Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend Part Deux

Ok, so the hot tub incident. Well, I was being quite serious when SD (stepdad) tried to hoist mom from the hot tub with his belt. What I am UNCERTAIN about is if he strapped it around her and pulled or if he threw it to her like a life line and pulled.

I also was quite serious when I said that SD actually got back into the tub WITH MOM to try to lift her out by placing his arms under HER arms to try to get her up and stable footing. For a few minutes HE was stuck too....he couldn't get footing in the too slick tub. What I am uncertain of is if he went in dressed or if he undressed all over again to rescue her. Or even if he'd dressed since HIS stint in the hot tub. THIS is a question that I will not ask my mom. I do not want to know. He eventually got out.....

I was also quite serious when I said that my mom packed armfuls of bubbles from the hot tub to the sinks and shower. She has a photo of her shower stall nearly half full up the glass with bubbles---ONLY bubbles she'd taken out of the tub. She also used the sinks, so there was even more than what I got to see. She SAYS she only put a tablespoon of bubble bath in this huge tub....just like the directions said......as well as a scoop of bath salts......she was unsure as to whether or not she was supposed to use them TOGETHER.....apparently not.

I was also quite serious when my mom contemplated calling the fire department or Mr. Perfectly to rescue her. She realized when SD got into the tub with her to try to help that they were BOTH stuck in this huge tub with no phones or cellphones nearby. I think this is when she panicked. She envisioned herself calling out for help in this bed and breakfast hoping another guest or the proprietor would save them. I think this would have been more mortifying for her than to have Mr. Perfectly come in and yank her out.

My mother is youthful, and lovely, but unfortunately, no matter how you slice this, we had a 63 yr old naked, slippery woman and her 70 yr old possibly naked, slippery husband sliding through the suds trying to escape a sure hellish way to die.


As you've read, Maddison turned 5 in August, and we attended her annual birthday party. There's always lots of fun and cuteness to go around.

Here's my MOMMY and SD (in the back--Heather is in the foreground):

Here's me and son #1

Jasmine the dog didn't get to come. My brother stayed home and the dog stayed with him.

The Freshman boys won their game last Thursday night, so it was a good, fun weekend!

That's all folks!

See you tomorrow.

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