Thursday, September 11, 2008

I’m going to need to have a chat with my dogs today

Not only is my MOMMY and Stepdad coming for a visit, so is their dog, Jasmine. Jasmine is the calmest, mildest mannered dog I’ve ever met. She’s pleasant, and obedient. She’s CUTE, and basically an all around perfect dog. She’s house trained, she doesn’t bark or growl…..I just love her.

Buster and Copper, however, are untrainable BOORS, that will behave like stupid schoolboys as soon as the Maternal crew arrives. Copper will race around the room looking for an open gob to French Kiss, Buster will bark, and growl and demand to be petted and there will be MUCH tail wagging and butt sniffing (from the canines, not the humans……puhleeezzzz!!).

I need to explain to them that Jasmine is their AUNTIE, and cannot be expected to tolerate their barking, humping and general mayhem. That she’s a genteel lady that is deserving of them giving up their beds and food…..that she should go through doors first, and be treated regally. Do you think they’ll buy it? Buster will roll his eyes and flip me off when I’m not looking, and Copper will not process the information until AFTER Auntie Jasmine has left (OHHHH…..she didn’t want me to BOTHER the hottie of an Auntie).

The house REEKS of onions. I know……”Welcome, Mom!! To the house of ONIONS”….it’s really bad. Mr. Perfectly tried Febreeze, and a potpourri of apples and cinnamon boiling on the stove….NOTHING worked. Our house stinks like dogs anyway….at least I assume it does, since my housekeeping skills are sorely lacking, and we have two dogs…’s inevitable…..Oh, well….maybe Jasmine will like it.

I will give you a glimpse into my work life. I have vowed not to blog about work, except in generalities, and so far have managed to accomplish that for the most part. So, anyway, we had an office party for a co-worker’s 40th birthday. There was lots of non-work and eating happening…..Jakki decided that she wanted to take a picture of me. Why? I have no clue. So as she was fiddling with her camera….. I gave her a pose. And instead of FIDDLING WITH THE SETTINGS on the camera….she took a photo……..of the ‘pose’.

Why, you ask, are you blogging about it? Why not? I generally embarrass myself in SOME way, shape or form during any given day, why is this any different? Besides, it’s fabulous blog fodder……and you can see YET ANOTHER one of my $5 shirts. Oh…….here’s the ‘real’ picture she took as well.

Welcome to my world, Internet. I promise that I washed that finger, so now we can shake hands and say we officially know each other!!

This is my FRIDAY---woo hoo……I do love my Friday’s on a Thursday! Oh, keep your fingers crossed that the Freshman team WINS THEIR GAME tonight………(in the rain……watch the frizz happen in front of your EYES).


My Life My Life My Life said...

Dont let her fool ya.... she walks around looking sexy, sucking on fingers, all the time....

stoogepie said...

Let doggies be doggies, I say. Auntie Jasmine will be just fine. I am disappointed that there is not more human butt-sniffing in your house, though. This is the perfect time to confirm that your butts smell better than onions.

You look totally hot in that first picture. I hope you didn't really wash that finger. Also, I love the color effect you have in that picture, where all but the pink is in B&W. Awesome!

And, of course, you look great in that second picture as well. Your smile is infectious.

My fingers are crossed about the freshman game. That's why I'm typing so slow.

Don said...

I'm a little late offering house-odor suggestions. Maybe these will help for the future:

1) Of course, air the place out (poor suggestion).

2) Brew some will negate some of the other scents.

Hope all went well. I get the idea that you had a good time regardless.