaches IN FRONT OF THE OTHER KIDS, and told son #2 he would lose his 1st string position if he didn’t practice.

Son #2 had gone to the nurse, and was told he was running a fever. He had body aches and felt nauseated. I assumed he may have a stomach bug…but as it turned out, it was a SEVERE migraine. He laid in bed last night for 5 HOURS waiting for the pain to abate….he kept trying to hydrate himself while not PUKING. Poor baby…he’s had migraines since he was about 7. He has a pediatric neurologist that sees him a couple of times a year, and management is about all we can do for him. He CANNOT take imitrex, and other prophylactic treatments make him really foggy and upset his stomach…..so he’s got it rough sometimes.

Anyway, if the coach takes his 1st string position away, than so be it. That’s his job as a coach, but he better give my kid an EAR and not talk about him in front of other kids next time……that’s just wrong. Son #2 wasn’t even allowed to explain what was wrong…….. so I sent an email to coachie boy……..and so far NOTHING. It may hurt sons place on the team….I sure hope it doesn’t.

Toodles for now. Have a happy Tuesday!


Dingo said...

So many things to comment on today but I am distracted by your skin. You have beautiful flawless skin! It must be the margaritas. All that vitamin c from the lime juice or something, right?

Perfectly Shelly said...

Awww, Dingo...you make me blush!

Flawless skin? I don't see it, but thank you, THANK YOU anyway!! To me I look shiny and ruddy, so I'd rather be flawless ANY day!!

Let's see how many times I can work that into conversation at work today!!!!

Kristen said...

Those are the first good face pictures I've seen of you. Now I know where those boys get their good looks! THEY LOOK LIKE THEIR MAMA!!!!

You pretty lady.

PS: Our Lynne is back! Go see her!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kristen....awww...thank you.....I often hear that the boys look like MAMA......depending on who you talk to, the oldest especially. Although, some see the mop top looking like his mama too........

stoogepie said...

Wow! I made it to your dreams! Awesome! I am, in fact, a large corporation. Please press 1 to continue.

You really do look beautiful in those pics, and Teenie looks great, too. Please tell Teenie to show a little more skin next time.

About the $1.50 margaritas, I would say "Damn! I'd be drunk all the time!" except that I am already drunk all the time. So, Damn! I would be even drunker all the time with $1.50 margaritas!

You're wrong about the snake thing. We don't feel sorry for you either. Okay, we feel a little sorry because we love you.

If Son #2 really loved football, he would play even with.... Oh, whatever. Tell the coach he better shape up or I'll come out there and serve him some whoopass. And Son #2 deserves to be first string and we all know it, so the coach needs to do what's best for the team and lighten up.

Go Jays!!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Stoogie....Beautiful? Wow.....you made my day......Mr. Perfectly tells me that to, but he sort of HAS to, you know?

I must say you guys are all very sweet. I truly worry alot about my weight.....because like it or not, many people do judge by appearance..so it's hard for me to put myself 'out' there......

Thanks for the compliments........(as she sings under her breath......)"I feel PRETTY, oh so PRETTY...."