Sunday, September 21, 2008

The California, MO Ham and Turkey festival

Yep, you read that correctly---a festival devoted to the Ham and Turkey production in California, MO. Burger's smokehouse, and Cargill turkey production is highlighted in this homey, Ozark festival. If you all need gifts to ship or something 'different' for those of you not living in Missouri, contact Burgers, and get a catalog....they have really good meat products.....seriously.

Mr. Perfectly and I trekked the 20 miles to this festival. We were looking forward to smoked turkey legs (they are huge) and freshly squeezed lemonade, homemade potato chips, and homemade apple butter.

The festival must be lacking vendors this year, because we weren't sure if they had the homemade potato chips, or turkey legs (we didn't see them), and the DID NOT have my homemade apple butter. NO APPLE BUTTER...that's the only reason I WENT!!

I did, however, buy 2 princess tiara's (one for me and one for Teenie), and a melted bottle to use as a cheese tray. I'm now obsessed. Hey, I drink wine---and sometimes from a bottle (as opposed to a box) I want to make flattened, melted bottles to use for crackers and cheese. The problem is that I don't have a kiln. Anyone out there have a spare kiln I could use for a couple of months? And the Cliffs Notes version of how to operate it?

Anyway, our festival adventure was mildly disappointing......we did get freshly squeezed lemonade and limeade, which was.....meh...just okay......and Mr. Perfectly got a corndog (I DETEST corndogs.....blech), and we got a ham sandwich---from the Burgers Smokehouse tent. It was actually quite good despite the fact when I opened it up, I saw a nearly soggy hamburger bun with a couple of slabs of ham thrown on it. I was worried, Internet about the $4.00 I'd spent for it....but it ended up being quite good........

Here are some festival photos. It looks like there were thousands of people in attendance...I know...but really it wasn't very crowded.......I think it's the long couple of blocks long camera angle..........Ummm...yeah, the 'camera angle' is also responsible for my ample backside...yea!! That's it!!!

Here's some of the 'entertainment' on the South Flat Bed Truck......I mean STAGE....oops STAGE is what I meant......

We called son #1 so he could come and get his tattoo finished, but alas, he was working.....he should have come...what a DEAL!!

Here is the washer competition. I am not sure what washers is....a game akin to horseshoes, I assume. People were nuts about it, though!!

Here is the hand thrown pottery! I ADORE hand thrown pottery. I also have realized I can't afford hand thrown pottery!! Even in rural MO. The covered dish I'm looking at was $ until I get that kiln, I'm stuck admiring it.

Mr. Perfectly and I were SO SURPRISED at the people that showed up to this small town festival!!

Oh Crissy? Awesome Networking!!

Stoogie, Mr. Perfectly wants to make 'sure' he wins that prize package........he wants the Photoshop most rabidly!! What does one need to do to assure a win? I mean 'randomly' of do we assure his 'random' winning of the prizes?

Toodles for now!!


Dingo said...

Oh Shelley! I'm loving your (Mr. Perfectly's?) photoshop pics, especially the homage du Stoogepie. I'm a bit concerned about what the guy in the white shirt is looking at though? I can only see his back but his posture indicates, "Where the f#$@ did it go?!"

As for the contest, I'm going to give you a hint -- pimp the contest, have Mr. Perfectly vote, and you might wind up winning the camera photoshop package (hee, I said "package") AND the handicam!

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen because I've pimped the contest and made Mr. Dingo vote! There might also be a vote on there from Dingo Girl and Not a Dingo -- I can never be sure what they get up to when I'm not home.

stoogepie said...

This post made me laugh out loud, which is not that easy to do!

I want to see this cheese tray made from a bottle. Will you post a picture? Maybe in the next contest I will have a kiln as a prize so you can make your own cheese trays from bottles.

I LOVE corndogs. Mr. Perfectly's definitely got my support on the whole corndog thing. But, what good is the festival without apple butter? And how the hell could a turkey festival not have turkey legs?!?

Those last three pictures are just hysterical. Really too funny! I loved them!

Tell Mr. Perfectly that, hypothetically, if he were to go to gmail and get 100 email accounts and use them all to vote for Crissy, the odds would be like three or four to one. That's almost a guaranteed win!

Kristen said...


Look at me!

I was there!

I had soooo much fun! Except for in the last picture. Too much ham.